Introduction to the Penn State Clearinghouse Resource Center for the Prevention of Child Obesity

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Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer Dinallo. Reaseach and evaluation specialist Here at the Penn State clearinghouse For military family readiness
My background is in exercise psychology and I just want to thank you for joining us today for this presentation so let’s begin
Before getting started I’d like to acknowledge my colleagues her at the clearinghouse for
Their support in the development of this podcast
today i'll be introducing the research center for the prevention of child
the research centers house within the interactive web platform of the clearinghouse
for military family readiness
addressing the obesity epidemic and associated health problems have been a major focus
of public health professionals over the last decade
obesity have been identified by healthy people two thousand ten as a leading health
Because of obese children are at increased risk of becoming obese adults there has been
called to arms to combat obesity and reduce the proportion of children and
adolescents who are overweight and obese
however little progress towards this target goal has been made
data provided by the centers for disease control illustrate the increase in the
problems of obesity that has occurred
since the mid nineteen sixties
That is among preschool children
ages two to five years old the prevalence of obesity has increased
from five percent over ten percent
between the nineteen seventies and two thousand eight
for children six to eleven years old
you can see here that the prevalence of obesity has increased from about six
to almost twenty percent and among adolescence twelfth nineteen years
Obesity has increased from about five to eighteen percent during that same period of time
importantly military children are not immune to the current obesity epidemic
as part of the white house’s commitment is to addressing the childhood obesity epidemic
in america
The department of defense childhood obesity Support group was established to develop a
strategic action plan to support the president's goal
Of eradicating childhood obesity in a generation
In turn the resource center for the prevention of child obesity has been
tasked with reviewing existing obesity prevention and intervention programs
cataloging the evidence-based behind these programs
as well as infusing empirical evidence into the military’s efforts to prevent
Childhood obesity
The resource center is an interactive searchable web based platform developed to help
professionals more effectively address childhood obesity
as well obesity among military families they serve
by hosting the resource center the clearinghouse has created a cohesive
supported virtual community for helping professionals researchers and military
and community leaders
one might ask how do you know if an obesity prevention program is effective
in order to answer that question the clearinghouse research center is in the
Of first developing a searchable electronic database
obesity prevention intervention programs
including both department of defense and civilian programs
second the resource center determines the evidence-based of these obesity programs
using the clearinghouses continuum of evidence
note that you can access the continuum of evidence on the clearinghouses website under the
programs tab
third the research center is developing
user friendly factsheets for each obesity program listed on the clearinghouse
the prevention
and finally
the research center provides opportunities for interactive learning
and proactive technical assistance
focusing on what works in obesity prevention and intervention is essential
to the health of military families
as well as for military family readiness
it is important to remember that military children are not immune to the
Current obesity epidemic
and importantly
Approximately twenty five to thirty five percent of children of active duty
will go on to enlist in a branch military
the research center for the prevention of child obesity
provides valuable information tools
and technical assistance
to help professionals working with military families combat the obesity
i want to thank you again for joining me today for this podcast