Cultural Cooking at UB (2/12)

Uploaded by UBstudentaffairs on 05.03.2012

I'm from India,uh, for those who cannot make it from my accent already,
and what I'm making is today is called Poha, uh which literally translates to "flattened rice".
And the good thing about this is you do not need to cook it all. You soak it in water for 10 seconds.
Cultural cooking was first envisioned by a student, and he wanted to share his ethnic food with other students, and I thought, "What a great idea!"
She told me they're learning Indian food and I've never cooked with that before, so I'm excited!
You put in just a tiny bit of salt. (Laughter).
The students that come could be from all levels - a lot of them may like to cook and want to come to a cooking event...
and others come because they want a home-cooked meal but never cook at all. (Laughs).
Cut it from the top, and then peel it back if possible.
Last semester I come to this class with my roommate - it's a bonding time - I make some friends here and also I learn some different cooking styles.
The more foods that you try and like, the more varied your diet is, which makes it more nutritious.
Um, but certainly a lot of ethnic cuisines are fascinating and delicious - so you learn different tastes other than just what you grew up with.
Just last week, I picked up some new things off the shelf - rice and other spices - and I just put stuff together.
It helps them bond with other people. It sort of makes eating fun and less of a chore when they make a meal together and enjoy it together.