Michael Pirrung, UCR Presidential Chair in Chemistry

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My research, that's biomedically related, falls into two main
... I was one of the original co- inventors of microarrays and we continue
to do technology development and new application development for microarrays.
We do fabrication. We do chemistry development and we do assays,
particularly... assays involving the use of enzymes that significantly increase
the fidelity of microarray analyses,
and in collaboration with some of my UCR colleagues, we're applying those
new assay technologies to very cutting-edge, post genomic problems, such
as short interfering RNA analysis, and other
analyses of RNA molecules like... splicing problems and that sort of thing.
One of the major problems that we're interested in my lab right now is...
related to the development of a small molecule insulin mimic.
Natural products that can exhibit this activity were discovered a number
of years ago, but we've been involved in both combinatorial studies as well as
medicinal chemistry studies to try to come up with a superior agents, in terms
of their pharmacokinetics, their long-term toxicity and their simplicity
of synthesis in order to
... develop a small molecule pill
that replaces insulin.
Molecules that we've discovered in that area have also turned out to be
important in some other areas such as neuron survival and we're testing
some of our compounds as... anti-alzheimer's and anti-parkinson's drugs.