US-Dakota War - Dakota Homeland

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Dakota is not a nation of people,
Dakota is a way of life,
a manner in which you walk through this world.
Minnesota, or Mni Ṡota Makoce,
is the homeland of the Dakota people.
Dakota relationship to that land
is that she's our mother.
Our descendants have lived here
thousands of years, so every valley,
every road, every location
has a spiritual connection with us yet.
The Dakota Oyate, or nation,
is made up of seven council fires,
called Oceti Ṡakowiƞ.
The seven campfires are
the seven stars in the constellation Orion.
The council fires, or bands,
are separated into three distinct groups
the Eastern Dakota or Santee
made up of the Sisituƞwaƞ, Bdewakaƞtuƞwaƞ,
Waḣpekute, and Waḣpetuƞwaƞ
the Middle Dakota
made up of Ihaƞktuƞwaƞ and Ihaƞktuƞwaƞna
and the Western Dakota
The Dakota way, we have what is called
Mitakuye Owasin.
Everything that God created
is a relative of ours.
Many questions come up
the Dakota culture,
Dakota spirituality or religion.
In truth, there is no separation.
You cannot be Dakota without
them both being together.
The Eastern Dakota were the first of
the Oceti Ṡakowiƞ to negotiate with the
Federal government through treaties.
They were also the first to rebel against it.
Minnesota's US-Dakota War of 1862 marked
the beginning of wars with Oceti Ṡakowiƞ nations
that did not end until 1890 at Wounded Knee.
This country is still ours spiritually.
It is God-given and when God does something,
he doesn't take it back.
The land has a memory.
Someday people will be reminded
of what happened there,
and it probably won't be good.