Bunheads - Season 1 Episode 5 - Money for Nothing - Full Episode Recap - Celestina

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Hey, y'all.
Celestina here.
OK, Bunheads episode five is getting spicy.
OK, question for you.
If you woke up with a possum in your bed,
how would you react?
I think the show handled it very well.
I don't think I would call anyone and say, hey, there's
something in my bed.
I think I would've jumped, freaked out, like--
I thought it was hilarious.
She worked it out pretty nicely.
Fanny is hilarious.
You know?
Those bills, I mean, bills, bills, bills.
Gotta pay those bills, honey.
It doesn't just go away.
But I was very happy that they finally
brought some eye candy.
Doug, whatever his name is, I mean he's hot.
I mean, sizzling for him.
He needs to be in every episode from now on, because
some of us need a little eye candy, just a little.
You know, just a little.
And you know what?
Let's talk about Boo and the little so-called trainee
manager guy, or whatever.
I knew it.
He told her to get in the dumpster, that you needed to
press down the trash, or whatever that is.
I was like, mm, I think that's supposed to be his job, and
he's just putting it on her.
And she doesn't know because she's new.
And then I was like, wait, maybe he's just a perv,
because he was looking at her with her boobs
jumping up and down.
He's like, yeah, jump, jump, jump.
I was like, mm-hmm, he's a pervert.
But it turns out Doug saved the day.
Yeah, he was just full of himself.
And, probably because that's his job, he felt the need to
put it on the new girl.
So sad, so sad.
But yeah, I'm really liking where everything's going.
I think we're starting to get to see a little bit more of
the girl's personalities.
And I don't know why Michelle's having a hard time
with helping Fannie in teaching.
I don't know.
I'm thinking it's because she's like, I'm a dancer.
I'm trying to do my professional things.
She doesn't want to start teaching and maybe just get
lost in that.
She still wants to pursue her dreams.
Or maybe she feels like teaching is her
giving up on it.
I do think she'll be great with the girls, but we'll see
what happens next episode.
But that's my little couch potato recap for you.
I'm Celestina.
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