Change your Apple ID or sign up for a new one on iOS or PC, and update apps!

Uploaded by Xebozone on 22.03.2012

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Hey everybody I've been getting a lot of people asking me questions on how to
change their Apple ID because some people have acquired
second-hand iPhones or iPads, etc.
still have the old
information on there, so...
what you gotta do first is find the settings icon here on the home screen
(my camera is a bit out of focus) what you do see press that
and you are presented here with the setting screen. If you just scroll all the way down
to the bottom
near the bottom you'll see 'store' over here
so, we just click on that
shows you this page here. so now you can see on the bottom here is the old
Apple ID
that the one we don't want
so we just click on that
and pops up this little box
you either view your Apple ID
or we can sign out
so what we want to do sign out, so just press that
and the already the old iTunes
account has been deactivated, so...
we will sign in...
and we can are that use an existing one
if you've already made one, or we can create a new one
so for the purposes of demonstration, we will just create a new one
we will
which country we're in
you can choose to store that you're in I'm in Australia
so, I just click on that
click on the done button
hide that little box,
and click next to go to the next page
cool, so now we're waiting
and here's the iTunes agreement so you can go ahead
and read that
it's pretty long you can see as we scroll down
so sixty seven pages... I've
read all of it. There's nothing in there about...
Human Cent-iPad,so
should be good to just click agree
this little box will pop up
just click agree to confirm that you've read it
of course
and now you start entering your details for a new account
so we'll just make some stuff up here
so, click on the email box and type in your email address
it can be a hotmail address, gmail address
whatever you want. so i'm using this fake address here
'the awesome one'
at mailinator, which is a
email address
thing you can use to help
prevent spam
so, what you have to do with your password is you have to have at least
8 characters, including a number
you have to have 1 uppercase letter, at least
and 1 lowercase letter, at least
also, you can't use a dictionary word so, you can't use the word 'password'
so, if you just press the shift key here,
you can enter capital letters. I'm entering the
capital 'T' (The), Password (capital 'P')
(Just typing it)
You use the word 'password' (on it's own) because that's a dictionary word
so you have to have
something more complicated than that. and i just add
123 on the end 'coz you have to have a number in there
so, type it in again, same as you did in the first box
ThePassword123 (capital 't') (capital 'p')
over here you have to have a security question. This is used in case you
forget your password, so
you can type in whatever you want
your favorite number, your pet's name
your mother's birth country, what ever you want.
for me, I'm just asking myself
'who is awesome?' so,
'yours truly'
I'm pretty awesome...
I'm sure this video is quite awesome
that'll do nicely.
so, enter your date of birth
i'm just choosing the first of january
1990... 1991... whatever
just keep scrolling down
do you want to receive emails?
um... this is iTunes store-related emails. I don't want those
news, software updates
I don't really want to get that...
and then we hit next
so we wait for the next page, ok so this is billing information
unfortunately, you have to have a credit card number
or you can use a coupon
or a gift certificate
such as an iTunes gift certificate
you have to just enter in all these details truthfully
credit card numbers, security code, expiration date of the credit card
your billing address and
hit the 'next' button
if you hit the next button before entering anything you can see the fields
that are required. you do need billing information
such as a credit card, or iTunes gift card or (iTunes) certificate
all the fields in red
you need to enter, all the ones in black are optional (but you still need a type of billing)
so, just go and fill those in
so, i've just gonna and entered some fake details over here.
the credit card number isn't real, so don't bother.
entered that in there, expiration date you can ontionally use an iTunes
gift card or certificate as opposed to a credit card if you have
you're billing address... you need to have a 'title' Mr. or Mrs. etc
first name, last name
address, postcode
(I entered it wrong the first time, so I had to do it again)
enter a city
and a state. So you just gotta click on each box
and fill-in the details. For phone, there's an (area code) box you need to press first,
followed by the number box
and after you've filled in all the details
hit nextm
such as demonstrated. Now this isn't gonna work because i don't have a real credit
okay, after you've legitimately entered your all billing information you can hit the
next button and you'll see this: your Apple ID has successfully been created
and then you can hit the done button and you'll be taken to the iTunes store
Here we go! so that's all that is, right there
ok, so I'm going to show you how to make an Apple ID you can go to Google and type Apple ID
should be the first link it's so we can click on that
and you will be presented with this page so it we just click the big
"Create an Apple ID" button
you'll pop up at this page. Same deal as on the iPhone
son you enter an email address, so I'll make up one;
password once again has restrictions so
our password
today will be
PasswordGuy1 (with a capital 'p')
so 'Password' has to have capital letters too.
'Guy' with capital 'G' as well
so, once again
we have to have a capital letter in there
and a number
capital 'P'
capital 'G' you can't use a dictionary word such as Password on its own
so we use PasswordGuy
so, let's type that in, we can see
there's a box to the right which will help you enter in
your password, so any of these are
highlighted red, then there's something wrong
so, we just enter PasswordGuy1 capital 'P', capital 'G', and '1' at the end
'coz you need
these. So on pc they have some
questions ready here
but you can still go and write your own question
as you can see on this bottom option So, once again
who is awesome?
Yours Truely
(is awesome)
(I'm never going to use this account again, so I don't really care)
enter your birth date
so we'll have january the first
and the oldest we can be
from 1901
which i don't think's old enough,
but, whatever.
so, First name, (middle name is optional)
you the enter in your
address. once again, any...
any fields that say 'optional'
you don't have to have
so, 123 Fake Street
in Springfield.
I'm sure some of you people would know that.
Springfield is in Massachusetts and we just make up a zip code.
Oh, yeah,
and at the top... I forgot to mention You can choose your country (We'll come back to that)
Language you can change
so, you can type 'German' if you want.
yeah, as i said, you can change your country
you type it in the box and then select your choice
contact preferences, what emails do you want? I don't want any of these
emails so, I won't tick any of them
answering the security code
letters are not case-sensitive you can see over here
so, for instance, I can change this 'G'
to a lower case 'g'
or this 'D' to a lower-case 'd' and it won't really matter.
Read the terms and conditions, and tick this box.
and then we click the 'Create Apple ID' button.
and now we have to verify email, so depending on your email address...
or your set-up, you can go into Outlook or you can use your webmail.
so we can go
or we can go to your gmail account or whatever you had as your Apple ID email address...
From me, I used mailinator
so, I'll get emails from here. you'll receive an email from 'Apple'. 0:10:31.160,0:10:32.789 0:10:35.370 subject will be 'Please verify contact email address'
so we'll just click on that email
so, this is what it should look like so, 'Dear Awesome Guy,'
(blah blah blah blah blah)
and there's a 'verify now' button so we click on that
to verified our
new email address that is associated with our Apple ID
and then we have taken back here... so we have to
Type in our new Apple ID
I'll type it in, and our password; PasswordGuy1 (capital 'P', capital 'G', '1')
'Verify Address'
and now the email address has been verified!
and our new Apple account has been created!
So if you've made an account on pc, you can click on 'Sign in' after you've signed out
and press on the 'Use existing Apple ID' button
so what you'll be doing is you'll be entering your email address and password for the Apple ID you created on your PC
So, I'll just go enter that now
so i have
'tehawesomeness' (sorry, my camera's goign out-of-focus there)
and my password, of course, needs a capital letter in there,
and lower-case letters (at least one) and have to have a number
it needs to be least eight characters long
and not a dictionary word. So, after you've entered those details in, you press 'OK'
This box will pop up saying you need to review your information before
you sign in iTunes store, so we'll just go click the review button.
now this should look familiar to you
it will pop up with the page
where you select your country for your store We've seen that before...
I'll chose Australia and hit 'next'
and now it will load the
iTunes store agreement. Gotta go read that, of course
go through all 67 pages and then hit the 'Agree' button. This will pop-up
confirm that you will agree and then you need to enter your billing information, so you go
do that...
and then you hit next button.
So, i'll quickly show you had update apps. so you can click the 'App Store'.
you'll see over here in the
corner and you'll see 'updates'
we can update a single app by clicking on the app
and then there will be a little update button in the corner. so we click on that
and entering your password
when it pops-up
for iTunes account, and
press 'OK'. I would be doing that, because you can also click 'Update All'
to update all your apps
and enter your password. I'll go do that now. now what you might realize is
you might need to restart your phone (I think) for the new account to take effect if you changed Apple ID.
i haven't done that
you enter your password
this might come up, so, this is new...
just press 'OK'
and just follow that
iTunes Store
(this is unexpected) just agree...
because some stuff has changed since I last signed-in with this account
(ok... ignore all that)
so we can click the 'Update All' button
and it will possibly ask us for our password
and it will update these apps
now one of the apps
this popped up (I haven't purchased it) it was on the last account
that was on this Phone
'SmartSync' so i can't update that. If I want to update that, I'll need to sign in with an
account that has purchased it (Thanks for watching!)