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That's right, until now,
I have lived as a fraud.
Everything on my resume,
=is completely made up.=
=Even my relationship with Miss Ju In A,=
=is a lie.=
=I don't wish to continue as a lie.=
=And also, I don't wish to continue deceiving my own heart.=
Isn't that Gang U?
It really is!
Isn't this Han Myeong Wol?
Amazing! This is like a dream!
=Miss Han Myeong Wol, are you watching?=
=Miss Han Myeong Wol...=
He's really cool!
=Miss Han Myeong Wol...=
=Miss Han Myeong Wol...=
=I love you.=
-=Gang U confesses his love for junior actress Han Myeong Wol.=-
-=Gang U confesses his love for junior actress Han Myeong Wol.=-
- Fighting! - Fighting!
We finally did it! We did it!
Gang U was finally conquered by Myeong Wol!
The whole two months have been a period of suffering for us.
During that time, in order to complete the mission,
we toiled many late nights.
Comrade, you've worked hard.
Comrade, you really are a handsome, revolutionary fighter.
Then comrade, you're the best female revolutionary soldier.
You make me proud.
Comrade Ok Sun!
Congratulations, Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
Ah... Reporter Kim.
No, we haven't released the details yet.
Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, yes Sir!
He's been prohibited from starring in the program?
Yes, yes.
That, Representative...
The advertising sponsors just called.
They want us to compensate the loss.
Representative, they said to cancel the news about the movie.
Ah, really!
Where's Gang U? He created this problem... Where did he go?
I'll pay all of the losses, so don't worry.
I'll try not to let it affect the company.
The concert has ended.
But why are you still sitting there?
I'm waiting for someone.
What if that person doesn't come?
Then I'll go to the ends of the earth to catch her.
What if you still can't catch her?
If I, a Hallyu star with such fatal charm, chased her...
surely she would be caught.
You fool.
Why did you do that?
You don't like me because I'm a fool?
Because I'm no longer a Hallyu star,
So you don't like me?
I'll chase you now.
I won't let go of you again.
-=Hallyu Star Gang U openly announces lover. Actress Ju In A faints.=-
I wondered who it was.
Why are you getting up?
Just lie down obediently.
My heart hurts, how can I just obediently lie down?
In the situation right now,
you should present yourself as the biggest victim.
You want the public opinion to follow you? This girl.
If you make a rash move,
your career as an actress will be over.
I don't care, I don't care!
Didn't you see it too Grandfather?
The matter going on between those two.
"I love you", really?
This sentence was actually said by the invincible Gang U.
And what's more, to that girl.
So just forget about Gang U, that fellow. He ended this.
I don't want to. I like Gang U. And not because he's a Hallyu star.
I definitely won't give up.
Just thinking about both of them living happily together, is really annoying!
I hope you can protect her. We don't want any problems happening.
I understand.
What are we celebrating?
We're celebrating quitting the entertainment industry.
Congratulations for Han Myeong Wol's conquest of Gang U.
Are you retiring?
What are you doing? Aren't we blowing out the candles together?
Are you all right?
You really won't regret it?
What if I do regret it?
Is it because of me?
Why? Do you feel apologetic?
Then just pledge your devotion to me.
Aren't I right?
Hallyu star Gang U confessed to someone like Han Myeong Wol.
Shouldn't you accept this kind of request?
First, you can't be apart from me for more than 10 centimeters.
10 centimeters.
How is this 10 centimeters?
This looks like 30 centimeters to me.
Should I go get a measuring tape?
Is this okay?
10 centimeters, don't forget.
If you're not careful, I'll change it to 1 centimeter.
Right here.
This is the basic position, okay?
After that, say "I love Gang U" loudly 10 times.
Do it.
What? Shouldn't it be like this?
How can I be the only one that confesses?
Up to now, haven't I confessed a lot?
That's because you wanted to seduce me. Now, it's different.
Those don't count, so say it officially.
I got it, why do you care so much?
I'm just like this. Quickly say it.
If you still don't say it, I'll make it a hundred times.
I got it, I got it.
Here, the basic position.
I love Gang U.
I love you.
Ah, what did you say?
I and Gang U, what?
Again, say it louder.
I love Gang U.
I love you.
Wait, wait.
What are you doing?
After I record it, I can listen to it whenever.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Even if I listen to it for a lifetime, it won't be enough.
Say it again.
I love you.
Say it again.
I love you.
Once more.
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
It feels like all I can hear is the two of them saying "I love you".
The two of them, really.
What are you doing?
There are reporters outside right now.
There are?
Then I should let them see, that because of those two I became like this.
Calm down.
Please lay back down.
Calm down?
How can I be calm?
Move! Get out of my way!
Please don't cause anymore trouble.
What can you change by acting like this?
You'll only hurt yourself more.
If you can't change anything, then you shouldn't do anything at all?
Do you feel anything?
Do you really not feel anything?
You know how I feel, right?
That's how I feel right now!
Don't you feel the same way I do?
We're not the same.
I can't easily endure it like you.
I can't be like that.
I can't do it.
"Lee Gang U."
Is that your real name?
How did your father die?
An accident.
A traffic accident.
A traffic accident?
On the day of my 10th birthday,
he was in a traffic accident.
At that time, my father had been away for several months, and was coming to see me.
He came just to celebrate his son's birthday and bring birthday gifts.
Here comes the ball!
I finally got to play happily with my Father.
- Dad's going to get the ball, just wait for me! - Father went to get the ball, but he was taking a long time.
So I went to take a look.
Ajussi. (Ajussi - older man, uncle)
Because I was just a kid, I got scared and ran away.
I felt like it was my fault.
I shouldn't have asked him to come just to celebrate my birthday.
I shouldn't have thrown the ball so far.
I've always felt that it was because of me that my Father died.
It wasn't your fault.
You weren't the reason.
It seems like until now, I've never told anyone else.
So I want to find out how my father died.
That way, I won't feel so guilty.
What do you mean?
I don't think my father's death was caused by a mere traffic accident.
If it wasn't just a traffic accident, then...
I remember at the time, my father was being chased by certain people because of the Four Joint Books.
Four Joint Books?
My father was an archaeologist.
He started looking for the Four Joint Books a long time ago.
That day, it wasn't just a hit-and-run accident.
I must find out who did it.
Four Joint Books...
1.8 million... Going once.
Two million.
So it was because his father died.
Why did you do that?
I'm sorry.
Did you wish to abandon your comrades and escape?
To me...
that was my only option.
Why was that your only choice?
That is...
Is it because you love Gang U?
Do you really love him?
I know it can't be like this.
I'm trying my best,
But the more I try, the more I...
Abandoning your comrades and mission...
Do you know how serious that crime is?
I know.
You know... and you still chose to?
I'm sorry.
You may punish me however you like.
No matter how your heart feels,
we must achieve our goal no matter what.
As long as we stick to the original plan,
and bring Gang U back to the North, then whatever happens is fine.
But if you abandon the mission again,
next time it wont be like this, I won't let you go so easily.
I won't forgive you next time.
Is it because you love Gang U?
I know it can't be like this.
I'm trying my best, But the more I try, the more I...
-=Hallyu star=-
=Why are you only answering the phone now?=
=I've said before you must pick up before the third ring.=
Is there something going on this morning?
=You have to come to me immediately.=
Right now?, Did something happen?
=Yes, I really miss you right now.=
=You have to come at the count of ten.=
Right now?, How...
=Just put on your clothes and come.=
But still...
=Why do you talk so much?=
=You've forgotten to be devoted?=
=10, 9.=
Wait a minute, wait.
=8, 7, 6, 5.=
Why is it like this?
=4, 3, 2, 1.=
Good morning.
A date? Really?
What's there to be surprised about?
Couple's dating is very normal.
It's normal to date down here?
Down here?
That's because I only lived in the mountains of Gangwon-do before.
It's more or less along the lines of what we did when we shot the drama.
Wasn't that just acting?
I wasn't acting.
But I've never gone on a date before.
You've never been in a relationship before?
You're saying I'm your first?
Then you'll feel very wronged.
I've dated a lot of women before.
How many?
The number of dates or the number of women?
Each woman a minimum of 3 times.
The number of women, countless!
Why is your expression like that?
Why? Are you jealous?
I'm not jealous.
Hey, you have to be jealous.
Okay, I'll give in today for you just this once.
Although it's a bit childish...
But for someone like you who's never been on a date before,
we'll go with the most basic steps.
The basics of dating is the hand. The hands.
Give me your hand.
Forget it.
You will die if you let go.
It's too dangerous while driving.
I'm being a lot more careful than I was before.
Since I'm afraid our crazy girl is going to get hurt.
Our crazy girl?
Do you know what the first step for lovers is?
You can just call me master.
I have another name for you.
You do? What is it?
Rotten chap.
Ah, to the left. Be careful!
The first stage of dating is to dress like perfect lovers.
Is this a couples shirt? We really look like twins.
I knew you would like this style. So childish.
Couple caps.
Couple sunglasses.
And also couples mobile phone case.
We start the date by holding hands.
Let's walk.
What, walk? It's like you're talking to an old granny.
Let's go!
-=Today, we spotted the 'couple of the month'. Contrary to rumours, they seem very happy.=-
-=Did they say it was 'seduction'?=-
-=Observation seems to indicate that they're getting quite close!!!=-
Han Myeong Wol! No matter what, I must find out who you really are!
Han Myeong Wol, I will figure out your identity, no matter what!
Eonni, were you looking for me?
So you came. I have something to ask of you.
Help me with something.
Follow Myeong Wol and find out where she lives.
Why do I have to do that?
If you're that curious, then just do it yourself.
I'm letting you do this, but you keep talking?
I'm not the same as before.
Didn't you let me do what I wanted?
I followed your advice and became a celebrity.
I'm a singer now. An idol singer.
What? You!
How ridiculous.
Compared to Eonni, I'm now ranked higher than you on the internet search engine.
What? Then what are you doing coming over here?
I want to see Eonni's unhappiness.
Get out. Get lost!
I chose all the fruits that you don't like.
-= A written threat was discovered in the bag of the victim. =-
Before, Gang U wanted to find someone called Goblin.
You don't remember?
Before, he came over and asked me to find some Goblin or Ghost.
Gang U's parents?
Yes. Do you know how they died?
Why are you asking about that?
Just curious.
It happened when he was ten years old.
Someone took him in his shocked stage, to the orphanage.
I met him five years ago.
Then, what did his parents do?
That, after his father died, he never spoke about them.
So I don't know what they did or how they died.
Why do you suddenly want to know about this?
It's just out of curiosity.
What is it? Is that Gang U?
Han Myeong Wol! Han Myeong Wol!
Did she take Gang U from Ju In A and then leave?
Should we go somewhere else?
Here is fine. The coffee here is very good.
I'll go and order.
Seeing how she looks,
did she seduce him when they were living together?
If a woman throws herself at a man, why would he reject her?
After meeting the wrong woman, Gang U is finished.
I finished ordering. It should be here soon.
Should we go somewhere else?
Sit down.
Then, should we take it to go?
Just stay. We're not criminals!
Also, if anyone is to be scolded, it should be me.
Why should you be scolded? What did you do wrong?
Really. Did I really have to go to this extent?
Isabelle, that rotten girl.
She must have a terrible secret.
Punish Gang U.
What is this?
Please. Please come in.
You came from so far away.
We will definitely give Mr. Reporter something good to write about.
This is simply not our Myeong Wol,
To come between Gang U and Ju In A, and snatching away Gang U.
But rather Myeong Wol and Gang U had liked each other initially.
But it was always Ju In A interfering with their relationship.
I see!
Didn't you hear something?
Yes, seems like it.
You must be mistaken.
No matter how you say it,
Although our Myung Wol looks much more elegant than Ju In A,
But the circumstances in which we raised her wasn't very good. And so she had a tough childhood.
How can she be compared to Ju In A?
Honestly, just judging by looks alone,
Our Myeong Wol should be Galaxy's real heir!
That's true.
Ju In A actually dumps a lot of stuff on her face.
If you take a closer look, she doesn't look all that great.
What did you say to him?
Listen. Didn't you hear something just now?
Didn't it sound like someone talking?
You wouldn't know how much Gang U likes Myeong Wol, right?
He buys her new clothes every day. Furthermore, they're all brand name clothes.
Since I've already mentioned it, I'll let you take a look.
Isn't that Ju In A?
Ju In A.
-=Ju In A's crazy side exposed!=-
-= We now know why Gang U dumped her. Ju In A was discovered to be a 'Jackyl and Hyde'! Is Ju In A really crazy? =-
-= Ju In A's warding herself appears questionable! =-
-= Anyone can see that this was self-shot! =-
That's why I kept telling you to watch yourself.
Why do you always appear to be looking for trouble?
That girl, Myeong Wol, must have something up with her.
If she doesn't,
how could Gang U be so attracted to her?
Don't you know something?
I'll ask you again, don't you know something?
I think that the miss is feeling a little sensitive.
Did you say I'm sensitive?
In A, why do you bother so much with that brat?
Grandfather. Grandfather, why do you hate Gang U?
If you treated him a little better,
then it wouldn't be like this now!
Didn't I already say?
From the start, I never liked Gang U.
A guy with nothing.
Except a pair of arrogant eyes.
If that's the only reason,
isn't that too ridiculous, Grandfather?
What's strange is that you hated Gang U from the start.
I don't care. It's all Grandfather's fault.
This girl!
-= National Registry - Name: Lee Chang Shu Son: Lee Gang U =-
That kid, where it comes to his father's death, will never ever talk about it.
So what did he do? How did he die?
I also don't know.
Chairman Ju clearly knows everything.
But why does he pretend not to know anything?
Father, Mother.
Loving a person, really is a magical experience.
It feels like all the songs in the world, are singing our story.
and all love stories written in the world are like our story.
Have we met before?
Father! Mother!
If only time could stop like this, wouldn't that be good?
Hey, when did you become this ruthless?
Weren't we just kidding around?
Why are you giving it your all?
When did I?!
Do you want to see me at my worse?
Don't be like this, please don't be like this.
I'm not ticklish!
Honestly, are you always this naughty?
Up until now, I've been enduring it for a long time.
Recently, I've been very happy.
If I can be with you like this forever, that would be good.
Right now, do we need to speed things up?
That's right. Now, they're publicly announced lovers.
Then, let's not waste time.
The sooner the wedding is held, the sooner we can proceed to the north.
If everything moves along smoothly, it would be best.
If we rush,
and get found out by Gang U, all our efforts will go to waste.
Please don't forget this part.
This is for Hee Fuk's friend. He wanted to keep it as a momento.
Ms. Myeong Wol!
You really can toss, Myeong Wol.
Newcomer actress Han Myeong Wol, the CF queen!!
What's wrong, I'm just keeping it for memories. Newcoming actress Han Myeong Wol, CF queen!!
What's wrong, I'm just keeping it for memories!
It can't be...
How is it?
Comrade Major!
I don't to want to. I refuse to do those kind of childish things.
What is it? Didn't you say you would do what I wanted?
How can you want to do that kind of thing?
All of the South Korean dramas do this at least once.
South Korean dramas? Are you from another country?
Fine. Forget it. I can't rely on you.
I got it. Just do it then.
I will accompany you.
In that case, I'll start.
Fine. Hurry before I change my mind.
What are you doing, not running?
I got it. Then come!
Here's your food.
Hey, how am I supposed to catch you if you run that quickly?
Hey, is this "come chase me"?
It's more like a full-blown chase.
Are you hurt?
Comrade Major!
Comrade, you have already betrayed the citizens of your homeland.
Comrade Major, that is...
This time, I can't forgive you, Comrade.
Comrade Major.
You can't.
What's wrong?
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Of course, nothing's wrong.
Nothing's wrong, right?
Is that right?
What are you doing?
What kind of dream was that?
Did you dream that I died?
Hey, Han Myeong Wol.
What's wrong?
I won't die. How can I die this early?
How much more left is there for us to do?
Comrade Major!
Please give me another chance.
We are doing this to get rid of our people's enemy, Gang U.
Is it really because of this?
Then, what was your reason for coming here?
But why didn't she say anything?
A return?
Fortunately, the request for your return was getting attention.
The entire atmosphere is also like this.
I don't think that I can return now.
That isn't my will.
It's the will of the public.
You should also know. How much money do you make as a Hallyu star?
Overseas, your qualifications and resume won't matter so much.
So it's not a problem.
But isn't that a moral issue?
This is a moral issue.
Because you have admitted to it, you will have to be punished for some aspects.
But because of this, your value as a star has risen.
I also understand,
you shouldn't do it now.
But you should start to slowly prepare now.
Your entrance into the United States.
Isn't entirely impossible.
That person is still interested in you.
With every step you take, it must be headed towards good development.
Will it really become like that?
For a person like me.
And also, aren't you someone who's very passionate about the stage?
Can you leave the spotlight and live normally?
I still don't understand you.
If you want the public to forgive you,
then you have work harder.
That's great!
Is that how you really feel?
Of course!
For a star like you to disappear from the entertainment industry,
for this country, it really is a great loss.
Is that how it is?
The north side will also want you?
What? The North?
Someone said that before.
A lot of people in the north are your fans.
Is that true?
Really, doesn't matter if it's the South or North,
their appreciation for talent is the same.
In A.
You haven't had red wine in a while. Come have a drink.
How about it?
Let's go somewhere else.
Why? Isn't here good?
In A!
It's been a long time, we have not seen each other.
Meeting like this must be an accident.
Why don't we eat together?
That's right.
How has it been?
Sabotaging yourself, does it make you feel good?
It feels good.
the years of hiding these lies are finally over.
It feels extremely good.
Is that so?
And also...
it may seem the time for youthful exuberance...
I guess...
Appreciating what you have in front of you is natural.
But how long can you hold on,
just for a woman.
In the end,
you will regret it.
Right now, what I regret,
is not doing this earlier.
I'm really, sincerely,
Are you having too much confidence?
Why haven't you said anything?
The woman you like is right in front of you.
Shouldn't you at least say something?
I'm telling you to speak.
A blessing, or a curse.
And also...
You're the type that quietly waits.
Omo, Ms. Han Myeong Wol,
It looks like you didn't know anything.
Mr. Choe likes you.
Young lady.
Gang U, you also didn't know?
How can that be?
Between men, some things just can't go unnoticed.
Or is it that you knew, but pretended not too?
That's not it.
Please don't worry.
Is it not?
Why can't you speak the truth?
The people around you could tell by one glance.
I'm sorry, please excuse me for a moment.
Don't pay attention to what the miss said.
She spoke on whim.
Comrade Major!
Comrade, you must remember one thing.
Comrade, you should think about only person.
And there's one more thing...
It's nothing.
What is it?
Let's go.
We definitely won't digest well after that.
I don't like you thinking about other guys.
This head of yours can only think about me.
These eyes can only look at me.
This heart can only beat for me.
I rely on you.
Please don't do something rash like this again.
What I mean is, don't use me as an excuse just so you can say useless words.
I will take care of my own matters.
He actually dares order me around like that?
They said they would send us to the United States first.
Singing and acting. They will pick one good item from it.
All right.
In the Singapore Showcase recording,
I saw someone who looked like Myeong Wol.
-=Singapore Showcase=-
Han Myeong Wol,
Are you watching a video?
Why aren't you watching anymore?
It was boring.
Then let's watch something else.
There's no need. Seeing you is enough.
I feel stronger after seeing your face.
feel that yesterday, there was a misunderstanding with Choe Ryu.
It's fine. Don't say anymore.
What are you doing?
What are you so focused on?
Is it Myeong Wol?
Why are you being like this?
Give it to me!
What, does this have Myeong Wol's photos?
Please go out immediately.
Aigoo! (Korean expression similar to "oh my")
Isn't this the book Gang U bought before?
What did you just say?
It was this.
This is the book Gang U bought during his Singaporean Showcase.
You're interested in this?
Gang U.
It's Gang U.
Even if it's Gang U...
Oh! It's you.
Regarding the Goblin I mentioned previously, has there been any progress?
Yes. Nothing was found.
Is it? Then what about the whereabouts of the remaining of the Four Joint Books?
You don't know either?
I have not been able to find out anything as of yet.
Ah, is that so?
I'm currently investigating.
Once I know anything, I will report to you.
What exactly are the books for?
What did you say?
Yes, it's me.
Can you meet me for a moment?
Here! here!
Please sit, sit.
Is it very hot? Very hot?
May I ask what's the matter?
We wanted to see our son-in-law. What other reason do we need?
I know right?
We wanted to see our handsome son-in-law, so we came.
Son... Son-in-law?
What, you don't like it?
No, that's not what I meant.
Hold on.
You don't mean to tell us that our Myeong Wol,
is being used to treat your current headache over your matters?
Originally, the rumors said,
Your relationship with women is very complex!
Based on the past news we collected,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Every day, there's a different woman.
It's not. Who said this?
This, it isn't true, right?
Then, what day of the week is our Myung Wol?
That's not it.
It's not like that.
Don't tell us it's because there's too many women,
that she doesn't even have a day?
Does she only get the celebration days or holiday days?
It's not like that. Absolutely not.
Isn't it right?
Then what you mean is, you're serious.
Can we interpret it like this?
So, what you mean is,
you've also considered marriage.
Can I take it like that?
Marriage? I think it's a bit early to talk about marriage.
Too early?
So what you mean is, you haven't even thought about marriage.
You're just playing with her?
No... No!
It's absolutely not like that.
You've already publicly announced that she's your woman.
You can't marry another woman even if you want to.
My only daughter.
Her life will be ruined, destroyed.
I didn't say I'm not willing to marry.
Then what you mean is you will get married?
Then when do you propose?
Yesterday, did you get home safely?
Is there something you want to tell me?
You, do you know about this wound?
So it was you, Comrade.
What will happen?
I really didn't know it was Major Comrade.
It's the truth.
So will you stay here because of that matter?
I messed it up.
I will find a way to fix it.
Why didn't you say anything before?
I don't know how, but the situation kept changing.
I missed out on the opportunities to speak.
I really want to know if Comrade Major is still looking for the Four Joint Books.
But it's really too late.
So I never had any way of telling you.
So that's why you said you were looking for Gang U?
Didn't you know from the start, that Gang U has the Four Joint Book?
You said before that you messed up matters.
You said that you want to personally fix it.
Then I'll give you the opportunity now.
The Four Joint Book,
steal it from Gang U.
I've decided to believe you, for the last time.
You cannot,
disappoint me.
-= Your call cannot be answered at the moment =-
What is it? Not answering my call?
Where did she go?
Didn't I tell her to stay at home and not go out?
Where did she go?
Did she still keep this?
This jerk.
He's really very handsome.
What are you doing, still keeping this?
Then I'll give you an opportunity.
The Four Joint Book,
steal it from Gang U.
I'm going to believe you.
You absolutely,
cannot disappoint me.
The Four Joint Book,
steal it from Gang U.
You absolutely,
cannot disappoint me.
Why did you do this?
This is the price for betraying me.
Why didn't you tell me?
Gang U also has one of the four joint books.
If I didn't hear In A say it,
Then you would have almost intercepted it.
I originally planned to tell you, after everything ended.
You thought I would be fooled?
Did you just go to meet Han Myeong Wol?
You and Han Myeong Wol, what are your true identities?
I already said that we're only friends.
If you continue to insist,
I can only call Han Myeong Wol over today.
You can't.
A bit faster. A bit faster.
Stick it faster! She is about to come.
Then we must give her a surprise.
Hyung, aren't you being too much?
You already know I'm trying my best. Why do you have to be this cruel?
Shut up!
So every time you ruin a candle,
it's just like cutting a part of Myeong Wol's heart.
You actually dare to put hyung's woman your heart.
Just not afraid that I will sack you .
Anymore? Hyung.
Aren't you the most annoyed by these things?
Cake, candles and what not!
It's not like Hyung at all. What are you doing?
Crazy people in my family are just like this.
Your family, crazy girl.
You're so noisy, rotten brat!
Don't you know love means a shared vision ?
You're still too young.
The candles. The candles are all off.
This heart seems,
rather crooked.
This part looks a little fat.
Here it's a little too thin, and this part is too fat.
If you have complaints, then why don't you personally do it, Hyung?
It's Hyung that wants to propose, not me.
I will do the proposal.
No, I didn't mean that.
Light them.
Then I'll give you an opportunity.
The Four Joint Book,
steal it from Gang U.
My father was an archaeologist.
In my memory,
Because of those Four Joint Books,
Father was being hunted down by someone.
Witnessing Father's death that day,
That is absolutely not a simple hit and run incident.
I will definitely find out who did it.
Ms. Han Myeong Wol.
I'm Chairman Ju.
I'll speak straight to the point,
Mr. Choe,
is currently in an extremely difficult position.
I guess that Mr. Choe has already spoken to Miss Han Myeong Wol,
about the Four Joint Books?
If you want Mr. Choe to be unharmed,
then bring that Four Joint Books to me here.
Do you understand what I mean?
I didn't even need to do anything.
If Han Myeong Wol can do that,
then I should thank her.
Seeing Gang U be betrayed by the woman he loves,
can also be considered fun.
Isn't that right?
Why isn't she here?
What's happening?
I clearly told her to come over.
Has she arrived?