Beth of the Week - 8/17/12

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BETH: Something is upside down.

Hi you guys.
Thanks for tuning in this Friday to MyDamnChannel LIVE.
I'm Beth Hoyt, I'm your host.
I've been your host all week.
Oh, except, except when there was a dog hosting yesterday.
I took the co-starring bill.
Tommy-Pom, Tommy the Pomeranian, the Tumblr dog,
hosted the show.
I'm still quaking from the cuteness.
I still have goosebumps.
Is that normal that I get the chills when I encounter
something cute?
I know what love is.
And I understand affection and intimacy.
I give a killer high-five.
Anyways, that dog was cute, to say the least.
And he barely, barely made it out of this studio with his
original owner.
Everyone in the office here took a turn at
a kidnapping attempt.
Mine was the best because I have the biggest purse.
You guys saw my purse on Tuesday show, at the
Summertime hall.
Wait, did you not see Tuesday?
Did you--
were you here Monday, when I revealed my, the turtle
incident, from my brother's friend's hidden past?
OK, OK, but you saw, Wednesday, right?
When Trish was here, and we broke records?
By that, I mean, we broke one record.
And she broke eggs on my head.
Oh man, it "Hoyt," it "Hoyt" a little bit.
I'm not going to lie.
Listen, good news.
Doctor says I'm going to be fine.
And we've got all the highlights from
the week right here.
Roll it, guys.

TRISH: Oh hi, you guys.
This is going to be a great show.
BETH: As soon as I put it on, I fall asleep.
I wore this on a plane once, and I was out the entire time.
There is zero light that gets in because there's this pad
that goes under, right above--
so you put this on, I'm like out, you know?
It's like, as soon as I--

Oh, my god, whoa, Nate, what are you doing?
MALE SPEAKER: On your marks, get set, go!
BETH: Say something in Wisconsin.
Oh, yeah, I can do that.
Yeah, I got that out there.
I can do that real quickly for ya.
MALE SPEAKER: Another one!
TRISH: And then I put this one on.
I was like, maybe, this'll be, this feels good
on my chapped lips.
It's really smooth.

This is like a chapstick.
Mmm, you should get a Vincent Longo lipstick
because it is so smooth.
MALE SPEAKER: OK, there's two.
Here we go.

No, the last one did not count.
TRISH: Oww, a little-- ouch.
Maybe try a different spot on my head.
Maybe just like-- ahh.
Oh my god.

BETH: And that was what happened.
Well, that wasn't everything, but that was the good stuff.
I had a really fun time with you guys this week.
I mean that.
You've been really awesome in the chat.
Our friendship is growing, you guys, unless you're just here
for You Suck at Photoshop, in the which case, I'm going to
help our relationship right now because I
have a brand new episode.
Here you go, kids.

DONNIE: My name is Donnie and you suck at Photoshop, so
hard, you turned it inside out.
Are you proud of yourself?
It's happening.
You are at, you're minutes away from the title fight of
your life against your arch nemesis for the hand of the
woman you love.
And, you just, at the last second, you realized that the
last time you updated a reference photo for how you
want your gravestone to be treated, you
remembered that it was--
you had based it on a pop-culture reference around
Shia Labeuf, and that you never expected his career to
disintegrate so quickly.
And now your--
the ironic punchline on your gravestone is, is completely
And you need to update quickly.
And so--
but you need to do it quickly.
You've got--
we've got to make it happen.
So let's open up that, let's open up the photo.
And we've already created the artwork, but we just simply
want to make sure that, this time, people
understand the chisel--
the depth and quality of the chisel that you're seeking.
Because, you know, it's an important part of your
immortal memory stone.
So what we want to do is, we want to create an emboss.
We just want to click the layer and say--
Hey, listen can you stop putting, stop putting the
Vaseline on my face.
It's really starting to freak me out.
op-- double click your Layer to open up the Layer style.
And we're going to select Bevel and Emboss.
And you can see we're already starting to
make some waves here.
We want to select Emboss.
We want to go to Chisel Hard or Chisel Soft, whichever
you're feeling.
I prefer Chisel Hard.
And, and then we want to make sure that it's down, so it's
actually going into the stone.
And you can mess with all these settings.
Don't touch this right now.
Get your mouth, your mouse away from it.
Use Global Light, we're going to come back
to that in a second.
yeah, I know, no I don't need anymore tape.
Stop taping me.
And you can mess with the Contour to get all kinds of
sort of effects here.
We're going to go with this straight angle here.
And, and then we can also mess around with the highlight and
shadow modes.
But this is going to work.
Right now, listen, quite frankly, I just don't think
you can handle any more selection items.
We know what where that goes with you.
So let's click OK.
And let's say, for instance, that throughout the week in
your preparation, you realize that you have offended some
foreign fighters who are part of the card and some of which
have threatened to, it doesn't make any sense, some have
threatened to lay a sausage on your graves.
At least that's what the translator said.
So let's imagine that that occurs.
And we're going to open up an image of a sausage.
And we'll copy and paste that onto the grave in in in,
surely the ceremonial way that these guys might do.
And we want to create, also, a shadow for this.
So select Drop Shadow.
And don't touch that radio button check box, ass.
Click OK and you'll see that we can mess
with this Drop Shadow.
Again, I just, I just can't take you too far down the path
because we know you're never, ever ever going to be, be able
to make it back.
But we'll set up a shadow like that.
Now, what if you needed to change the light source on
everything on your document that used a shadow or some
sort of light source.
You, you just, you don't have to go through each layer.
Go Layer, Layer Style, Global Light.
And from here, in one fell swoop, you can change the
angle of the shadow and it will impact everything that is
taking on light source.
You're welcome.
We'll click OK.
I, I got to go, get my-- goodbye, goodbye everyone.
MATT: Out there in the world, you never know who you're
going to run into.
Let's have some pun today.
This is run puns.
MATT: I'm running on empty here.
I might be trailing off.
Am I on the right path?
You've been running through my mind all day.
I got a leg up on everyone here, man.
All right, guys, take a hike.
Do you have a phone, I lost my phone maybe--
do you have a Sprint?
Are these hiked up too high?
MATT: Jog my memory real quick.
Um, I know this is a stretch, but you've been running
through my mind all day.
And now that--
I've been running through your mind all day?
MATT: Now that you're all, now that you're all laced up?
Maybe we can take a hike together?
Want to hit the ground running with me?
I'm inclined to ask.
I know it's a stretch.
But it's also a stretch.
Is the street right before Fontaine, Prefontaine?
I've been making great strides in my life.
MATT: And a lot of women have been giving me the runaround
for a very long time.
Before I do I just want to say that I enjoyed taking this
hike we've got a lot of mileage out of this joke these
to be advanced many years ago it looked like this cabbage
the what am I doing right now so let's call it is it's all
downhill from here guys, guys that's all downhill from here
and now you're all over themselves up
BETH: And that's the show.
It's time for the weekend.
Do you guys have big plans?
I'm going to a wedding.
So I'll see you on Monday.
I will be hung over and sore from just, so much, white girl
at a wedding dancing.
It's going to happen.
But I love Mondays here.
And I hope you guys come to the chat again.
Like last Monday.
And let's talk then.
Subscribe, and have a great weekend.