UNC Charlotte IN:49 - 49er Democracy Experience - George Edwards

Uploaded by unccharlottevideo on 18.04.2012

What I wanted to do is look at my theory
of presidential leadership, which is presidents
can't create opportunities, they have to recognize the
opportunities that are in the system,
or in their environment at the time, and then exploit them.
And so I wanted to look at Barack Obama, because
he was supposed to be a transformational character,
to see whether or not he could move the public to his side
and whether or not he could move Republicans to support him,
that he could get bipartisan support in Congress.
And I predicted that he would not be able to do that.
Not because anything wrong with Barack Obama,
but that that's the nature of American politics,
that presidents rarely are able to move public opinion
in their direction.
And in these times of polarized politics, it's very
difficult to get bipartisan support.
And it turned out, of course, that the President was not able
to move the public in his direction, and he wasn't able
to get bipartisan support.
So, I using, as a test of my theory of presidential leadership.