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IAN COLLINGS: Design comes into every part of our lives.
If you were to ask a writer, an artist, where does the
authorship end--
it doesn't.
It's something inherent in your life.
It's something that lends itself to every aspect of your
life and what you do.

GREGORY BUNTAIN: Industrial design has sort of evolved
into this very stylized sort of like a term that is thrown
around pretty loosely these days.
And I think we're trying to bring that back a little bit
into it's true meaning.
IAN COLLINGS: The place of a designer is
kind of this stylist.
And I think that what we're trying to do is not just
create rarefied objects, but we are really interested in
the quality that comes from researching and understanding
the human factors and the best way to produce an object.
I'm Ian Collings.
GREGORY BUNTAIN: I'm Gregory Buntain, designer and
co-founder of Fort Standard.

IAN COLLINGS: It's never a fight to get up in the
morning, which is the best feeling in the world.
We know when you get up, we're coming here and we're really--
GREGORY BUNTAIN: Doing it for ourselves.
IAN COLLINGS: We're doing it for ourselves.
And we're able to do a lot with that freedom.
That energy really takes us great places.

GREGORY BUNTAIN: I think we're both interested in objects and
machines and the way things were designed and constructed
in the '40s and '50s, that earlier era.
IAN COLLINGS: Everything that we've been doing together
takes the core of that, the essence of those objects.
And then brings it into the contemporary format
that makes it ours.
Or makes it accessible by being men of our time,
producing objects now.
GREGORY BUNTAIN: Right now we have the ability to bring it
to life and fabricate it ourselves, build upon it,
design it and execute it.
And then even right now you could sell it.

GREGORY BUNTAIN: I think the forms that we develop and the
shapes that we use are something that we feel are
strong and bold and evoke a certain level of quality.
IAN COLLINGS: We're very interested in
these simple shapes.
We're very interested in these kind of clean cut forms that
have this sensitivity to tradition and craftsmanship.
I think a lot of our products really speak to a modern kind
of progressive edge.

They do spin really well though.
IAN COLLINGS: That connection is really nice.
It's really smooth.

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