Alpha Team - Ep. 14 - Magic Trouble

Uploaded by legofanatic123 on 15.12.2010

Dash: Tum de dum...
Dash: Huh? What's this?
A magic wand! Hmm...
Dash: Hey Charge!
Charge: What?
Dash: Whatcha doing, Flex?
Flex: Just preparing for dinner.
What have you got there?
Dash: Magic! Look!
Flex: HEY!!
Dash: Uh... oops!
Dash: Hey Radia.
Crunch: Dash, I'm just going to test these new explosives.
Dash: Ok...
Crunch: Aaaaah!
All agents: Grrr...
Dash: Ok, ok! I'm sorry!
Crunch: Hand it over!
Drone 12345: Oooh! A magic wand! Let's try it out!
All agents: Uh oh...
Crunch: Hand that over, drones!
Drone 12345: Never!
Ogel: Huh?? Drones!?
Drone 12345: Wheeeeeeeeee!!