Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 14 ~ Traverse Town 2nd visit] (English Subs]

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Sora: Huh? It's Traverse Town again.
Joshua: So you've returned Sora. I've been waiting.
Sora: Well, you should probably come down from there.
Sora: Kinda hard to talk like this
Joshua: Huuuh?
Sora: No, not "Huuuh?"
Sora: Weren't you waiting?
Joshua: Looks like you too have become like Neku
Joshua: Anyway, the reason I was waiting for you two was that...
Sora: "Two"? Riku's here too?
Joshua: Yes. Looks like you two still haven't seen each other yet.
Joshua: But, if you believe you will see each other. That's what Riku said.
Sora: Really...?
Joshua: True to his words, Neku and the others have met up with their partners.
Sora: So, they've returned to their original worlds?
Joshua: I said this before but, they lost their existences.
Joshua: Actually, their souls were taken by the Reaper
Joshua: But they were revived in this world and reunited with their partners
Sora: Reaper?
Joshua: Yes. To return to their original worlds...
Joshua: They must complete missions in the many games created by the Grim Reaper
Joshua: That was the rule of their original world.
Joshua: But, the mission this time is quite the bother
Joshua: A Dream Eater that has the ability to call upon allies has appeared, there's no end to them
Joshua: So I thought that it'd be a good idea to get you and Riku's help
Joshua: Those who bear the weapon effective against Dream Eaters
Joshua: Sora and Riku
Sora: So Riku is here
Joshua: Yes. But the other world that was split in two...
Joshua: I feel that it's so close yet so far away...
Joshua: Places where time and space cannot be judged
Joshua: They are separated by portals, which makes them very obscure
Sora: It's okay. Even if I don't meet up with Riku our hearts are always connected.
Joshua: I envy you two
Sora: Your feelings can be felt too Joshua
Joshua: You don't really have any authority to say that, but the self-confidence to make someone feel like that...
Joshua: I don't hate it
Joshua: I don't hate it
Sora: What?
Joshua: Anyway, Neku and the others are fighting in the fountain square
Joshua: Can I count on you, Sora?
Sora: Of course!
Shiki: I'm a little tired
Shiki: How 'bout a break?
Neku: Grr
Sora: Keep you waiting?
Neku: Sora!?
Sora: Leave these guys to me
Neku: No, I can still fight.
Sora: You say that, but your Dream Eater isn't even summoned
Neku: I don't need a Dream Eater anymore
Sora: You've finally met your partner, right?
Sora: The next step is to return to your own world
Sora: If something happens to you, what would she do?
Neku: Fine
Neku: I'll take a short break
Sora: It ran away
Neku: Sora
Sora: You're Neku's partner, huh?
Shiki: Yup. I'm Shiki. You're Sora, right?
Shiki: I've heard about you from Neku
Sora: Huh. Neku looked everywhere for you.
Neku: Hey, d-don't tell her that...
Sora: Huh? Why? You said so, that you "needed" her.
Shiki: Thanks Neku
Neku: It's not like that...
Shiki: I'm happy to know that I'm important to someone.
Joshua: Sorry to barge in but, there's trouble.
Joshua: It looks like that Dream Eater ran away to the other world
Sora: The other?
Sora: That means Riku is...
Joshua: Yes. Riku and the others are fighting on the other side
Joshua: But, it's just been going and coming.
Joshua: So we're going to wait it out and flank it.
Sora: Where?
Joshua: Third Street
Sora: Got it.
Neku: Joshua
Joshua: What is it, Neku?
Neku: Can we really go back to our original world?
Joshua: What're you saying? You guys aren't going to lose are you?
Joshua: If you give up on yourself, you've given up on the world.
Neku: Gotcha...
Neku: You're coming too, right?
Joshua: Me?
Neku: Yeah, we're friends right? We'll go back together.
Joshua: You sound like Sora
Neku: Huh?
Joshua: Thanks
Sora: Leave it to me, Riku!
Joshua: Looks like they're doing well.
Neku: We'll take care of these guys.
Neku: You take care of him.
Sora: Okay
Sora: Aw, he ran away again.
Neku: Where'd he go this time, Joshua?
Joshua: For some reason, it looks like he went to another world other than Traverse Town.
Joshua: A world beyond my reach.
Neku: Huh...
Shiki: Does this mean we failed the mission?
Joshua: Hmm...
Sora: I'll go after him.
Neku: Wha?
Sora: Well, I'm not a participant anymore so you won't say I can't right?
Joshua: I guess. I wonder if it's okay.
Joshua: Like you say, our hearts are connected, right?
Sora: Yeah! Okay, I'll be back.
Neku: Sora.
Sora: Hm?
Neku: Thanks
Neku: Like you said, it wasn't difficult.
Sora: Mhm!
Shiki: Looks like you've changed Neku.
Neku: Huh? Really?
Shiki: Yeah, you've gotten cooler.
Neku: Huh?
Shiki: When you meet your friend, come to our city this time.
Neku: Yeah, we'll be waiting in Shibuya.
Neku: Yeah, we'll be waiting in Shibuya.
Sora: Yeah, it's a promise.
Joshua: Do you have something you want to tell Riku?
Sora: No, I'm going to tell him myself.
Riku: Traverse Town? I'm back here?
Riku: Oh, Joshua.
Joshua: I waited for you two
Riku: Something up?
Joshua: A problem has arisen
Joshua: I need your and Sora's help
Riku: Is Sora here too?
Joshua: As expected, Riku. Unlike Sora, you're quick on the uptake.
Riku: Well... Sora is...
Joshua: Anyhow, back to our problem.
Joshua: An annoying Dream Eater has appeared.
Joshua: It's going between the two worlds.
Joshua: Also, it has the ability to call upon other Dream Eaters.
Joshua: That makes it pretty strong
Joshua: Everyone's on a mission but the outlook isn't too pretty
Riku: I see. So Shiki and the others are participating too?
Joshua: Yes. Everyone's met their partners now...
Joshua: and Shiki and the others are fighting in the other world.
Joshua: Sora's helping too on the other side.
Riku: That's good to know. What do you want me to do?
Joshua: As luck would have it, the Dream Eater is going to appear in the Fountain Square there.
Joshua: I have Beat there.
Riku: Got it.
Joshua: I have something I want to tell you
Riku: Hm?
Joshua: The Traverse Town through the portal...
Joshua: I always thought that they were concurrent but...
Joshua: It seems I was wrong
Riku: What do you mean?
Joshua: It's a little complicated but... Right after you guys left this world...
Joshua: Shiki and Beat met their partners.
Joshua: On the palms of those who participate in missions there is a time limit that counts down...
Joshua: Shiki who went to the other world her time wasn't as far along as her partners...
Joshua: And Beat's partner that came here, her time was farther along than his.
Riku: Are you saying that the flow of time in both worlds is different?
Riku: But, the flow of time throughout the world is different
Riku: You can say that about their original world and Traverse Town.
Joshua: I understand that much
Joshua: But if they are a part of the same Traverse Town
Joshua: The flow of time should be the same
Joshua: This means that these are not simply concurrent worlds
Riku: What about the past and future?
Joshua: No, they are different too.
Joshua: The two worlds were distinctly individual, not just gap in time.
Joshua: Like you said before, the flow of time should be different for those of a different world.
Joshua: In short, they are the same and certainly different worlds.
Riku: Different worlds?
Joshua: I don't know the answer either.
Joshua: Worlds that are completely the same but different
Joshua: If I had to say one thing that comes to mind, it is that this is certainly a...
Riku: Dream...
Joshua: Yes. That's our Riku, quick on the uptake.
Joshua: This may not be of great importance to me and my friends but...
Joshua: I think this may be of some importance to you and Sora.
Riku: Ah, thank you.
Riku: I'll make my way to the fountain square.
Joshua: As expected, you understand.
Riku: I'll be back
Riku: Beat!
Beat: You're late, damn it!
Riku: Beat, what happened to your Dream Eater?
Beat: I'm with my partner now.
Beat: It ain't your turn!
Rhyme: Come on Beat...
Rhyme: Didn't you say "Aw, where's Riku" just a second ago?
Beat: Gah! Don't say that!
Rhyme: Nice to meet you. I'm Rhyme
Rhyme: Riku, right? I'm sorry about my partner Beat.
Beat: I TOLD YOU! I'm not doing anything I hafta apologize for!
Rhyme: Really~? You should apologize as fast as you can
Rhyme: If not, it become harder and harder to apologize
Beat: Hey Riku! Don't just stand there! Say somethin'!
Riku: Oh sorry, I was just thinking about how close you guys are. Together
Beat: You're kidding! Rhyme: Right?!
Rhyme: Beat's mouth is foul and so are his looks but...
Rhyme: He's really considerate y'know
Riku: Yeah, that consideration saved me before.
Beat: Hah! Look at that!
Beat: Hey, did you say I was foul!!
Riku: I guess we've made him wait long enough
Riku: Let's get down to business
Beat: Leave'em to us!
Rhyme: You go after him Riku!
Riku: Alright!
Riku: You aren't going to win by numbers, you know.
Joshua: Riku! Third street!
Joshua: We're going to corner him from both worlds
Riku: Gotcha!
Riku: You're not getting away
Beat: Dead End!
Rhyme: Gotta abide by the rules~
Beat: Damn it!
Rhyme: No fair!
Riku: Sora, we're counting on you.
Beat: We were so close to getting' him too, man!
Riku: Yeah, but he's on the other side.
Riku: It's fine.
Beat: But man, it feels "unfinished", you know?
Joshua: You aren't influenced by anyone are you, Beat?
Joshua: You never change.
Beat: Hah, ain't that obvious? I'll always be myself!
Joshua: Beat Daisukenojou, was it?
Beat: Ah! Don't call me by my full name!
Riku: That's a weird name.
Beat: Hey!
Riku: Well, I'm gonna go now.
Rhyme: Thanks Riku!
Beat: Yeah, take care! Let's all hang out sometime!
Rhyme: Say hi to Sora for me
Riku: I will.
Joshua: Riku, think about what I told you.
Joshua: If this is really a dream...
Joshua: If you start to think that this is reality, this world will lie to you.
Riku: Understood.
Beat: Huh? What'd you tell him?
Joshua: You and Sora wouldn't get it
Beat: WHAT!?
Donald: You're such a coward, Pete!
Pete: Hehe, whatever
Pete: That's what bad guys are
Goofy: You're calling yourself a bad guy...
Maleficent: Stop speaking like a rascal Pete.
Maleficent: All of the worlds are within our grasp
Maleficent: That is our big plan
Mickey: Sorry but, it's not going to work out
Maleficent: Think about the current state of affairs then speak mouse.
Maleficent: Do you care not what happens to your queen?
Minnie: Mickey, I'm fine.
Minnie: Don't do what she says-
Mickey: Minnie!
Mickey: Maleficent, what exactly do you want!?
Maleficent: Let me think... First, this world
Maleficent: Make it easier for us to live in...
Pete: Yeah, it's sickeningly bright in here
Mickey: No, Maleficent...
Mickey: I can't think that you'd come all the way here for that.
Mickey: What do you really want?
Maleficent: No fooling you, huh...
Maleficent: The person who told me of other worlds...
Maleficent: Xehanort, you know him do you not.
Mickey: Why?
Maleficent: As I thought, you do know him.
Maleficent: I asked him "How does one drag the heart into darkness?"
Maleficent: And about the Seven Hearts of Pure Light.
Maleficent: He said that if we obtain the Seven Hearts of Pure Light we can control the world.
Maleficent: But it seems I predicted wrongly
Maleficent: The worlds are more complex than I imagined, and it did not go well.
Maleficent: So I thought
Maleficent: I would wrest control of the world by my own means.
Maleficent: You posses this world's data, do you not?
Maleficent: Give it to me.
Mickey: What!?
Pete: The thing that closed me in before
Pete: Hand it over!
Mickey: What do you plan to do with the Data?
Maleficent: I do not plan to tell you!
Pete: Ooh, I can't guarantee what will happen to your beloved queen?
Maleficent: It looks like you will not respond to my request.
Maleficent: In that case...
Maleficent: Begone!
Minnie: Light!
Minnie: My king!
Mickey: Minnie!
Mickey: Too bad Maleficent.
Pete: Hey Maleficent, our plan failed.
Pete: Let's run away for now.
Maleficent: Yes. Let us try again some other time.
Maleficent: Now that I know that what I want lies here.
Pete: Wait Maleficent!
Mickey: You used the power of darkness to come here?
Mickey: How rash..
Mickey: But, I never thought I'd be saved by you
Mickey: Axel
Lea: Nope...
Lea: The name's Lea.
Lea: Got it memorized?