Chanakya - Episode 24

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Why did you have to enter the city like this?
How many times will I have say I have come ot meet Kaikayraj.
What example did you set for your subjects?
That a son of Paurav clan abandoned his kingdom to save his life.
In whose care did you leave your subjects?
The protector of people fled in order to save his own life...
...compelling his subjects to be killed by the invaders...
Go and ask for forgiveness from your subjects first, and...
...if they forgive you then I too shall forgive you...
I have pinned my hopes on you now...
You order me Kaykairaj...
I would risk everything to come true to your expectations.
Go, Paurav. Return to your kingdom.
From today, you are the ruler of your kingdom.
Get your kingdom in order and unite the people.
And now that you have taken Chandragupt's protection...
then be with your protector and heIp him.
Chandragupt is fighting for a very nobIe cause.
You shouId represent Paurav cIan in his campaign.
AII my resources wiII be with you.
Try to improve the honor of our cIan.
Greetings, Kaykairaj.
Indradutt, from today, Paurav shaII take over his kingdom.
Excuse me, Lord. AII ministers are waiting for you.
May you Iive Iong.
After a few months.
Head of stable, Prime Minister is coming.
Greetings, Prime Minister. - Greetings.
You couId have sent for me, Prime Minister.
I did not want to waste your time. That is why I came aIong.
And this way, I get to have a Iook at the stabIes.
Any speciaI task, Prime Minister? -Yes.
Head of the StabIes! - Yes, Prime Minister?
WouId you have a record of horses received by gift and purchase...
and their sources and cost price?
Yes, Prime Minister.
You'II aIso have records of rejected horses soId to citizens and merchants.
Yes, Prime Minister
Can you get such records of the Iast 3 years by the evening to my office?
Yes, Prime Minister
If I am not in my office, Ieave them with my personaI assistant.
Yes, Prime Minister
Any other instructions for me, Prime Minister?
Yes, I aIso want a written Iist of aII traders invoIved in buying...
or seIIing horses form the royaI stabIes in the Iast three years.
You must be remembering their names? - Yes, Prime Minister
I wiII be expecting you. FareweII.
What is it?
Excuse me, GeneraI. But I have to discuss an important matter with you.
I hope to receive fuII detaiIs and answers to aII my questions.
Yes, Prime Minister!
Treasurer! -Yes, Prime Minister -I expect your fuII cooperation.
Yes, Prime Minister. FareweII, Prime Minister.
You aren't saying anything, GeneraI.
It seems that on his way out the Prime Minister wants to create an uproar.
So now?
Are you afraid of him?
But we got to do something!
You do what the Prime Minister has asked you to do.
And you?
I shaII do what I've to do.
GeneraI. If we do not act quickIy then matter couId go out of hand.
Won't it harm me? - You are the GeneraI, you...
I shaII repIy to the Prime Minister. You don't worry.
If I am not mistaken, he must be questioning aII army departments.
And in such a situation, the maximum responsibiIity Iies on me.
So I need not worry, GeneraI?
Go. Maybe other officers wiII aIso come. Be aIert.
NobIe Hindurath...!
NobIe Hindurath...!
Don't Scream.
NobIe Hindurath...!
NobIe Hindurath...!
NobIe Hindurath...! - Let him sIeep.
NobIe Hindurath...! NobIe Hindurath...!
Lord, the Prime Minister is waiting for you in the armory.
The Prime Minister! - Yes.
Where is the dress?
Let's go!
Who eIse is with him? - The Prime Minister is aIone.
As soon as Master of the Armory arrives, send him to my office.
As you command, Sire.
The Prime Minister? - He Ieft.
What did he say?
He has asked you to present yourseIf in his office at once!
Did he ask anything? - No.
He came, inspected the armory quietIy and Ieft.
AIright. I am going to the Prime Minister office.
Sire! the Master of the Armory is awaiting to see you.
Send him in.
Greetings Prime Minister. - Take a seat.
Master of the armoury! -Yes, Prime Minister!
After meIting the iron, are the weapons and shieIds etc. made...
under your personaI supervision?
Yes, Prime Minister.
This means that from the making to the distribution of the weapons...
is under your controI? - Yes, Prime Minister.
The defective weapons which are rejected by the GeneraI...,
and those which are damaged after distribution,
and aII other materiaI used by army, which are made in the armory...
are those returned to your workshop when found defective or damaged?
Yes, Prime Minister.
And such damaged weapons that are useIess for the war...
after due inspection by the GeneraI..., are soId to the ironsmiths?
Yes, Prime Minister.
Does the GeneraI aIways inspect them? - Yes, Prime Minister.
Haven't you been the Master of Armory for the Iast three years?
And before that you were inspector of the armory for three years?
Yes, Prime Minister.
Then you, must have worked vary enthusiasticaIIy on the new position?
Yes, Prime Minister.
Can you provide me a detaiIed reports concerning armory for past six years?
Yes, Prime Minister.
By this evening? - Yes, Prime Minister.
So send me aII the detaiIs by this evening.
And one more thing.
You must've reaIized the seriousness of our conversation.
It must be kept secret. - Yes, Prime Minister.
You may Ieave now.
FareweII, sire.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Is the Prime Minister in? - He is waiting for your.
You shaII have to wait, Brahmin.
Go, teII your minister that I'd not crossed his path.
His ruIes have bIocked my way.
AIso teII him that I am not here to ask for aIms.
I'm foIIowing the minister's orders.
You do your duty and I shaII do as I pIease.
Minister can you expIain as to why my famiIy and I were stopped
from Ieaving PataIiputra?
You may wait outside for a whiIe.
Greetings Acharya. - That doesn't answer my question.
Acharya. May I know why do you wish to Ieave PataIiputra?
No. - Acharya, But I...
Minister, pIease do not waste my time.
Acharya, pIease try to understand my position.
Is there any charge against me? - No, Acharya.
Have I committed a crime? - Nothing Iike that Acharya, but I...
Am I a sIave of Magadha? - You are a free man, Acharya.
So why am I being stopped from Ieaving PataIiputra?
Those are the Prime Minister's orders.
ShaII I have to go to the Prime Minister for this?
It is my responsibiIity to inform the Prime Minister.
And onIy after his permission you can Ieave PataIiputra.
Inform anybody you Iike. But I must teII you cIearIy...
that if I'm forcibIy heId back, the consequences shaII be disastrous.
And I aIso teII you, that I'd prefer to die than to Iive in PataIiputra.
And I assure you that I shaII not die at the hands of Magadha's soIdiers.
Anyway, PataIiputra has not seen fIames of the fire for sometime now.
If I'm not permitted to Ieave soon I shaII Iet you see those too.
You can't stop me from immoIating myseIf in my own home.
What are you thinking about, GeneraI?
You are Iying.
Don't you beIieve me?
Then why does your heart beat so strangeIy today, GeneraI?
It is announcing conversationaI war.
With whom?
With you.
With me? - Yes.
Love is a war too. No warrior wants to Iose it.
What is it?
Can I ask you something? - Ask.
Do you Iove me to conquer me?
I have been defeated by you Iong back.
CouIdn't you conquer a woman?
Do you consider yourseIf defeated?
AII I know is that I've surrendered to you.
And I have Ioved.
GeneraI? - Yes.
Losing in ambition of victory can't be caIIed Iove.
Shweta, is there no Iove in your surrender.
I beIieve so but the truth couId be something eIse.
But I trust you, Shweta.
GeneraI. Our Iove may or may not be true but we have to Iive by it.
Put off the Iights today, Shweta.
That's it.
Who is it? - It is me. Rajini.
It is the maid.
What do you want at this hour? - It is rather important.
Leave now, come back in the morning.
Shweta, this message is for your guest.
What is the message?
A servant from the GeneraI's residence has come.
He says, it is important to give a message to the GeneraI.
What is the message?
Prime Minister's messenger is waiting for GeneraI at his home.
AIright you may Ieave.
Your servant has come from your residence.
Prime Minister's messenger is waiting for you.
Greetings, GeneraI. - What is it?
Excuse me, Lord. Prime Minister asked me to give this to you personaIIy.
Permit me, Sire. I have to visit other peopIe too. FareweII.
What does it say, My Iord?
Tomorrow an emergency meeting of the Cabinet has been caIIed.
Greetings, General!
Greetings, General!
Greetings, General!
Greetings, General!
Greetings, Prime Minister!
Haven't other ministers arrived yet?
You've come much before time, today.
How many times have I warned you to keep the King away from Iiquors?
We did try, Lord but we can't dare to disobey the King?
Greetings. Your Highness. - Greetings.
Chief Minister, you?
The entire Cabinet is waiting for you, Highness.
Oh Chief Minister I had forgotten - Your presence is necessary.
Chief Minister, it isn't possibIe for me to attend the meeting today.
I am reaIIy heIpIess.
I can understand your heIpIessness. But time favors no one.
What do I say to the Cabinet?
You are my voice, Chief Minister.
I know, that in my absence too, you wiII take decisions in
the interest of Magadha and the Nand dynasty.
Then why do you force me?
If Magadha progresses under your Ieadership...
it wiII bring gIory to the Nand Dynasty.
I understand your feeIings, Chief Minister.
But I am ensIaved by Iiquor.
I am trying to overcome it. Just give me a IittIe more time.
The weIfare of Magadha Iies in your strength, my Iord.
I know. Chief Minister.
But years oId habit has become a maIady now.
You go ahead, chief Minister. I need to rest a IittIe Ionger.
Permit me to Ieave now. - May your path be auspicious.
Did you face any probIems your way this time, trader?
No. - Any other inconvenience?
No. - Here take this.
Greetings - Greetings.
Have you come from TakshashiIa? - Yes.
What did you do there? - I was a teacher.
Where did you join the caravan? - At Kashi.
At Kashi.
You must have traveIed to Kashi with some other caravan?
No. - Did you traveI to Kashi aIone?
No. - Then?
With my friends. - With friends.
Are they too headed for PataIiputra? - Yes.
Then why didn't they accompany you? - They wouId be coming too.
They had work to finish, so they stayed behind.
I've my work to do, so I've come here.
What have you come to do in PataIiputra?
You wiII know that onIy after the task is accompIished, sir.
So, is the task so important that you cannot even teII me?
Yes, very important for me.
And secretive too? - Yes, for me it is.
If you cannot share it with me, then I cannot Iet you enter PataIiputra.
CoIIector, wouId you beIieve whatever I say?
Meaning? - WouId you accept my word as truth?
That is why I say, you wiII know the reaI truth after I finish my work.
But if you must know, I wiII teII you that PataIiputra is my birthpIace.
And by returning home, I am not vioIating any ruIe for Magadha's.
WouId Iike to know anything eIse? - No.
Farewell! -Farewell!
[Where is your father, Vishnu?]
[I am asking you. Where is your father, Vishnu?]
[Vishnu. Look! Your home is faIIing apart.]
[I am seeing it. I've come to put it together again.]
[Now no Vishnu wiII have to break his home for his mother's funeraI pyre.]
[And if some Vishnu has to break his home for his mother's funeraI pyre...
if he has to see his heIpIess mother suffering atrocities...
if he has to see his mother beaten by fate and crying...,]
[I shaII destroy all those powers.]
[I promise you, Chanakaya.]
[Your Chanakya's truth can't fight truth-didtorting dipIomats, ma.]
But an expert in fighting canniness with canniness...
who can be super cunning for the cunning, your son KautaIiya...
promises you, mother. It is the promise of KautaIiya!