Andy Milonakis in Watsky's Making an Album Episode 5

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ANDY MILONAKIS: Welcome to Andy's Hip Bistro.
Here's a menu, and can I start you off with a water?
WATSKY: I don't know what Bryan told your people and all
that, but I heard--
I heard that you're the best ghostwriter in Los Angeles,
and I just thought--
I brought in this Ricky Slim song.
I kind of thought we're just going to--
ANDY: Yeah, slow down for a minute.
Let me just get you water.
Look over the menu, and then we'll talk.

The special of the day is Gucci Mane with a raspberry
reduction and a side of waka flocka, waka, flocka for $800.
kidding me?
I make six G's an hour.
See that painting over there?
That shit took me like 20 seconds, and I made 19 G's off
of it off of eBay.

WATSKY: Is it true that you wrote
"Toxic" by Britney Spears?
ANDY: I didn't just write "Toxic." I
did 80% of the vocals.
Britney Spears wasn't even in the room.
She was sipping on a pina colada in Ensenada while I was
three-waying a waitress with Frank Sinatra, hummin' a
mantra, listening to Afrika Bambaataa.
I'm a [BLEEP]
let me get you that appetizer, sir.

Bon appetit.

WATSKY: Uh, cool.
So I brought in this 16-bar verse, and I would love to do
it for you.
ANDY: That's not really how it works, though, bro.

Spit it.
WATSKY: I'll just do half the verse and the chorus as it is.
So it's 16 bars, and we can just play around with it,
and-- right on, right on, OK.
It's a call and response, and the chorus--
ANDY: Just go, just go.
WATSKY: All I ever wanted to do is write rhymes.
All I ever wanted to do is write rhymes.
Huh, is that a crime?
To write rhymes?
But the sad fact is most real folks don't get to do what
they love for a living.
We do back flips and no matter where we're at on the atlas or
spins on its axis, it's back to the rat race.
We run the hamster wheel at a mad pace.
We run these laps 'til our last days.
Just a beast 'til the last rose petal drops
in the glass case.
ANDY: Yeah, man, I could see that playing in the club.
Yeah, that'd be crazy.
I mean, like, why are you talking?
I thought you wanted to, like, rap.
WATSKY: Well, my rapping's actually, like, it's very
It's just my stylistic choice.
ANDY: You don't have to talk, though, bro.
I mean, you think Bjork talks like a three-year-old that
lives on the moon?
WATSKY: I actually did think she talked that way.
ANDY: No, that bitch is from Brooklyn.
Look, Pablo Picasso said, it took me four years to learn
how to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to
paint like a child.
WATSKY: I love that quote.
I think it's wise.
I just--
I'm not going for child-like art.
Look, I'm gonna level with you, man.
This whole restaurant bistro theme, the construction paper
salad and the plaques, I don't--
it seems--
it seems silly to me.
ANDY: Oh, you just said that.
Oh, you think this is silly.
You think this is silly?
WATSKY: It's not sss--silly.
But maybe we could just sit here and
brainstorm some ideas.
ANDY: Oh, brainstorming.
Did you ever think that maybe you don't know what the
it is you're talking about?
ANDY: You're at a loss for words now?
Finally you're gonna shut the [BLEEP]
up and let me do what I [BLEEP]
You see these [BLEEP]
They're platinum.
WATSKY: I'm sorry that I came at you sideways.
ANDY: You come to me, and you shit on [BLEEP]
You think that's [BLEEP]
cool, bro?
God damn, [BLEEP]
WATSKY: It's just been a crazy month full of dumb things.
ANDY: Well, you know what?
Tough luck.
Dumb sells.
Dummy, dummy, dumb-drop.
Ooh, rhyme, I rhyme about cars, I rhyme about money, I
rhyme about cars.
Million dollars.
WATSKY: It's just-- it's just--
this isn't how I work.
ANDY: Calm down.
I want to put an offer on the table.
I got a Drake verse for $400 for you.
WATSKY: This--this partnership's not working.
ANDY: $300.
WATSKY: I don't want Drake at all.
ANDY: All right.
What do you want?
What do you want to pay for?
What do you-- let me ask you.
What do you think my time is worth?
Uh, payment plans.
ANDY: Last offer.
WATSKY: I'm sorry.
It was a pleasure.
ANDY: Uh, payment plans.
I don't do payment plans.

Yeeeahh boyeee.