Alejandro & Diego - 033 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 16.03.2012

Sebas, your friend Alejandro is waiting for you over there. -It's so strange that he didn't call me.
On the night of Gonzalo's birthday, when he and Javier took me nude picture, Diego was the one who helped me.
Diego? -Yes.
Are you sure? I mean he's always talking badly about gay guys.
Look, I don't know if it's me, but lately I've caught Diego staring at me in a very strange manner.
Do you think that Diego... -uhm.. I really don't know.
Diego is like his last name, manly. And let's not even talk about the dad.
But if you'd like, I'll ask him. So you don't get mistaken again. Like it happened with me.
I don't believe you. If you're doing that for me it's to separate Diego from Nora. Or am I wrong?
For both of us.
What's up, pops? I uhm, he's my friend, Diego. A classmate from Cervantes.
It's a big pleasure. Diego BarĂ³n. -Pedro Guzman.
I came to congratulate Nora because she was reelected as the representative for ALL the Cervantes students.
And if she continues on like that, she'll be the first female president and Latina of this country.
Do you want to stay for diner, son?
No! I uh, I agreed to do some things with my dad, some errands, together. But thank you, and it was a big pleasure.
You could have at least faked/hidden it a little bit .You put on a funeral face when Diego told you I had been reelected in Cervantes.
Why don't you undersand that this is something important for me? I dream of having a career in politics to help people out.
But of course, since you two don't care about anyone. -No, no, Norita, sweetie, don't-
Could it, could it be that the time has come to tell her the truth? -No. No, wife, not yet.