GUITAR SETUP Lesson 1: Cleaning up and restringing

Uploaded by MusicOffCommunity on 18.06.2010

Let's start loosing the strings to cut them better and safe
Now we continue with frets polish.
We can use a silver specific product
It can be also used grinding paste, make sure it's fine-grained
We suggest to protect the Maple fretboard with some paper tape
We suggest for the fretboard cleaning some lemon based oil
For all painted parts of the instrument we suggest
a simple neutral detergent with some paper
Insert the string and take a measurement on the fretboard
Make an arc with the string like this, for about 10 or 13 cm
Just set the string perpendicular to the fretboard
Like this...
Now we make a strong turn of the string
Hold the string and keep it pulled while we turn the tuners
Pay attention to every coil you make
so that the coil lies just BELOW the previous one
At this time we can cut the part of the string that exceeds
I usually bend the tip of the strings to avoid injuries and the guitar case too
It's extremely important that strings are firmly anchored to guitar tuners
Otherwise we can get tuning problems such as tuning loss
We have done here! all we have to do now is to tune up!