A.P.T (아파트 ) Full movie (Eng Subs)

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Presented by IM Pictures
produced by Toilet Pictures, Ahnsworld production
distributed by Chungeorahm Film Showbox / Mediaplex, Inc.
Executive producer/ Choi Wan
Producers/ An Dong Ku
based on a comic by KANG Pool
Lee's room was the same as other student's room
which he stayed for 4 years. That secluded life left him
long hair up to his waist.
He didn't show his face during the meeting.
You'll feel stuffy if you're in a room for a long time.
Directed by AHN Byung-ki
I prefer being in my room.
Are you nervous when you go out?
I have no goal so I'm wandering...
I don't like talk with people I prefer to stay home.
A.P. T
It's been a long time to go out, right?
Isn't it good?
Soo-min, this seems to be wrong. Wait a sec.
That fabric has to come out more this way.
Ask for another fabric instead.
- Try to find more. - Sure.
Look for a more similar color.
- Move it that way a bit more. - This way?
- Yes, to the left more. - Yes.
Looks fine.
Let's finish the rest tomorrow.
- Well done, everyone. - Thank you.
Miss Oh.
Sure this will be okay? But it's Christmas season.
You mean stuff like Christmas trees, Santa and Rudolph?
I wouldn't have taken this work if I were to do it typically.
See you tomorrow.
Miss Oh, you should come to the shop.
What happened?
The manager is looking for you.
I understand.
Miss Oh Sae-jin!
Being with family or your lover is Christmas.
It's warm, cozy, joyful, and exciting.
Who'd feel like buying with such a crappy show window?
You agreed with me about this concept.
We haven't even started selling yet, so how can you be so sure it's crappy?
I'll take responsibility if profits fall.
Aren't you lonely?
Pardon me?
I said, aren't you lonely?
Did she say anything else?
Let me check for the last time.
A woman who you haven't seen before
tried to commit suicide with you. Correct?
You can go now.
I'll call if we need more information.
At Hanul station in Seoul at 6:00 am, a 29 year-old woman
jumped in front of the subway train and instantly lost her life.
Witness said that once the train entered the platform
she tried to grab a woman next to her,
and jump into the tracks with her.
The police investigate the exact cause of the accident.
The police are also centering their case
on the double suicide attempt.
What are you doing now? Have you lost your mind?
Are you some kid? It...
You're going to suffocate to death.
I've seen you run many times from upstairs.
It's as if you want to set a new world record every time.
And you look like you're being chased.
I do?
Aren't you lonely?
You seem to live alone.
I live alone, too.
Your parents...
They passed away.
Isn't it hard for you?
The neighbors are very nice to me, like family.
Match it up, when you want to forget something.
You can forget things momentarily.
I have to go.
Why are you here? You'll catch a cold.
What do you want to eat tomorrow?
How about steamed ribs?
Here, have some.
But I'm full.
You must eat.
I made it all for you.
Here, you must eat.
Good girl.
I don't need my kids and grandchildren anymore.
They abandoned me and immigrated.
You're much better than them.
I should move out of here. How many times has it happened now?
Just the other day, the guy in 1304...
What are you all doing here? Mind your own business.
Go back to your home. This is outrageous.
Around 9:50 pm, in a flower garden too APT in Kang-nam Gu,
security guard found Kim’s dead body who had lived this APT.
And he reported police.
Several flowerpots on Kim's balcony...
Room 1403.
Room 1304.
Room 1103.
At 9:56 pm.
The lights are turned off and a suicide...
I want to see the sky.
Aren't you cold?
I felt stuffy inside.
All I can see are other apartments.
People on TV come to places like this
when something's on their mind and then look far away.
And while they smoke a cigarette.
I wanted to do the same thing.
There are so many apartments.
Could there be people out there who've met by chance like us?
If they're nice like you.
I'm not a nice person.
- Hello? - Miss Oh Sae-jin?
It's all done. It's closed as a simple suicide case,
so I won't bother you anymore.
Detective Park.
These all the files for the Fortune Apartment case?
Yes. They've been determined as suicides. What's wrong?
Hey, neither the motives nor the circumstances are clear.
Never mind. I'll take care of it.
Then hurry up. The Chief keeps asking for back-up.
Why aren't you leaving?
You may not believe what I have to say,
but Fortune Apartments...
All the lights were turned off at 9:56 pm.
I mean, the tenants simultaneously turn them off.
Then one of the tenants is found dead the next day.
I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.
At 9:56 pm,
people turn off the lights as if they were possessed.
Don't you know that it's illegal
to spy on your neighbors with binoculars?
I know it sounds strange. But people are dying.
I'm being polite right now, aren't I?
Don't force me to get on my bad side.
This may sound strange,
but don't turn off your lights at 9:56 pm.
Take part in an energy-saving campaign?
Is that why you watch over the neighbors?
Don't think I'm being rude and all.
My teachers and other students always watch over me.
That's my life, so shouldn't I feel comfortable at least at home?
And what do you want to see with your binoculars?
- We've moved to the wrong place. - What?
Deaths at an apartment and now a psycho.
The woman who watches the neighbors on the other side.
She followed me and asked me not to turn off the lights at night.
She did?
You might think that I'm insane if I tell you this,
but please don't turn off your lights after 9:56 pm.
Don't ask why. I beg you.
I appreciate your consideration for me.
I'm fine so you don't have to worry about me.
People worry about me meeting you.
They tell me not to get close to a stranger.
You're all that I have.
Everyone avoids me.
You like me, don't you?
If you happen to read this,
do not turn off your lights before 10:00 pm.
Going up.
Hello? Is anybody there?
Is anybody out there?
The victim's name is Choi Min-suk. Age 24, college student.
He lived in room 1005.
As you stepped on the elevator, you heard someone fighting above.
Then you heard a scream with a big bang.
You looked and found a dead body.
Shouldn't your statement be something like this?
But you tell me someone dies after the lights turn off at 9:56 pm.
Does that make sense?
Isn't what I saw for real a witness statement?
If you had listened to me from the beginning,
you could've saved at least one person.
Look here, Miss Oh.
Detective Yang! Aren't you coming?
Call me right away if you see anyone turn off their lights.
Otherwise I'll arrest you on aiding and abetting murder.
Yoo-yeon, it's me! Open the door!
Yoo-yeon, are you in there? Please open the door!
I told you not to turn off the light before 10pm!
- Be quiet! - Yoo-yeon, open the door!
You're not the only one who lives here!
What's all this noise early in the morning!
Mister, you heard me, right?
Don't turn off the lights before 10pm. Otherwise, you might die!
Don't turn off the lights before 10pm! You all may die!
Someone reported you.
So you've peeped on your neighbors with binoculars.
You also posted a message on your site and caused a fuss this morning.
The tenants are having a fit about property prices falling.
I'm going to release you today.
But if this happens again, you won't get off so easily.
I'm sorry.
Actually, I ratted to my mom about you peeping with the binoculars.
I didn't know it would turn out like this.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Is something wrong?
Never mind.
Our building's been weird lately, huh? With all the accidents.
I heard you yell this morning. Is what you said true?
Do you think I'm strange, too?
It seems...
I can't do anything for this apartment building.
How's school?
I haven't gotten used to the new school yet.
I always come home after 10pm, so I'm tired all the time.
Sorry, I don't have much to offer.
Your home is nice, but it's not that cozy.
That's how it is for people living alone.
Actually, you're my first guest.
Really? You don't have a boyfriend?
At my age, you get sick of hurting and being hurt.
So you live for your job. But that too hasn't been easy.
Sounds boring.
You do this stuff, too?
Someone said if you match the pieces, you can forget things momentarily.
I think you're the one who needs it today.
Does it really work?
I have to go.
Never turn off your lights before 10pm.
Then give her that medicine.
Okay, honey. I'll increase it to 4cc today.
But her face looks swollen, and her eyes are dazed.
Then, try the injection.
- Will it be okay? - Totally.
I see.
You'll be healed if you take this medicine.
Your nerves will come back.
Open your mouth.
Don't you trust me? You'll be able to walk.
Eat, Eat it now!
Eat it!
It's back in the same position.
Did you try those pills?
Think I'm some guinea pig?
I told you it's really good for headaches.
No thanks.
Don't you remember that kid?
Why are you bringing that up again?
I told you to watch your mouth.
What are you doing?
It'll be hard to interrogate for now.
Gather all personal references of Fortune Apartment tenants.
Current tenants, previous ones, all of them.
It's my first time going to the sea.
I had some chances before when my parents were alive.
I put up a fit not wanting to go, and hurt my mom every time.
I thought I'd get sadder if I saw the sea.
I hardly remember anything now.
But I clearly remember my mom and dad's sad face at that time.
she wanted to tell me that.
Aren't you lonely?
If I had approached her first,
If I had listened to her,
I could have saved her.
It wasn't your fault.
I should have held her.
It's not like I don't know.
How many years have we've worked together?
We shouldn't blow all those years because of this.
Forget everything, and come back to work from tomorrow.
Keep still!
I'm cold.
Shut up!
Why'd you do that to her?
What are you talking about?
I saw what you did to that girl! You just came out of 704!
Yoo-yeon, it's me! Open the door! Yoo-yeon!
There's no trace of anyone entering.
- Her time of death was... - Around 9:50pm.
How did you know that?
Can someone come and turn off all the lights at the same time?
The security guard in charge has the key.
No one can come in if he doesn't open the door.
Is everything okay?
Nothing's wrong with the machine. And no traces of any fingerprints.
I thought about it,
but I can't remember anything at that time the last few days.
So after listening to you, I filmed myself.
At 9:56 pm, the lights flicker, and you turn it off yourself.
Then you don't remember anything?
- What? - You should come to the station.
We got a clue to the apartment case.
Okay. On my way.
Don't worry. I'll be back before 9:56pm.
All the keys are the same.
Usually, it's for the front door.
The reason the ornaments are different is that they were copied.
- Copied? - Yes, copied.
All the victims have the keys to the same apartment.
His name is Shin Jung-soo. 29-years old.
During this time of last year, he moved to 704.
He seemed to have locked himself up ever since.
None of the tenants know about him.
Why did he do it?
That kind of guy is the hardest to investigate.
He spits out stuff like, I didn't do it,
I don't remember, or something evil lives inside me.
Then he denies the murder.
It's been three hours already.
Answer the questions, you idiot!
We found your key at every murder scene.
How can you explain this?
Whose blood is this?
Whose blood is it, you bastard?
Keep still!
Keep still, you bastard!
That's a twitch.
He can't help himself. It can't stop.
When he feels very nervous or scared, it gets worse like that.
- Is it a physical disorder? - Not really.
They're also called Hikikomori.
Most of them are socially inept.
It's made him mentally unstable. Simply put, crazy.
There's a lot of his kind recently.
They're scared of society and can't leave their homes.
Why did he kill them?
Not sure.
It's the first time I've heard of a Hikikomori committing murder.
They're extremely reserved, and don't even speak to people.
But what about his bloody clothes and the keys at the murder scene?
I told you. He's crazy.
How else can I explain what a crazy person has done?
My parents went to visit a relative.
I'm too scared to be home alone.
I could never have imagined such a crazy person lived next door.
I'm so scared of our apartment being empty.
But Sae-jin.
It's so weird.
No matter how hard I try
the pieces keep returning to the first position.
Our building's community group have done such nice things.
Fortune Apartment residents in turns have taken care
of orphaned Yoo-yeon like their own child.
The model for cooperating to make a better society.
Room 1403.
Room 1304.
Room 1103.
Room 602.
Room 1005.
The cube's numbers coincide with the rooms of the dead victims.
Room 1203?
But no one has died in room 1203.
'Despite their help, Yoo-yeon committed suicide on Christmas Eve.'
Poor girl. She must've been so lonely and in pain.
'Wheelchair-bound Yoo-yeon, who has no feelings in her legs,
even lost her parents in a sudden accident this autumn,
and has suffered alone ever since.'
But under the community's care, she lost her depression and...
Detective Yang!
I've got the results of the DNA test from the dress on Shin Jung-soo.
And the references on the Fortune Apartment tenants.
I looked through it, and found something strange.
December 24 of last year, room 704. A suicide was right.
And the blood on the dress was from Yoo-yeon.
Where'd you get that bloody dress?
That blood was Yoo-yeon's.
It's safe here, right?
Will you believe
whatever I say?
It was last year when I first moved there.
At first I thought it was a dream.
But I felt the dream was getting real as time went by.
You sure you'll be okay?
While showing me her past,
she seemed to be saying something to me.
Hoping someone would acknowledge her.
How awful!
How could both her parents have died in an accident at the same time!
Let's combine our energy help her all together.
Let's copy the key to her place, and visit her in turns.
- Let's do it. - That's a good idea.
Don't worry. You're like a daughter to us.
2004's Selection, The Best Apartments to Live in
Have you had short hair?
Here are some fruits for you.
As time went by they began to change.
Yoo-yeon, Keep still!
You slut!
How could you do to my son? You bitch!
But I'm full.
You'll be healed if you take this medicine.
You'll be able to walk.
Is anybody here?
Help me, Help me! Help me!
Help me!
I was getting so scared.
She wanted me to stay only with her.
I was unconsciously becoming her little by little.
I couldn't get over it!
I said I understood her, but I was scared.
Actually, I was scared.
Do you understand?
I was scared!
Crazy bastard.
Yoo-yeon killed herself a year ago.
You don't understand. Her eyes.
Those eyes are full of hatred.
As much as I wanted to run away,
as much as I wanted to kill myself, I was too scared to do anything!
Want me to show you your apartment?
You were the only one there!
I won't go.
No, I'll never go back.
No! No!
What's wrong with you?
Stop it!
Shin Jung-soo!
I didn't mean to kill them at first.
Mister! Mister!
Hello? Anybody there?
No one came to visit me, so I visited them.
they turned their back on me.
I don't forgive them.
They made me lonely.
Stop it.
Everything turned out the way you wanted.
I forced myself to swallow food despite wanting to vomit.
I fought against the dark in the cold bathtub.
I took hundreds of pills, and satisfied their carnal desires.
But know what was the hardest thing to endure?
Those many eyes that looked away from me.
I didn't exist although I was there.
Their care and understanding for you weren't all fake.
Look at you.
You're frightened of me, too.
Once you leave here, you'll also forget about me!
I'll kill you. I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Help me!
Is somebody there? I'm stuck in here! Open the door.
I'm stuck in here! Open the door
Are you okay? Come here!
I wanted to help you.
I wanted to understand you.
It's true.
I wanted to save at least you.
Even though it's late,
I will
share your pain.
Detective Park!
Send back-up and an ambulance to Fortune Apartments right now!
- Detective yang, hello? Yang, Yang! - Sae-jin
Two months later
You have so much stuff for someone who lives alone.
It's because I can't throw things away so easily.
Feel worn out?
Then go home and rest.
Why did you move into this apartment?
Don't know.
Are you sure it's all over?
Do you think hatred can disappear so easily?