Madeline Stoltz, Australia Awards for Development recipient, Fiji

Uploaded by AusAIDvideo on 25.06.2012

I'm doing a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and I m in stage four, the final stage, so we've got
exams and then I have to work for a bit and then I can graduate. I grew up with a lot
of my cousins wanting to be engineers, wanting to help out with the infrastructure in Fiji
I suppose. Many of them wanted to do civil engineering so I thought maybe I d do something
a bit different so that s why I chose electrical engineering. And I've always been interested
in electronics. There used to be these little kits, electronic kits from Dick Smith that
I thought was the bomb. I used to buy them when I had some money and then that's
what got me interested in electronics and then I thought well why not just keep studying it,
I might be good at it. Although I'm a female I'm determined to succeed in this field.
I'm aiming to work probably for National Control Centre in Fiji under FEA or even just help
out in construction projects cause with electrical there is a lot of things that you can get into.
I know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and when you do have something like an AusAID
scholarship you don't want to let anything get in the way of it.