Part 06 - How to play sax in 60 minutes. English subtitles-AULA DE SAX - Prof.Ivan Meyer

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How to play a Saxophone in 60 minutes
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How you can play saxophone in 60 minutes
How can we play this score?
As you don´t know the musical notes´ name, I will tell you:
1 Is called B
2 Is called A
3, G
4, F
5 is E
6, D
So: D, E, F, G, A, B,,,
You could follow me until here, ok?
Now you will invert your finger and will do this position with your middle finger.
I will call the position as HALF.
So it will be 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and HALF.
This will be our instruction. We go to guide ourselves by it, ok?
Look, how interesting! Do you know a cool jazz music called “Summertime”?
If you don´t, you will listen it. Buy the CD.
You will find this score in the music stores, so you will can buy the book.
Now I will learn you a way to play this music. Is a very old music. A very cool music!
What do we have wrote in our score?
2, 4, 2, 3, 2, 4 and 6.
What do we go do? We will play with 2 pressed fingers, 4, 2, and breathe.
3, 4, 3, 2, 4, and 6.
Look what a cool sound we hear when we play it:
2, 4, 2.
What do it mean?
2 fingers, 4 fingers and2.
When you do 2 and will play 4 later, take care for this finger doesn´t pass The front of this other finger.
It is 2 and 4
The two here may down together.
Ok? If you press it first and the other later, it will happen, look
And it isn´t.... nether
So, look haw cool it is: 2, 4, 2
I breath and do
Take care in this down 2, 4 and 6 because we fell a volition to do
And it isn´t
So you will try to play for me Just this part here:
2 fingers, 4 fingers and 6 fingers.
In the same sound, you will keep the same mouth,
as it was a long musical note. Take the musical note of 2 and keep it
while you are making this sound, think that you are doing the other positions
And now you do
So, 2, 4, 2
This is the whole music
This music is very beautiful, doesn´t it?
Let´s to make a bet? Then you watch this video class during one hour, you will play this music and scare your friends.
They´ll say “ Wow, this guy buy the sax today and he is playing today!”
We will write the rest of the music.
This is the first part.
The second part: 2, 4, 3, 4, 6, 4, 6, 4, 5.
So, I´ll play the first part and then I´ll play the second. The first
Now we have the third stage. It is exactly like the first.
We will repeat the first
So, let me arrange the whole score. I will write here and we GO play the whole music.
So, let me arrange the whole score. I will write here and we GO play the whole music.
It is looking like a mathematic class
But you´ll see how music and mathematic have many points in common.
Well, here we have the first phase: 2, 4, 2, 3, 4... You are seeing it here? You understand.
The second phase and here comes the third phase.
This third phase is equal the first. I Just write it for remember you.
They are equal.
This is different
Later we have here this part. It has musical note which I call HALF.
So, you will in doubt. You look here at this side. We have a little list
where I write HALF = C.
HALF means half finger pressed 1…
Wow, I wrote wrong. Let me rectify here.
The 1 is called B,
the 2, A,
3 = G,
4 = F,
5 fingers = E,
6 fingers, D. Ok?
It is C, B, A, G, A, E, D
D, E, F, G, A, B, C
The RE musical note, 6 fingers.
Is Just you remember 6 fingers of the sax... 5 fingers, 4 fingers, 3 fingers, 2, 1 and HALF.
What does HALF mean?
The middle position. You Just press your middle finger here,
If we will use or we will not use the key, it is what I will explain you now.
In the three initial phrases we will keep the thumb key pressed.
So, I will write it here, for you remember.
“Pressed thumb”, ok?
So, we will play this three phrases with the thumb pressed.
When we will play here,
we have 2, HALF, 2, HALF.
It means 2 fingers,
HALF, which is just it here, 2 again, HALF. And what is wrote here: 2, HALF, 2, HALF.
But we will do this without the thumb key.
In the time without the thumb key
you will thin to bring your maxillary more in. Let it… Ok?
To do an impostation in the saxophone.
We will play more low.
This sound is a lower sound in the saxophone.
Look, What cool it will be.
It will sound like this
We will show you my hand, here, look
If I press the key
And if I don´t press the mouth and press the key,
it will sound like a strange thing
You may understand there is a little secret.
In the low region your mouth keeps more relaxed; in the high region your mouth keeps more tighten.
When I want a high sound, I keep the thumb in the high, pressed, and I give more pressure in the reed…
You will learn it if you practice…
Now the most important...I want you play to me this passage here:
2, HALF, 2, HALF.
Put the thumb key and play the 6 musical note.
It will sound like this, look