Kung Fu Panda, Rebecca Black, & Summer Concerts - Everything That Really Matters - Ep. 8

Uploaded by dreammining on 26.05.2011

LILLY: Hey guys!! Who’s ready for...can
I have a drumroll?


Together: The Rundown of everything that really matters!
SARAH: I’m Sarah.

LILLY: And I’m Lilly. Thank you for joining us for our show!
We’re coming from the really cool, Dream Mining School...

[she does a boisterous karate chop on the couch]

SARAH: What was that for?? That new
choreographer teacher...
Man she’s tough!

LILLY: No, I like her, the karate chop was for Kung Fu Panda!
[bows, as if to her sensei] Two.

SARAH: Aha. I see, young grasshopper. I take it you’re
pretty excited?

LILLY: Yes ma’am. I mean, why can’t Jack Black just be in every movie?

SARAH: Kung Fu staring contest..Go!

[they do a stare off]

LILLY: You blinked! I win!
SARAH: Nerds! Are you as excited for Kung Fu Panda 2 as you are about
Rebecca Black recording an entire album?

LILLY: Oh my god, all I can hope is there
are 7 songs on it,
and they’re just songs about the days of the week.
(Singing) Monday, really love Monday, comes right after Sunday, funday...
then there’s Tuesday... (Sarah jumps in) Gotta love Wednesday...

SARAH: (Stops singing)
(big idea)
Or it could be all the months of the year.
I mean the possibilities are endless.
Seriously, though, I have to say. I am curious.

LILLY: Speaking of youtube sensations, how
awesome is Christina Grimmie?

SARAH: SO awesome! I mean, she’s touring with Selena Gomez
and The Scene,
so you know she’s legit.

LILLY: Totally. They are two of the luckiest girls on the
whole planet.
I mean, Christina gets plucked from the millions uploading videos on youtube, and Selena is
dating this guy.
Maybe you’ve heard of him...um, Justin Bieber?

SARAH: Oh my god..they are so lucky!!

But if you had to pick one tour to see this summer would it be
Christina and Selena or Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson
on their Waiting 4 U tour?

SARAH: Oooh, hard question! Hmmm, I think I’d like to see
Greyson and Cody.

LILLY: Have you heard Cody talk?

SARAH: [trying an Australian
accent] Oh, you mean his Australian accent,

LILLY: Hey, that’s pretty good!

SARAH: Thank you. I need to practice for when
I marry him
and move to Australia.

LILLY: Hey maybe he’ll move here, New york is awesome,
I’ll be your bridesmaid, I totally know what I’m wearing...  
Jeans and my converse all stars!
SARAH: Well, that’s our show for today.
 Thanks for watching our show -
The Rundown of everything that really matters!!

LILLY: Now, go right now and write to us and
tell us what you think!

SARAH: Yeah, tell us in your blog what you think about Kung
Fu Panda 2,
Rebecca Black, Christina Grimmie..

LILLY: Greyson Chance, Cody Simpson, and, and..
SARAH: That’s it! Bye!