Introduction to online auctions

Uploaded by LauritzcomTV on 18.08.2010

I'm Mette Rode Sundstrøm, CEO at is an online auction house where you can sell and buy items.
We started in 1999 as a pioneer in online auctions.
It has been our vision to revolutionize the traditional auction concept.
We want to teach everyone to sell and buy at auction.
We hope also to inspire you. offers all types of art, design and antiques,
from luxury flea market finds to expensive, international artworks.
Our range spans widely, from paintings, furniture and ceramics
to silver, toys and electronics,
jewellery and designer clothing.
There is always something for every taste and every budget.
An item just needs to be of good quality
and must be valued to a minimum of EUR 100.
You can daily consign your items to the nearest auction house.
We have many auction houses across northern Europe.
Our specialists value the item, provide a factual lot description and photos.
After a few days, your lot is put on auction, typically for a period of 7 days.
All bidding takes place online.
There are always thousands of lots on auction.
The lots are divided into categories, and you can set up your own search criteria too.
At our auction houses you can see the lot in person before you bid.
Each day numerous new auctions are presented,
so the news value is high and diversity great.
Our customers are a wonderful mix of personalities. From trendsetters to pensioners,
from students to top executives. - Many hundreds of thousands of customers.
Sellers usually live close to our auction houses,
while buying customers come from over 200 countries.
All lots are visibly exposed to 0.5 million visitors each week.
Our mantra is that selling and buying at auction should be easy, quick and secure.
It's easy to get started, also for auction novices.
The internet gives you great flexibility. Bid from everywhere and at any time of the day.
All you need is a computer or a mobile phone with internet access.
You can find exciting theme auctions and events at
We arrange exhibitions with selected artists and designers,
whose works we also sell at auction.
At our fun valuation events you can receive a non-binding estimate.
We present many charity auctions
in cooperation with the charities themselves, often with items donated by celebrities.
We at are passionate about what we do.
We do our best to continuously innovate our auction concept.
Explore the opportunities together with us!
Welcome as a customer.