Bad News For WikiLeaks

Uploaded by zionget on 12.09.2012

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is today's most wanted man. His crime? Enraging Zionist-Amerika
by publishing a Clip showing a US helicopter crew in Iraq mowing down a group of civilians--two
of them journalists from Reuters. [Clip: "Come on, fire! Keep shooting!"] Of course, the
messenger becomes the criminal--not the perpetrators--and it appears that Julian's main bounty hunters
are the usual suspects: Jewish Senators Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence
Committee, and Joseph Lieberman, head of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security. And
Lieberman, like Feinstein, is out for blood. [Clip: "Julian Assange it seems to me by taking
that material and disseminating through WikiLeaks has violated the espionage act of the United
States of America. I hope the justice department will soon indict him and that we will be able
to extradite him Britain and bring him back to stand trial in the United States."] But
for some strange reason, Lieberman's synagogue buddies at the New York Times, owned by the
Jewish Sulzberger family--which participated in publishing many of the "WikiLeaks"--gets
off the hook: [Clip: "What to do about the New York Times and other news outlets that
have accepted and distributed this stolen classified material is of course a more complicated
question. I'm not calling for the prosecution of the Times..."] What gives Mr Lieberman?
Kind of looks like 'crony protectionism' to me. But let's back up a bit. In the summer
of 2010, Assange is charged with "rape" based on allegations by two Swedish gals. But the
case is dropped after the women admit they consented to mutual sex. Assange then leaves
for England and suddenly the case is reopened complete with an Interpol "RED ALERT"--normally
reserved for terrorists--calling for his extradition. So - Julian fights back. But England's Supreme
Court rules that he's to be sent back to Sweden which means he'd be shipped off to Amerika
into the claws of Lieberman and Feinstein. Now, the good news in all of this is that
Ecuador--by granting Assange asylum in its Embassy in London, is shielding him from an
unfair trial in Zionist-Amerika and a probable death sentence. [Clip: "Ricardo Patino said
Ecuador found Assange faces potential for political persecution including the threat
of extradition to the US where the minister said he wouldn't get a fair trial and might
face the death penalty."] But the bad news is that London, apparently under orders from
its Zionist masters in Washington, refuses to give Assange safe passage out of England.
It's a strange fate that awaits Julian Assange - he could be stuck in that Embassy for life.
But the stranger fate is that a reporter's duty to expose crime in high places is being
crushed by the Zionist criminals themselves. And that, my friends, is bad news for us all.