How to Make Mediterranean Vegetable Kabobs : Baking Vegetable Kabobs

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.10.2008

Hi this is Matt on behalf of Expert Village and today we are going to learn how to make
a Mediterranean Veggie Kabob. What we are going to do is pull out the bottom of our
rack and put our pan on it and then we are going to pull out our top rack and take each
kabob and line them on the top rack like so they don't fall through but we don't want
them to drip or fall into your oven so then you'll have more work. It will just fall right
off on to the baking pan like that and also you will have dripping down there and it will
fall into your baking pan and it will not fall into your stove and make a mess. Also
your top rack is closer to broil at the top. We're going to put that in for ten minutes
and then I'll present it to you and see how it looks. There you have it, our Mediterranean
Veggie Kabobs. Doesn't that look awesome? Our rice turned out awesome. I've put some
Cilantro there. There are our kabobs, perfectly ready to eat. There you have it, our Mediterranean
Veggie Kabobs, very simple, very healthy, takes 60 minutes or less. Anyway, on behalf
of Expert Village, this is Matt Senatore and I'll see you soon.