Katy Perry Part of Me 3D Concert Film - Official Theatrical Trailer #2 2012 (HD)

Uploaded by DanceOn on 10.04.2012


MALE SPEAKER 1: Katy's just an explosion.
Keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
It's always about the challenge.
What are people saying she can't do?
That's what she does next.
Every song has something to do with her life.
MALE SPEAKER 2: She outworks everyone.
I honestly don't know how she does it.
MALE SPEAKER 1: She's under a ton of pressure.
The whole world is watching.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: We have some not so happy news--
the divorce of Katy Perry.
What happened there?
KATY PERRY: The atmosphere I grew up in was 100% Christian.
I started singing in church.
I never really had another plan.
MALE SPEAKER 3: It was not an overnight success.
MALE SPEAKER 4: She signed to a label, , and then her label
dropped her.
People said she couldn't do it.
KATY PERRY: I was going through some
depressing dark times.
But it's a journey.
And I learned so much from that journey.
I feel like a stronger, better person because of it.
Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness.

You have to really be grateful and know that it's a different
set of people every single night.
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: She knows what it's like to be those
girls in the audience.
KATY PERRY: My goal when I'm playing shows is just to make
people smile.

If you have a dream, you've gotta go on a journey to
fulfill that dream.