Bloody Mary Trailer

Uploaded by BloodyMaryShow on 16.11.2012

-Go on. -You first.
(Both) Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
(Girls scream)
(Man screams)
This is fun.
I'm married to my job.
He was my boyfriend, ok?
Bone me!
Are you really a Wraith, Herzog?
Of a type.
Guys like you would be a lot busier if it wasn't for the likes of me, Abdabs.
Exactly what do you do?
She's an Old Hag.
Can I meet your friends sometime?
Probably not.
Laugh at me, would you?
We all have our secrets, don't we?
I'm pregnant!
Hello you.
Understand these words, Chavzilla.
You can't spell succubus without 'you suck'
Hump 'em and dump 'em. It's the woman's fault she got pregnant.
Now what?
I think I just wee'd a little.
Is it always this exciting?