Xeo videoblog #2 @ The International 2 (with English subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 27, 2012

Hello everybody. I’m Xeo from navi-gaming and you’re watching
the 2nd number of my video blog. Now we’re in Seattle in the
International Tournament and yesterday the first day of group
stage has finished. Today was the 2nd one, but first I’d like to
tell you about what happened yesterday. Unfortunately yesterday
wasn’t successful for CIS teams, including ours. In the first game
against the Chinese we lost very much, the score was 0:2, after this
we played with the Americans 1:1 and with the same score our team
played with another Chinese team EHOME. So we have 2 victories
and a few losses. The same result has Darer which is in the same
group as we are. And similar result has Moscow Five. A few words
about games. The team played not good and it was understood.
Why has it happened? As far as I understand, guys haven’t summoned
their strength yet, but after the match with the Chinese, the team has
made the conclusion and let’s hopes that they will play better. Today
we’ll play with Malaysian team Orange, which showed a decent
result and we can see that these guys prepared and they want to win,
so this game will be rather serious. Next we’ll play with mTw and
the next game with be with Darer. That’s all for today. This day is
very important for us as we must win the matches and come to the
Top 4 and in addition we have all chances to gain the 1st place
in the group and we’ll make everything to do that. Our manager
Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskiy disposed them to the game,
so I think everything will be fine. Unfortunately yesterday I didn’t
manage to make an interview with the participants as they had a very
hard day, the games finished nearly 10 PM our time. And today
I’m going to catch up. As for the interview with our team players,
they won’t appear today as the guys have to think about the game,
but maybe tomorrow after they finish we’ll have a conversation
with Smile, the captain, Puppey and then we’ll make the interview
with all the guys. So if you have any interesting questions for
them, you can write them in the comments and I’ll ask them.
I’d like to tell about the organization as well. In the Valve
office guys are playing without managers, so there are 5 guys
in the room and managers are in a special room, where
they can watch the game and comment something. They
also can communicate with the guys between the matches,
like between the 1st and 2nd games or during the brakes.
Most likely that after the games we’ll go to the hotel as during
all games the guys were in the office and as there’s a lot of
people it makes them tired. Today we may do some conclusions
dealing with the management, but as usually we’ll decide it on
spot and we’re expecting good results. As for other matches,
excepting the Chinese team which is a favorite and has won 14:7
if I’m not mistaken against the European teams. And there’s an
interesting fact, that Rubick was taken in 46 matches from 48, so
only in 2 games it wasn’t taken. I didn’t watch, maybe it was forbidden.
The European team Counter Logic Gaming also played well
– they have won all 3 matches and now the score is 6:0 and the
same score has the Chinese team LGD. I don’t remember for
sure but they will probably play today and it will be the
central match of the group A tour. As for Darer, they have some team problems,
but maybe they just haven’t used to circumstances.
This day will be very important for the teams as it
will show us “who is who”. Only one game will be tomorrow,
we’ll play with the Chinese team Tongfu, which also plays
well due to the previous days’ results. And the rest of the
day will be devoted to the docking matches, because if the
teams will have equal points, so everything will be decided not
with a personal meeting but with a replay. The curriculum
is made like that, so lots of interesting games like DOTA are
waiting for you. We are waiting for you on our channel
natusvinceretv where you can watch video blogs and interviews
and sketches from the tournaments and lots of highlights which
I think you will like. And also you can follow our site, read our
reporting, write comments and questions and your wishes to
the players, we read all this stuff, answer you comments and
try our best for you. Thank you a lot. See you soon. From Seattle. Bye.