Black Jack TV - Full Episode 55 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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A beautiful woman and her rollercoaster life.
The story of an angelic miracle of happiness
starts on a train station platform.
I'll borrow this desk.
The ambulance will be here in five minutes!
The patient will be dead by then!
I didn't have money that night,
but now I can pay however much you ask.
I'd reject every payment from you, even one as small as a bowl of ramen.
That girl didn't look happy.
Black Jack, Today's Karte - The Platform of Life.
I'm going to fly to where you are.
I know I can spread my wings when I want to see you.
Nobody knows
when a miracle might occur,
but it feels like my wish is finally coming true.
Because there's only one place I want to go,
I gather my feelings whose colors never fade,
and now it seems I'm dreaming.
I'm living for your sake.
I will be your strength,
no matter how far apart we are.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
I will send you
the beautiful blossom of this flower.
So let's look for shooting stars.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
The Platform of Life
Originally "A Woman's Case" by Tezuka Osamu
Doc! Hurry, hurry!
Oh, my goodness!
We missed it because you were walking so slowly!
What do we do now, when it's so late?
We're in a tough financial situation again this month!
Excuse me, when's the next train?
That was–
The last one!
If you're trying to make a move on him, I'll fend you off as his wife!
So the last one is gone.
Yes, it is.
Let's go, Doc.
Her heartbeat is weak.
Pupillary reflex is slow too.
I'll carry her to the train station office.
Have them call for an ambulance.
Tell them that there's a woman in a coma.
"Station Manager"
This is Ginnokuni Station.
Please send an ambulance right away!
I'll borrow this desk.
What's her current condition?
He's asking for details on her condition.
Advanced case of jaundice and a swollen abdomen.
Inferring from the amount of blood she's coughed up, it must be gastrointestinal bleeding.
She must have an advanced case of hepatocirrhosis.
She's currently in a hepatic coma.
She needs an endoscopy right now, but there're no tools for that here.
I'll perform a laparotomy.
A laparotomy?!
You mean you're commencing an operation at the station?!
Who are you?!
We'll arrive in five minutes!
Don't do anything!
We can't wait five whole minutes.
It's an emergency operation.
Pinoko, check the blood types of the station staff.
Please don't!
The ambulance will be here in five minutes!
The patient will be dead by then!
Is that what you want?!
Absolutely not!
What's your blood type?
Are you sure?
I've been having my annual check ups.
Good, you're a match.
Hello! Hello!
Hey, are you listening!
What's the matter?
I don't know who it was,
but he said he'll do an emergency operation at the station.
He's got to be kidding.
Hey! Drive faster!
Under construction?!
We're stuck?
Dang it!
I'm short on blood.
Go find all staff members with blood type A-positive.
Why did she let it go this long?
Doc, this girl's crying.
Her pulse is getting weaker.
I'm going to die.
The town where I grew up...
The apartment where I lived...
I wanted to return there, to where I shared a dream with Mom.
But now I can't.
When I was a kid,
I envisioned myself looking like those pertty women in magazines.
I envied them, thinking they looked like princesses.
My childhood dream became a reality before I realized it.
I was very happy,
and I believed that no misfortune or sadness
could come near me.
I was drowning in the world of dreams.
I was so scared that that dream would come to an end.
So I didn't care who I dated,
as long as he could extend that dream as much as possible.
I was such an idiot.
I didn't know anything back then.
I thought this dream would last forever.
Yes, an endless dream...
Such an idiot...
There's nothing that lasts forever.
He ordered us not to allow you out of the house.
Don't be ridiculous.
I have numerous job offers.
I must meet my agent and wrap up the talks for the Milano Collection job.
The master's order is to never allow you out.
We're sorry.
I was only one piece of his art collection.
No matter how much he likes that piece, he will grow tired of it if he looks at it everyday.
It'll look dull.
I'm a part of his collection that will never be shown to the public.
That was all I was.
I couldn't stand that.
I fled his house and flew back to Japan.
A letter came from him about the annulment of our marriage,
but I didn't care...
because I could come back to be in the limelight
where I shine the brightest.
Your liver is in terrible condition.
We need to admit you.
I don't want to be locked up again!
We need to treat you right now, or your life will be in danger!
Where's the patient?!
It took you twenty minutes.
Didn't you say five minutes?
I was only going to apply first-aid if you arrived on time,
but you didn't, so I performed the whole operation.
The operation is complete.
Take over from here.
In only twenty minutes?!
No way!
Nobody can possibly do that.
The patient would have run out of stamina if it took any longer.
Doc, she's awake.
Are you awake now?
Am I alive?
Yes, even though you were in critical condition.
You are safe now, thanks to an emergency operation.
You need to rest at a hospital now.
You'll get well in no time.
The world's best doctor saved you.
I thought I was dying.
Doctors have told me as much, too.
Your stomach was empty.
How many days has it been since you've eaten?
Were you dreaming while we were operating on you?
You were crying.
I see.
It was about those dreamy days, and the end of that dream.
You just had a miraculous operation.
You survived only because this man just happened to be at the station.
Thank you.
How can I thank you?
You cannot pay the fee I'd ask of you,
so don't worry about it.
No. I must pay you.
I'm unlicensed.
The police have their eyes on me for charging huge sums of money.
Are you going to report me?
But I must pay you.
If you insist, then buy me ramen at a nearby shop.
Don't joke with me.
I'm Hanamura Kazue, a supermodel.
You haven't eaten because you're a model?
So you don't get fat?
I was ready to die,
but you gave me a second chance. You're like an angel, Doctor.
I have a chance to start over again.
No, I just happened to miss the last train of the day.
You were fortunate this time, but you need to take a better care of yourself.
Yes. I feel like I'm a new person.
I'll never make this mistake again.
Never again.
There are so many castle-like houses here.
It would be so great if we could live in one of them.
Doc, I want a car without any engine troubles.
That cloud looks like a parfait.
Oh, my!
It's really you!
I thought that girl looked familiar.
You're that pretty girl!
You're having trouble?
Please stop by my place.
I'll have my men repair it.
I appreciate the offer, but...
Please come in!
You saved my life; don't you want to know how I've been?
So extravagant.
I owe you so much, Doctor.
I didn't have any money that night,
but now I can pay however much you ask.
You seem to be doing quite well.
Yes, I met a man at the hospital where I was taken that night.
Excuse me, may I?
What's your injury from?
It's from a driving accident.
When you get hit at 200 kilometers per hour, a bone breaks easily, no matter how strong you are.
200 kilometers per hour...
In a circuit while I was in a race.
Are you a racer?
It's just a hobby.
The shareholders will get on my case again and tell me to stop my dangerous activities.
You must take better care of your life.
Did I offend you?
You said, "I'm rich, so I can do anything I want."
When did I say that?
It was written all over your face.
We can release you now.
Um, I...
I can't pay my bill.
It's already been paid in full.
Did you pay my hospital bill?
Congratulations on your release.
"I'm rich."
I looked you up, since your face looked familiar.
I hope you won't be offended by this, Miss Hanamura Kazue.
Models are destined to be forgotten in a mere half a year.
I didn't forget.
Thank you so much for the hospital fee.
I will repay it someday.
Would you go out with me?
Let's call it even with that.
You want to buy my life with money?
Sorry, but I'm not for sale.
Yes, I know.
I'm sure you'll never want to sell your life for money,
but I'm different from that European snob.
Let me prove that to you.
So, he's different from your last husband?
He loves me,
not as a decoration, but as a woman.
Being loved is the greatest happiness that a woman can have, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
It really is.
I'm happy too.
As long as Doc is near me, I'm happy.
A kid can't tell.
I'm not a kid!
I have many moments when I'm sad or having a hard time,
but I'm still happy!
I consider myself happy, so I'm always happy!
Sounds like the repair is done.
Now, excuse me.
Please wait!
Let me pay for the operation.
I can now pay ¥50,000,000,
or even ¥100,000,000.
Tell me how much.
He'd be happy to pay any amount to the man who saved my life!
But that's your husband's money.
I'd be much happier if you paid me with a bowl of ramen from your own money.
Please stop joking with me!
Then I'll pay you ¥100,000,000.
I'll write a check for it here.
I'd reject every payment from you, even one as small as a bowl of ramen.
Now, excuse me.
I was only trying to convey my gratitude!
Is she not happy, even though she lives in such a nice house?
That girl didn't look happy.
Wait, Largo! Stay still!
Don't run away!
You need to get cleaned!
Sheesh, you can make people sick too.
Mr. Tokoma Shirow of France Corporation, a young entrepreneur, has been confirmed dead.
It's that lady's house!
Mr. Tokoma's private plane has crashed.
Mr. Tokoma was flying it himself.
Um, I've seen you sitting here every night recently...
Ah, you really are the girl from that night!
I thought you looked like her, and I wondered if I should talk to you or not.
It's so good to see you doing well!
I was always been concerned with how you've been after that night.
Your life was saved so miraculously,
so I wanted you to take good care of it.
Does that doctor use this station often?
The last train of the day is about to depart.
Anyone planning to catch this train is advised to hurry.
Doctor! Please wait!
Do you want something from me?
I'm penniless once again.
After his passing, a large debt was uncovered.
His estate was taken away, and his company went bankrupt.
I only wanted to pursue my dream, so why do I keep suffering like this?
I thought that way and hated my fate.
I even thought I would've been better off dying that night.
That night, I said you were an angel.
That you gave me another chance.
It wasn't a chance to drown myself in a dream.
I finally realized that.
You gave me another chance to live, right?
A chance to start over.
I already told you that I simply missed the last train of the day.
I was an idiot.
Happiness is not like a ready-made clothing.
It's a tailor-made dress to be designed and built on your own.
I now work for a dressmaker.
I don't have any money to spare,
but I really wanted to buy you ramen.
This is the best payment I can make right now.
I'll accept this.
Let's go eat it together.
"Ginnokuni Station"
Is there a good place around here?
Yes, there's a cheap yet delicious place.
I want curry ramen!
As you look at the ground uncertainly,
I gently pull your hair closer to me.
You didn't speak but only sighed,
and wet my chest with your tears.
You longed to hear it, even if it were a lie.
But I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.
If I gave you that answer despite my cowardliness,
would we still be together?
That irregular breath my body was accustomed to,
I want to feel it one more time.
The breath of surprise when I lost everything,
and the pain that binds me every time I feel regret.
This is a story of Black Jack's beginning.
There is a priceless story of friendship under Doc's facial skin.
You better stay out of this area.
Especially outsiders like you, Kuro-chan.
Is there any child who's willing to donate skin for Kuroo-kun?
You can use mine.
Kuro, I'll become a doctor.
Nature and the environment are being destroyed because of people's egotism.
We need doctors who can restore nature on Earth!
Black Jack, Next Karte - The Donor of the Skin Transplant.