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What to wear, what to wear?
What to wear?
Scoot your boot, Apple Bloom.
It’s not like it’s the harvest day parade.
We’re just going at the train station.
Too casual.
Too summery.
Your cousin isn’t gonna care what you’re wearing.
Just pick something.
This is my first time meeting her, and she’s from Manehattan.
I wanna make a good impression!
You know what would make a good impression?
Being on time to pick her up.
You got nothing to worry about, sugar cube.
Y’all are gonna get along great.
You already have something in common.
Oh yeah? What’s that?
Neither of you have your cutie mark.
How could you forget telling me something like that!
Oh this changes everything!
Meet you at the train station.
I’m gonna go tell Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
You know your cousin is supposed to sleep in here!
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Do you really think she’ll wanna join?
She doesn’t have her cutie mark,
of course she’ll wanna join the Cutie Mark Crusaders!
I’m just so excited I could burst!
Is that the train from Manehattan?
That's her! Oh wait, no, that's not her.
No, tha-tha-that's her! Um, no.
Oh, wai- tha- that's not her either, uh...
Apple Bloom, you've never met Babs Seed, remember?
Ah, that's her!
Babs, Babs! It's me, your cousin, Apple Bloom!
And this is Sweetie Belle, and this is Scootaloo,
and we are so so so pleased you're here!
Thanks, I'm happy to-
This is gonna be the best week of your life!
Sure hope it's gonna be-
Seriously, we are gonna have a blast.
The Summer Harvest Parade's going on while you're here!
You'll get to ride in a float!
Really? I've never been on a float before-
And we've got a really big surprise for you!
Yeah... uh... a surprise?
I give you...
the Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse!
The Cutie Mark Crusaders?
A club devoted to helping ponies get their cutie marks!
We're its founding members.
Technically, we're its only members.
We're always looking to expand, and you seem like the perfect candidate!
I do?
Well, yeah, since you don't have a cutie mark'n'all.
Oh, yeah... that.
Allow me to show you just some of the highlights of our clubhouse,
should you choose to join us.
This is where we do our role call...
This is where we eat our lunch...
Sometimes we stand here and think of great ideas.
Yeah, uh...
Uh, could you excuse us for a moment?
Thought she'd be more impressed.
She's from Manehattan.
If we wanna impress her, we need to really wow her!
The float!
She can ride with us on our Summer Harvest Parade float!
That's perfect!
This really is a good spot for thinking of great ideas.
Here it is!
The official Cutie Mark Crusaders float for the Summer Harvest Parade!
As a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders,
you'd be able to ride on it with us!
It'll be totally fun.
More like funny...
What is that thing, a giant orange?
It's a pumpkin.
More like a lame-kin.
Who's the new blank flank?
She's mah cousin, Babs.
She's from Manehattan!
Manehatten, huh?
Well, I guess you have that going for you.
Suppose you're gonna join their little club?
What's it called?
The Cutie Mark Crusaders?
More like the Cutie Mark Crybabies!
Oooo, big city attitude! I like it!
Oh yeah? Well there's more where that came from!
Check this out!
Oh no she didn't!
Looks like somepony's pumpkin just got squashed!
When I tell Applejack-
You gonna tell Applejack what?
Well, y'know, uh...
What are you, a snitch?
Come on, Babs, you should hang with us!
Y'know, the cool ponies, not these babies!
What... just happened?
I think Babs just went to the dark side.
We have to tell Applejack!
No! We're not snitches!
Yeah, and we're not babies!
Then... why do I feel like crying?
I still can't believe she ruined our pumpkin float.
I still can't believe I'm related to such a big stinkin' bully!
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna build a new float, that's what!
Why bother?
She'll probably just ruin that one, too.
We could always tell Applejack.
What are you, a snitch?
We're not gonna be a bunch of tattletales!
Besides, she's only here a couple of weeks...
we'll just avoid her like the plague until she goes home.
Avoid her... yeah, how hard can that be?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
First, we thought that Babs was so really really sweet
A new friend to have and it seemed like such a treat
But then, we found the truth; she's just a bully from the east
She went from Babs, yeah, to a bully and a beast
Everywhere we turn, she's just a step ahead
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what're we gonna do?
Got a bully on our tail
Gotta hide, we gotta bail
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, if she's after you
Gotta run, we gotta flee
Gotta hurry, don't you see?
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, she's just a bad, bad seed
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Hidin' from a bully, we know it isn't right
But the Cutie Mark Crusaders, we aren't lookin' for a fight
Oh, she'll go home soon, and then we'll have some peace again
But for now, we're staying out of her way 'til then
Everywhere we turn, she's just a step ahead
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what're we gonna do?
Got a bully on our tail
Gotta hide, we gotta bail
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, if she's after you
Gotta run, we gotta flee
Gotta hurry, don't you see?
Why so mean? Why so crude?
Why so angry? Why so rude?
Can't you be nice? Can't we be friends?
Isn't it sad this is how it all ends?
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, she's just a bad, bad
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, she's just a bad, bad seed
They may have run us out of town!
But at least we still have the club--
Hey, what are you doing at my clubhouse ?!
Y-y-your club house ?!
This is OUR clubhouse !
Well it WAS yours, and now, it’s mine ! And mine ! And mine !
That’s not faire Babs ! We never did anything to you !
And let’s keep it that way, now scram, crybabies !
Bump, bump, sugar-lump, rump !
Babs has really gone too far this time !
Kicked out of our clubhouse...
In my own bed !
Seriously ?
We need to talk to Applejack.
No !
Rarity ?
No !
Twilight ?
No, no, no! We need to fight back !
Yeah ! Fight back ! How're we gonna do that ?
By makin' her guest of honor at the Summer Harvest Parade !
Yeah! Wait, what ?
When you look up 'embarrassed' in the dictionary...
Her face will be there !
Moo ! Moo !
Moo !
Moo !
Are those from the Carousel Boutique ?
Ooh !
Lustredust from Sugarcube Corner.
They use it for decorating cakes.
That must be what Rarity uses on her emergency edible boots !
Here's the bands for the moving mechanism...
tools and stuff...
Did you bring the thing from the place ?
What's that ?
Granny Smith's kitchen timer.
What's that for?
You'll see.
C'mon, y'all, let's get to it.
We only got a few hours before mornin', and this thing has to look so good,
Babs won't be able to resist wanting to ride it !
Is this it ?
I think... we're a go.
Good, 'cause we'd better get out of here before Babs finds us.
Cutie Mark Crusaders go !
Hot carrot fritters ! Get 'em here, get 'em hot !
Isn't it smashing ? No ! I didn't mean smashing !
Isn't it a hit ? No! I- No ! No hitting ! I meant-
Don't even think about riding it, Babs.
Ow !
You had your chance.
Seeya later, Cutie Mark Crybabies !
The timer set ?
Teach her to fool with the Cutie Mark Crusaders !
Y'all are letting Babs ride in your golden apple float ?
Yeah. We thought she deserved to be the... center of attention.
Well, that's just super sweet of y'all, makin' Babs feel so special,
y'know, after all the heartache she's been havin' in Manehattan.
Heartache ?
Well, I didn't say nothin' 'cause I didn't want her to feel singled out,
but there's been some bullies back in Manehattan
just teasin' her to pieces for her blank flank.
T-t-t-teased ?
B-B-Bullies ?!
Yup. She came up to the farm to get away from all the problems back home.
I'm so proud of y'all. You've done a good deed.
So that's why she jumped in when Diamond Tiara and
Silver Spoon started giving us a hard time!
She didn't want to be bullied like she was back home,
so she decided to play a bully instead !
And now we've turned into bullies too !
What do we do ?!
Nice float, Babs.
Snagged it from those whiny baby blank flanks.
Too cool for mule, Babs.
We gotta stop that float !
Applejack, quick you have to-
Huh ?
Quick, you have to help us-
Huh ?
We booby-trapped it !
Babs, bully, payback ! No time to explain !
We've just gotta get Babs out of that float !
Ooh !
My popcorn !
Sorry !
'Scuse me... whoops... whoa !
Pinkie Pie, let us in !
Funny joke !
No, really ! Let- us- in !
Ohhh ! Here !
Babs ! You gotta get out of that float !
You're not getting your float back, crybabies !
But it's booby tra-
Veggie salad !
Huh ?
Veggie salad !
Veggie salad.
Seriously ?
Hey ! Don't leave me !
Leaf me !
What the-
Apple sauce!
Maybe we'll get our cutie marks in stupidest ideas of all time.
Are y'all okay?
Yeah... we're fine.
No sweat.
After I'd been so mean to ya... you saved me!
About that...
I don't get it! I saw it all happen!
You pushed me out just when the float was about to head into the lake!
Except... we were the reason it was headed into the lake.
We booby trapped the float.
Y'see Babs, we were tryin' to get you back for bein' a big bully...
Then Applejack told us
about how you were being bullied back in Manehattan.
And we figured out you were just doing it to avoid
getting picked on in Ponyville.
But, by then...
we were the ones being bullies.
Why does life have to be so ironic?!
Guess what we're trying to say is..
We're sorry.
I'm sorry too.
Y'know this all could've been avoided
if y'all just came to me in the very beginning.
That's what I kept on saying!
So... can we... start over?
We, the Cutie Mark Crusaders,
elect Babs Seed to join us as a sister,
confidente, allie,
bossom buddy, gal pal,
Well you wrote this.
Oh, uh, yeah...
Homegirl... Amiga...
Blah blah blah blah blah.
Oh, yes, here.
...and fellow Cutie Mark Crusader!
You are solemnly sworn in, here this day,
in witness of your fellow sisters, friends,
bossom buddies...
Congratulations! Gotta remember to revise that.
So you promise you're gonna start our Manehattan branch
of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, right?
Yeah, and I promise to keep talking to my big sis
about the teasing back home.
Good. And if you have any problems, we've got your back too, y'hear?
So you're leaving huh?
Now we're stuck here with these lame blank flanks.
Hey! That's not how you talk to my friends!
Yeah, you got a problem with that?
Well, what if I do? What are you gonna do about it?
Tell your mothers about your bad attitudes!
Sure gonna miss that bad seed.
Bad seed? I thought y'all were friends now?
No, see, first we called her 'bad seed'
as in actually a bad seed,
but now she's bad as in good.
Get it?
Yeah... no.
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