Reducing childhood obesity matters to Louise Baur

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bjbj Louise Baur: Obesity isn t just a health issue it s an issue that strikes at the heart
of how we function in society. Super: Why is obesity a problem? Louise Baur: Obesity
is a major public health problem. It essentially exploded onto the westernised and westernised
world scene in the past thirty years. Here in Australia we saw a dramatic rise starting
from the mid-1980s. Type 2 diabetes, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of
people who have that problem. We are also seeing heart disease, fatty liver disease,
a range of psycho-social consequences as well. Obesity, particularly in adolescence, is associated
with a range of cardiovascular risk problems and children and young people who are obese
are stigmatised and often bullied. So it s a significant health issue. Super: How can
we combat the problem? Louise Baur: Here at the Prevention Research Collaboration we re
interested in intervening in settings that are upstream from the individual. So, we re
interested in early life interventions, we re interested in the physical activity environment,
active transport, how our cities are actually organised. We re interested in workplaces.
How much people sit. And we re interested also in the food environment, about food marketing,
nutrition information, how food is made available. All of those things are really important in
influencing what we eat and what we do. And they in turn are profoundly important in whether
an individual becomes overweight or not. Super: If we do nothing? Louise Baur: If we don t
do anything about this, then we ll have a large number of adolescents entering adulthood
already with established risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and fatty liver disease.
They ll be entering adulthood with the prospect of decreased fertility. They ll be entering
adulthood knowing that their working lives will be cut short because they already have
a chronic disease at the start of adulthood. Even if it s not an issue directly for you,
it is very likely to be an issue for your children, your grandchildren, other family
members, and certainly members in your close community. It is already affecting them. [Content_Types].xml
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