Happy Fourth of July Flog!

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jul 2, 2012

Felicia Day here, and welcome to The Flog.
I grew up on military bases, so Fourth of July has always
been a big holiday for me.
Therefore, I decided to make The Flog this week themed.
Look at the decorations, huh?
Red, white, clear, and blue.
Red, white, blue.
It's everything I had in my house.
I don't have a production design budget.
Fave five for Fourth.
First up this week is a flagged themed cake I found on
a blog, 17 and Baking.
When you cut into it, there's a flag there, and it's covered
in cream cheese frosting.
I mean, it is well worth your yearly
allotment of food coloring.
Put it in my American mouth, please.
Number two this week is a book I found called Flag--
An American Biography by Mark Leepson.
Did you know that Betsy Ross had nothing to do with making
or designing an American flag?
And that our 50-star flag was designed by a high school
student in 1958 for a history class, and he got a B minus?
All of these facts and more are in this
really interesting book.
So if you're a history buff, definitely check it out.
See, I got a flag in here.
Next is a web comic with a romantic and
revolutionary plot.
The Dreamer focuses on a 17-year-old girl whose dreams
take her into an alt universe of Revolutionary War times and
a very hot soldier.
But are they dreams or are they not?
This comic is probably best for teenage girls, but the
history and characters will appeal to anyone.
Hello Vaginal Fantasy young adult web comic.
Number four, patriotic video game?
I would suggest playing America in a Sim 5 game but
that seems really on the nose, so Fourth of July, patriotic,
bald eagle--
Nuclear Eagle is a game where you play a giant nuclear bald
eagle, where you drop tiny unsuspecting humans into your
nest of babies, and they get eaten.
because it's independence--
Happy Fourth of July!

And lastly this week, giant sparklers!

For our segment this week, me and my friend Tom Lenk
interpreted the Star Spangled Banner in the
only way we knew how.
Well, there are other ways, but we did it this way.
It's uploaded as a separate piece, so click anywhere on
the screen to take you to it.
If you want to know how we got those pants to move around,
check this out.
That's my associate producer Brit Weisman.
I made her do it.
The power!
And our question of note this week comes from Jake who asks,
what president, dead or alive, would you want to
be best buds with?
Dear Jake, I feel like the president I could most get
down with would be Teddy Roosevelt.
He was the youngest president at age 42, so I'd love to
stump with him.
I especially appreciate him for his love of the outdoors,
and we could totally have toured the
national parks together.
And I think he'd have a really good sense of humor.
Pull my finger!
Sincerely, Felicia Day.
OK, Jake, your letter is on its way.
And if you have a fave five suggestion or a question of
note, please email it to TheFlog@geekandsundry.com.
Next week is our VidCon segment, so a lot of you will
see yourself on the show.
Hope you guys celebrate our nation's
independence in style.
And remember, fireworks have fire in the
name, so stay safe.