[2012] [BEEPRO] Topic 2 • EC-FTU

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A pilot program to teach natural science in English
has been developed as part of a project of Education and Training Ministry on high schools for the gifted.
Under the program
biology and computing
are introduced in English at several high schools for the gifted in some regions across Vietnam.
The schools selected were those whose facilities and teaching staff
could meet the demand of the Ministry.
The aim of the program is to familiarize students with scientific terminology in English
which would enable them to read a wider source of materials
improve their self-study skills
and apply for international study programs abroad.
Started in 2010,
the program has proven effective in helping the selective students be up to their true potential.
The knowledge provided is more up-to-date
and students are inspired to spread their wings of creativity.
And better yet, students become more confident using English
and applying it as a tool in learning other subjects
which has certainly made education more fruitful.
However, along with the achievements,
the program has been met with a number of challenges
as many high schools do not have enough standard textbooks and qualified teachers.
If the program is expanded to the rest of the country,
there would be a huge shortage of teachers.
Worse still, money is also a big problem.
If teachers are not paid well,
they will move to private schools rather than stay in public specialized schools.