Jennifer Lawrence El Hormiguero Show April 20 2012 Part 3 English Subbed

Uploaded by originalcopey on 03.05.2012

Pablo: Here is the protagonist, Jennifer
In the movie you're an expert in archery
Have you ever...?
Jennifer: I'm alright
Pablo: Have you ever shot a human being?
Ant 1: She has shot right in my heart...
Ant 2: Awwwhh...
Jennifer: A human being?
Pablo: people
come with me
Jennifer: No, I haven't really...
Let's pay a homage...
Yeah, it's a little slack
...a homage to The Hunger Games
Jennifer: we are going to kill people?
Pablo: Yes. Some people are coming out and we'll shoot them
Pablo: you really know what you're doing
We have put a methacrylate on them which does not guarantee their safety at all
On your marks...get set...go!
Pablo: hey! she hit him!
Ant 2: it didn't stick
Jennifer: why they don't stick?
Ant 1: there you go
Pablo: second person, get in
Jennifer: Mine don't stick!
Pablo: I don't know why
Ants: That's it!
Pablo: You got such a great style
Third person, come in!
Ant 1: watch out, Pablo
Ant 2: I like this music
Pablo: the last one!
the arrows do not work fine. They don't stick