FAST KICK TRAINING | hip and leg strength for Martial Arts

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Speaker: Now we're going to work through the intermediate level exercises. You've already
been through the basics, you pretty much have an idea of how the bands and the muscle areas
we've already toned because of the drills I've shown you before.
Now we're going to the intermediate level. All we're going to do is step behind side
leg raises, before we did forward leg raises. Now we're going to do just basic middle stance,
horse riding stance, step behind and swing heel in the air, up. Now remember you're going
to have tension pulling that leg down, so be careful and make sure you're prepared for
it otherwise it's going to pull you back and you're not going to be ready for it. Make
sure you do about 10 to 15 sets each leg. Make sure you're nice and warm before we start
anything else. Always look as though you were doing the kick. Good.
Now what we're going to go in to is our squats. Squat front kick getting the quad as well
as the hamstring to work. Make sure to step forward, good squat, knee touch, snap the
kick. Step forward, knee touch, snap the kick. You go backwards working completely different
muscles. You're going to use the calf now to push off before you execute. I do two forward,
two back. I do about 10 sets. Get a nice good warm up for everything that I need to be conditioning,
hips, quads, and hip flexors and of course core.
From there most people think all of our kicks always have to be done from a standing position
and they don't. We have to know the position and the starting point before we have good
balance. What we're going to do now is we're going
to lay on our side and we're just going to relax. The first thing I'm going to do is
basically just a side leg raise now from the ground and you're going to feel the hip flexor
working very hard now because there's now swinging action. It's all momentum. It's all
muscle working against two bands pulling you back down to the ground. Do about 15 sets,
switch sides and 15 on the other side. You will have a side that's not quite as strong,
that's why we work twice as hard. Once you've done that, really warmed up the hip flexor
now, now let's see you start, just on the basic video, chamber extend. Chamber, extend.
This on the ground helps me to keep my position correct as opposed as trying to stand on one
foot or hold on to a rail. Now what we're going to go into, we've warmed
up, we've got all the muscles ready and prepared to do the exercise so now we're going to go
into the next level. You guys have trained I'm sure like this all the time like this
in your gyms, three different levels of attack, three different levels of execute. Again you
can go fast, slow or medium. It doesn't matter. Me, I like to go a little bit slower to keep
the tension on my legs at all times. I'm just going to go low, middle, high, taking my time,
good body posture. As you will see, I've got resistance now. It's not just my muscles trying
to keep up with what I'm doing, it's also the resistance of the bands pulling all the
key areas to make these kicks work, whether it be the round kick, the sidekick, doesn't
matter. It's going to help you. You can go backwards. I like going backwards also because
you want to give up and let the bands pull you down, but you don't want to do that. You
want to keep the resistance on the bands so that the hip flexor, the core, and the groin
is working at all times. I don't want to kick, fall, kick, fall. The bands aren't going to
do me any good then. They're just helping me be lazy. You want to hold the resistance.
Keep that integrity of what you're doing and make yourself work.
Now what we're going to go into is some standard drills. Now we're actually going to do kicking
combinations as though we were sparring. We all know that it's followup in continuous
motion to win a sparring match. So what you're going to do now is just setup your targets,
have someone hold their bands, but again the bands are used so that you can train by yourself.
I setup my pads and I'm going to go one, two. One, two, three. One, two, three, four. As
you see, I have full range of motion with the bands on. There is no reason for me to
have to have anyone pull on me. I have resistance on the front, as well as the back. I can do
any kick, front kick, round kick, sidekick, hook kick, twist kick. No interference. Jump
kick. Anything I need to do, I can do and these are not going to restrain me in any
way, shape or form. Be careful, make sure you use the appropriate strength of bands
for your exercise, strength and weight.
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