[ENG SUB]SHINee - Taemin gets "attacked" during interview! (jp)

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Among the 5 SHINee members, who is the weakest at Japanese...?
SHINee's new song, Lucifer's promotional video has arrived at Mezamashi TV!
Their big hit in Korea, now in Japanese, and the dance is very popular among their fans.
An exclusive interview with SHINee.
Debut song Replay, then follow-up single Juliette, and now 3rd, Lucifer - it seems that the latest is the hardest to sing in Japanese!
Taemin: It's the hardest one!
Key: The pronounciation was soooo difficult! When recording...
Onew: Super fast!
Minho: Especially at the rap part. When I heard it, I was like "Is this Japanese!?" - it's that bad. Really difficult...
Jonghyun: The (japanese) pronounciation....
Was it ok?
Director: It's fine, it's fine.
Jonghyun: Really?
Key: You're kidding me!
Jonghyun: You're kidding me!
Minho: She's just trying to not hurt our feelings.
Director: Well, the rap part was a little...
Key: Right!!!
Jonghyun: As expected!
Actually, this person had worked the hardest in Japanese.
Minho's RAP PART.
Minho: The recording for the rap part alone took more than 1 hour.
Minho: Even though usually it takes no more than 30 mins.
Onew: It will be on sale on Oct 12th, so please look forward to it.
Taemin: AUGUST 12th.
All: ?? Director: Eh?
Key: OCTOBER 12th!
Narrator: At such an important part...