Estilos Robados - Amante No Tan Secreto (Episodio 4)

Uploaded by OldNavyLatino on 03.11.2011

I don’t understand why all these things are happening to me.
Maybe it’s because my entire life is a lie.
Just say the word, and I’ll go out and tell the world how much I love you.
Then, we can stop this lie. Okay?
But in the meantime, I know of a place we can have a great dinner in private.
No one will know.
Let's go.
Esteban, look here. I know this is hard on you, but I promise you that one day --
Shh... As long as Diego is managing your life and your career,
you will not be able to keep it.
It's okay because I am making this sacrifice just for you my love.
Only for you. For my María Isabel.
That is not me any more.
My love, are you sure you love the real me
or are you in love with the girl I used to be?
She is still you. I see her every day.
She is there, inside you and you only let her come out when you are with me.
That’s why I love you more every day.
What did I ever do to deserve you? I love you.
I love you.
I told you, but you would not listen!
Your career is over.
What are you talking about? What's going on?
What am I talking about? Read the newspaper.
You were caught last night with your driver. Do you know what this means?!
Wow, Estaban was right. This dress is super elegant.
Isabella, this is important. Please!
Yes, yes it's horrible...What do you want me to say?
No no no. It can't be. We were alone last night, at my friend's restaurant.
Then it was him! Your friend took those photos and sold them. All those people are the same!
Diego, I am not one ot those kind of people.
And I'm sick of your comments, your cheap psychology and I'm sick of you!
Get out of here or I will!
The press is outside. Don't think of opening your mouth.
Do not tell me what to do!
Esteban, please don't leave. Esteban!
That would not be the worst thing that could happen...
Stop, Diego! It is time to tell the truth. Right?
The truth, Isabella?
Which truth?
The one where you cheat on your boyfriend with your chauffeur ...
or do we admit that Marbella was made up to get some publicity?
I do not know which one is worse. Tell me.
And it had to happen today...just as you are about to get an offer for the lead role in a series!
Yes...And boy, did I have to sell you!
So you better get dressed and prepare yourself for that meeting.
Don't mess it up, because if this does not save your career, nothing will!
Miss Reyes, drink this so you have something in your stomach.
Pretty outfit.
Thank you! I told you you're my inspiration.
Well, help me pick what to wear. Let's go.
Are you okay? You look pale.
I don't know. I think I'm sick from what I ate last night.
Go to ladies room to throw some water on your face. We still have some time before the meeting.
Sure, Okay.
Isabella Reyes?
She left.
She said to tell you that no one makes her wait..that she has more important things to do.
Is that what she said?
Oh...So you decided to come back?
What do you mean?
We heard that you think you are too important to wait 10 minutes for us.
But I was here the whole time. Who told you that?
Your assistant.
Go to the ladies room to throw some water on your face. We still have some time before the meeting.
Miss Reyes, drink this so you have something in your stomach.
Esteban asked me to come by for you.
He was worried that you insisted on coming here alone.
Yes, my lips are sealed...Excuse me.
Ms. Reyes, I’m your #1 fan.
Angelica, wait till I get my hands on you...
Isabella is ready for a style showdown.
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