04: Genetic Medicine (MRes): Bill Newman: research project

Uploaded by ManchesterMedicine on 06.12.2011

Most MSc's and MRES's offer a research programme which includes an 8 or 10 week research project.
We're very keen to give students an extended period of time in the laboratory where they
take ownership of their own project and really develop skills. It allows them to develop
their confidence and re-affirms that they really do want to develop a long-term career
in Genetics and puts them in a really strong position for applying for PhD programmes or
developing clinical careers in Genetic Medicine. We know that we've got real strengths in certain
areas in Genetic Medicine here at Manchester; Cancer Genetics, Ophthalmology, in Neurogenetics,
Pharmacogenetics [etc.]. Really exciting new areas which we think will allow people to
develop strong projects over a period of time.