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Happy post-Gleek day, everyone!
It's Mia, and I'll be doing the cover of last
night's Glee episode.
It was the very last episode for the season, and it was
very sad, very sentimental.
They showed a bunch of past scenes, like when a lot of
them first joined Glee Club, their first songs
and stuff like that.
So first, Will Schuester he "Forever Young,"
and it was so good.
I love Will.
He's my favorite.
And it was very good.
He did a cover on the guitar, and that was great.
Kurt's dad, his graduation present to Kurt is that he
gets up on stage and he actually reinvents when Kurt
first did "Single Ladies" for him when he knew he was coming
out of the closet.
And that was very funny.
He did it with Brittany and Tina.
They were in the background.
They were background dancers doing the little thing.
Yeah, I can sing really good.
The seniors, next, they performed "You Get What You
Give," and it was very cute.
And at the end of the dance, they danced by themselves and
then intermingled with the underclassmen, and then the
underclassmen stood up there at the end with them.
And they sat down.
And they're like, OK, we're giving the
torch to you guys now.
It's your turn.
That was very symbolic.
And I was like, ugh.
That was only the beginning of the tears.
Believe me, it gets worse.
We find out later that Finn secretly tried out for NYADA,
and he wants to be an actor in New York.
So that was kind of crazy.
I wasn't expecting that, but I was kind of excited, though.
Sue and Quinn actually have emotions now.
I have no idea where that came from, but they kind of got
sentimental with each other.
They were crying, and they were like, I'm
going to miss you.
It was just crazy.
I couldn't believe it.
that was just so crazy.
I couldn't believe it was happening.
It was weird.
They walked across the stage when they got their name
called to get their diplomas.
They walked out of a curtain.
They were like, whoo!
Yeah, yeah!
And then they were singing a song, and it was very cute.
It was happy and cute.
I loved that part.
So back again with the whole melancholy and tears thing--
when they opened their college acceptance letters, it was
really, really sad.
It was Finn, Rachel, and Kurt, and they
were all in this room.
And they were like, we're going to open our letters.
And whatever it is, it'll be.
Finn went first, and he didn't get in.
That was really sad.
Then Kurt went, and he didn't get in.
Then Rachel opened her letter, and she got in.
I couldn't believe it.
It was really sad.
It was a really, really sad moment.
I almost started crying.
But when I really started crying was after the
commercial break when we find out that Rachel deferred her
acceptance to NYADA.
And I just couldn't believe it.
I was like, wow, Rachel's being selfless.
This has not happened ever.
And she deferred it.
But then it turns out later that Finn actually
won't let her do it.
He's like, no, you're going.
I'm leaving to go to the army.
I have to live for my father, what he did in his life.
And it would only feel right.
And you need to go on your own in New York.
I was literally sobbing.
It was very, very sad.
All the Glee cast members were there to say bye to her.
All the characters were just surrounding her as she went
off on the train.
And Finn ran after her when she was on the train.
It was just sad.
It was like a typical romantic movie moment.
And I was just like, oh, I can't believe this is over.
It was a really sad ending, but it was happy when she got
to New York.
She was looking around.
She was happy.
And you could tell it's where she's meant to be.
So it was a very good episode.
I can't believe it's the end.
I'm going to miss doing recaps for you guys.
But I won't be gone for too long.
I'll be back soon enough.
So I hope all you Gleeks out there enjoyed it, and I will
be hoping to see you next season.
And I'm excited for all the things in store.
So you guys have a wonderful year.
I'll see you soon.