HetaHazard 18 [ENG subs]

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We're finally in the cafeteria!
Oh, thank God, we've made it here without incident.
The vaccine group isn't back yet.
Now that my job is done, I'm getting hungry.
But you just ate! ... Oh!
Canada, aren't you hungry? Do you feel like eating?
Yes, a little. I'm also thirsty, so I would like something to drink.
Okay, I'll make something for you, so just sit down now.
I-I-I-I'm going to the bathroom, so I'll bring him his food while I'm at it!
I-I'll give him a hand! You two are injured, so just take it easy!
What the hell?
Um, well, I guess we'll just have to wait for them.
You're back already? That was fast!
Oh, you're back? I take it you've made the vaccines?
Of course. There's nothing I can't do.
I am glad to see you are all right, Canada.
I'm sorry I made you worry...
Um, I see Germany and Hong Kong are up.
Yup. I'm all wired up now.
Haven't you found Italy or Romano or anyone else yet?
Listen, guys! I have something to tell you!
Something to tell us? What is it?
It's about why I left this room...
You told us your memory was foggy. Do you remember now?
On my way here, I kept trying to jog my memory.
And now I remember several things. Um... I... I was with Prussia and Romano.
You were with...? What...?
Canada! Are you sure about that? Were you really with my brother?
You'll have to explain that to us.
Really, this is no time for your creepy jokes!
I said I was sorry, but come on, it was just a little joke! You don't have to take it so seriously!
What the hell, are you fighting?
Blame France!
I didn't even go too far!
It's not every day you see Měiguó and Fǎguó having a fight.
But they were fine until a minute ago...
Indeed, I wonder what happened. They didn't even fight when they wanted to read the same manga...
What kind of reference point is that, Japan?
I'll probably regret it, but I'm going to ask anyway. Why are you fighting? It's probably something stupid, though...
He locked me up in the bathroom.
France, what...?
Wine bastard, you pervert... I can't believe you're doing that kind of thing even in the middle of a crisis...
Hoooold it right there! Why are you looking at me like that?! It's not what you think!
I was just trying to give him a little scare, but it was absolutely nothing creepy, okay? I know we have important things to deal with!
I see, important things... Where's my memo pad...?
I don't see why you would need a memo about this conversation...
I-I'm sorry. When he said "important", I just...
So, the wine bastard is the one at fault here.
No, he just sent me flying into the door! I seriously thought I was going to die!
I couldn't open the door, so I had to break it open. It's not my fault!
That should have been your last resort! You can't simply send people flying just like that!
You were right; it was something incredibly stupid.
I already expected as much... Why did I even bother to ask?
Oh, um, listen...
That was such a waste of time... Anyway, let's hear what Canada has to say.
R-right. We've already established what happened between those two, anyway...
They're so childish.
Wait, you're just going to let this end with a misunderstanding?!
I said it's not my fault!
Okay, Canada. Tell us what happened.
Uh, right. After America and China left, I went after America.
Really? I didn't even notice! Why did you come after me?
I actually came back shortly after I left, so it's no wonder you didn't notice me. I was going to ask you to help me move Romano to a bed.
So, you left and then came back almost immediately?
It wouldn't be right to leave without telling anyone, so I came back intending to just call out for him.
But when I came back... I saw...
Really?! Was my brother all right?!
G-Germany, please calm down.
Well, he was acting a little odd. And he was trying to take Romano somewhere...
What? Prussia was trying to take Romano somewhere? And what do you mean, he was acting odd?
His replies were really vague, and he just kept agreeing with everything I said.
But I didn't really realize it at first and went along with him to help him.
Is that why you were in that place? Come to think of it, there WAS a hand truck there.
But Canada was the only one there, wasn't he? Do you think Prussia and Romano got attacked, too?
Uh, well... actually...
Tell us, Canada! What happened to them?
Um... Prussia... wanted to get in the mine cart... so I said I was coming back to let you guys know about it.
Mine cart? There's a mine cart here?
Past the research lab, there's a place that isn't in the map. There were mine carts and tracks there. Excuse me, Canada, please go on.
Then he started looking kind of different and said, "Are you going to tell them about this? We can't have that happen."
Why couldn't he let that happen? It was obvious you had to tell us.
He was acting different from usual, and I unthinkingly told him there was something odd about him...
He asked me if I was also going to tell you about his strange behavior, and I said yes. And then...
He said he couldn't let me come back... and shot me... He also said he had to keep me there.
... That's... that's impossible... My brother... would never...
He may be belligerent, but he would never hurt someone for no good reason... I think...
I think so, too, but from what Canada told us... there must be something going on...
I don't believe Prussia would cause any harm to Canada, either. But...
Rather than argue about it here, we have to find out the truth. We have to go after Prussia.
Italy and Russia are still missing. Won't it be a problem to go too far from here?
It's really odd how we have found absolutely no traces of them, even after we walked about so much.
And there were only two mine carts, even though there are four tracks.
Maybe Italy and Russia used one of those carts?
What if Prussia and Romano used a cart each?
I don't think so. Romano was injured and unconscious. Besides, the cart is big enough for more than one person.
It says here in the "Institute and Security System Data" file that the mine carts take you to the basement of an important person's manor.
If we use the carts to go to that manor, we'll probably be able to get back to the surface.
All right! Let's get out of here, then!
Both of you, come with me; I'll treat your injuries. Also, I'm going to give you a shot of the vaccine, Fǎguó.
All right.
Thank you.
My vaccine! I'm so relieved now.
I'm going to fortify myself with food.
America, please don't eat too many scones. They're emergency rations...
Prussia... I hope this is some kind of misunderstanding...
(These people don't look like they're related, but they actually are.)
(I had no idea... But I'd always seen them from a distance, so I guess it's no wonder.)
It's so dark in here.
America's Boss: "There seems to be some light, though..."
Something is moving in the dark. There could be dangerous creatures around. We have to be careful.
Yeah. You can't fight, so keep close to us.
America's Boss: "Yes, all right."
Let's go, then.
Obtained Disinfectant Spray!
Obtained Bomb!
Average Clones Type I have appeared!
Farm Work
Mobile Phone Throwing
Farm Work
Mobile Phone Throwing
Mobile Phone Throwing
Mobile Phone Throwing
Farm Work
Spain's party wins! Gained 10 EXP!
Obtained Bomb!
Average Clones Type I have appeared!
Spain's party wins! Gained 10 EXP!
Obtained Disinfectant Spray!
Spain's party wins! Gained 10 EXP!
Man, I thought we'd finally get out, but we can't get across.
America's Boss: "Oh, no... We came such a long way..."
Spain, why don't we use those boulders to get across?
Ooh, I see... We can shove them between those gaps and make a path with them.
America's Boss: "But even if you throw those heavy boulders into the water, I don't think they'll move."
The current is pretty strong, so I don't think that'll be a problem. Let's give it a shot, at least.
America's Boss: "... If you say so. We can try..."
Obtained Bomb!
There! Now we can get to the other side.
We've finally reached the exit. Phew, I'm pretty tired.
It looks like we're going to get out safe and sound. What a relief.
America's Boss: "............."
What's the matter? You're so quiet all of a sudden. Is something wrong?
America's Boss: "... I'm sorry..."
Hey, where are you going?!
Who are you?!
Spain, watch out!
Average Clones Type I have appeared! Average Clone Type II has appeared!
Aaargh! They startled me... What's the matter with these people?!
Yeah, they're really bizarre.
America's place is a lot more dangerous than the last time I was here...
(Oh, shoot! I forgot to explain to Finland what's going on.) Well, let's beat them down.
Farm Work
Mobile Phone Throwing
Farm Work
Double Attack
Mobile Phone Throwing
Double Attack
Farm Work
Disinfectant Spray
Farm Work
Double Attack
Disinfectant Spray
Electric Shock
Farm Work
Disinfectant Spray
Farm Work
Electric Shock
Mobile Phone Throwing
Farm Work
Farm Work
Farm Work
Mobile Phone Throwing
Farm Work
Spain's party wins! Gained 260 EXP!
Obtained Green Herb!
Spain is now Level 4!
Finland is now Level 4!
They really startled me.
Anyway, what's the matter with America's boss?
I don't even know anymore. He was the one who showed me the way.
Anyway, I'm going to look for that manor. Thanks for accompanying me all the way here.
... Um, I'm sticking with you now.
What, really? I really appreciate it, but are you sure?
I'm intrigued about that boss, but something tells me I shouldn't let you go alone...
I feel a little pathetic now, but I really don't know what's going on. I'd love to have you come along.
Okay, I will.
Let's find that manor, then.