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Eric Paroissien English Subtitles,
You really are
a moron
You are millions of light years ...
Nay, billions of light years short of defeating me
You're a little twit
A little twit
Now we are announcing the loser
The person dropped out this time Yuji Fukunaga
Now, wait a minute.. This result is absurd
This result is absolutely correct
Mr. Fukunaga you lost
University Graduation Ceremony
We are taking the first step into a new life
In these 4 years we have learned the spirit of cooperation
We will never forget it
As an alumni representative
I, Yu Shinomiya, express our profound gratitude
I'm graduating today
The students have so many precious memories
We are taking our first step into a new world
But at that time I didn't know yet
The true meaning of "heart of compassion"
Before taking part into that scary game
Yu Shinomiya - Liar Game Bureau
Liar Game?
What is this?
Yu Shinomiya, congratulations on your graduation
I am the referee of the Liar Game
My name is Arusabu
To celebrate your start into your new life
Ms. Shinomiya, I'm inviting you to the Liar Game
If you decided to participate you'll have this million dollars
Once you have opened the invitation letter
You are considered in the Game
If you fail to participate
You will have to pay an additional million back
We will see to it that we collect that million
by whatever means
Don't doubt it
So, tomorrow at 5 pm
we will be waiting at the specified location
What's this?
Where do you think you're going?
Who are you?
I'm with the Liar Game Bureau
What is that Liar Game?
Players are chosen to participate
And receive a large sum to compete
It is a very interesting experiment
Where subjects are tested in extreme conditions
I'm going to the police
We only offered you money
No crime has been committed
I regret to say, your only option is to participate
We will be waiting for you
At 5 pm tomorrow
We will be waiting at the specified location
It is a very interesting experiment
Where subjects are tested in extreme conditions
This is it [Psychological changes under extreme stress conditions]
The Professor?
He's lecturing in the 4th conference room
Thank you!
I just attended a few of his lectures
I only know his name and face
But to me, at that moment
[Modern Psychology, Research Publication]
This person was my only hope
Pr. Akiyama
Please ...
help me!
Shota Matsuda
Mikako Tabe
What can I do?
I just told you to ignore it
But that penalty
It is just a threat
How can you ...
Nothing compels you to participate
Wait ...
Long time no see
You've grown?
You're starting to look like a man [Shinichi Akiyama]
Akki, I was ordered to bring you back
The Liar Game we played 2 years ago
Caused heavy loses to our investors
This time the investor is one of the losers
The game this time is his revenge against us
What is it to me
Just waaaaaait
That kid is already with us
Maybe you don't even know her name
She's another graduate to you
If you don't join
She will pay
That one million penalty will crush her
What is she to me
You did your best
Was I agreeable to you?
Now I'm sure he'll join
I am sure
زين العابدين - Alabidin Zain - WARNING -
Ms. Yu Shinomiya
Welcome to the Liar Game
These medals are used in the game
every player receives 20 of them
Badge with her name: Yu Shinomiya
Please enter in the game site
All of you, thank you
For joining us today
The Liar Game is opening now
There will be only one winner
The prize will be ...
$20 Million
$20 Million?
However ..
When the game is over
Each person will have to pay $2 million
You're kidding us
We came because you paid only $1M
If we pay $2M we lose $1M
You're serving only your interest
Just focus on being the winner
Because if you win there's no debt
Now we'll explain the rules
You can count me in
Pr. Akiyama
Did you come on account of me?
I also received an invitation
There's nothing more to it
You know each other?
We were together in the previous Liar Game
Akiyama won that time
Now we'll announce the game
It is ...
the Game of the Musical Chairs
The Game of the Musical Chairs?
You struggle for a decreasing number of chairs
The player who can sit last, wins
Within these ruins are hidden
15 chairs that you must compete for
There are only 15 chairs for 20 players
That's unfair, 5 of us are dropped from the start
At the tone of the buzzer the game starts
The first 30min are for your strategy
During this time, it doesn't matter what you do
This siren sounds 1 min before the end
The players who are not seated at the end
are dropped out
During those 30min we seek a chair then sit?
Then you have 10min
To come back to the polling place
Among these names you press one to elect a parent
You have 5min to vote
Those who dropped can also participate to the vote
When voting is over, the result is announced
The person with the most votes is elected parent
He then decides which chair falls
When the parent has eliminated a chair one period is over
At this point there are a few caveats
In case of a vote draw both are dropped
Thus a new period starts
Acts of violence are strictly prohibited
The offender is dropped out
If a dropout commits violence again
He has to pay a $1M penalty
You can't sit on the same chair twice consecutively
And if it's not consecutive
You can come back to the same seat later
The last surviving player wins
A medal bearing the name of the winner
Will be worth $1M
That means, 20 medals
are worth $20M bearing the name of the winner
Now let the musical chairs game
If we were dropped out we'd have to pay $1M
We were desperate
Found it
Got it
There it is
This chair is mine
It seems that
At the previous game
You won
It's really awesome
You did great
Mr. Akiyama
I'll only say it once
So listen carefully
Your previous victory
Was splendid
But this time
I will be
The winner
You're so full of yourself
Kaneba (Golden Tooth), you scared me
You feel superior because you sell your friends?
They're not my friends, they're morons
This time too he finally came
Shinichi Akiyama
He was your better at the last game
Here it is
Please Help me
Please! I can't find a chair
Shut up, let me go
I beg you
Please ...
Please help me
In fact you're a real idiot
The way you hid it, it's easy to find
Your chair
You fell for the oldest trick
May I have this chair?
Any time
Give me back my chair
One minute before sitting
What should I do
A chair ...
30 seconds remaining
That girl is already on her way out
Go donkey
10 seconds remaining
It's all right, sit here quick
Come on sit down
The time is up
The players who are not seated are dropped out
I'm safe
Behave, stop the fuss
I'm sorry, Thank you very much
Quick here
No, a medal
Is it what you want?
Thanks, I'll have one this time
But without my medals ...
Did you listen well to the rules?
A medal bearing the name of the winner
Will be worth $1million
The winner gets $20M?
That's not what he said
If I have this medal
If I lost and you win
I still get $1M
So this is a token
of your help to me
It's like a means to gather friends
The whole game is based on using these
8 persons have dropped out in the first period
Already 8 persons
Mr. Saiki Kakeru
Mr. Akagi Kota
We were supposed to help each other
He dropped out too easily
Mrs. Emi Tsukino
I beg you ...
Please help me
Yu Shinomiya Now you vote for the parent
Suppose you go to a bar with 2 good friends
There's only the seats at the counter
If there are 3 seats, which one do you take?
The middle one
What's the color of that seat
I guess ... what do you mean?
We have finished counting
Now we announce the results
The selected parent this time
is Kei Kimura
Mrs. Kimura
You call the chair number to drop out
No. 7
Now we start the 2nd period with the remaining 12
Let me try it again
Shut up
Stop your yapping
It's a fact that you dropped out
What's the point of that yap-yap
What do you want bastard
You'll see
you don't like it
I'm sorry
What are you doing? Let's go quick
Are you OK?
Picking up
Those worthless medals ...
Have one of my medals
If I win it will be valuable
So please ...
Is that OK?
Are you sure?
Thank you!
How could you let me down so soon?
I couldn't find one chair
There were many
Get out
Violence is a cause for elimination
Just for that?
You're hopeless
How about you
You think you can stay idle?
The chair taken out was mine
I'll find a chair
Is that it?
To find a chair
To be the last person
But this is worthless
Worthless? but it's a musical chairs game
This has nothing to do with musical chairs
The essence of this game is ...
The team-up game
the team-up game?
During Warring States Era in Japan there was battles every day
The strongest is the one who lasts longer
This is exactly what we're playing
But they were working in teams
Not any kind of team
The members secure chairs they can exchange
Besides, by sharing their medals everybody wins
It's is an alliance of shared destinies
Could we join too?
Even dropouts can vote
In this case you can help
The parent holds a central position in the game
If the parent stays in his position
He eliminates the opponents seats
Keeps his team in position last
So, this game has nothing to do with counting chairs
The team who can secure the parent builds the biggest team
So it is a team-up game
So we have the advantage of this understanding now
I'd rather think we are at disadvantage
It's impossible that they gathered more than 3 votes by chance
It means that 2 teams already exist
We, here present, if we don't constitute a team right now
We are sure to lose
Correct answer
That man named Kiryu
He made a team inviting Sarukawa and Inuzuka
Then Takashi Harimoto the cult guru
came with 3 obedient devotees
Add to them Sakai, you have a rock-solid team
This game will be a struggle between these 3 teams
We can add a member
The first team took 5 votes
But there's only 5 of us
Like this we can be defeated
We need to invite in someone soon
Please wait a moment
Imagine if we invited inadvertently
A person of another team
So we can't add a member
Not exactly
There's just one
The perfect person to invite
Who is it?
Would you like this chair?
Wait a moment
he stole my chair
Why such person?
Precisely because of this
He had trouble finding a chair because he's not affiliated
He had to steal a chair
He lost his cool to look for the second chair
He is not affiliated to any team
He is definitely safe
That's great
This time I can't find a chair, I'm in a fix
But you'll have to offer 1 medals
To each one of the team players
To each of them?
Even to those 2 dropouts?
This bald guy will refuse
Sorry, while I appreciate your good intention ...
Wait a minute
Mine was not a request
Your joining our team
is an order
Obviously, you don't see your position
You stole Yu Shinomiya's chair
And now we know the number of your only chair
You see what I mean
Turn us down if you like
From this point you're our enemy
As soon as we elect a parent your chair is out
We'll wipe you out
And take you down
You turn me down now
I swear I'll take you down
I get it
Please accept me in your team
In this way, one by one we trade our medals
We teach each other where we hid the seats
We'll finally be able to get a vote for our parent
Now we announce the result of the second vote
The parent this time
Is Mai Sakamaki
We did it
Now Mrs. Sakamaki
Has to call the seat to be taken out
# 10
This is one of our chairs
How do we do Kiryu?
Now we're going to lose
Be quiet please
now the number of chairs has dropped to 13
The 12 persons left start the 3rd period
. Players - chair count Akiyama 4 4 Harimoto 4 4 Kiryu 3 3
We did it
We can do it now
It's going well
What's wrong Akagi?
Are we ...
Going to win this?
What if the 2 opponents make an alliance
They gather a total of 8 votes
They crush our advantage
This won't happen
And why is that?
If they want to team up
They have to reveal the cache of their respective seats
They'll end up betraying each other
None of them is ready to take such a risk
Makes sense
That means we're invincible now
We are riding the big boat
"We had no reason to lose then"
"this is what we thought at that moment"
The parent this time
is Kei Kimura
How could we lose?
How can Kimura get 8 votes!
You're mistaken
Something's odd
The 3 votes of the Kiryu team are not included
Can't be
Yes, that's right
We enjoy the blessing of the Lord Creator
You demons will get the punishment you deserve
we became one team
How could such nonsense ...
How did you manage that?
Mrs. Kimura
Please call the number of the chair to be taken
By the power invested to me by the Life Force
By the power invested to me by the Life Force
By the power invested to me by the Life Force
Number 9
One more out
Repent of your sins
The judgment of Heaven is sure to descend upon you
The number dropped to 12
With this count opens period 4
By the power invested to me by the Life Force
You said they couldn't ally forces
I couldn't have guessed
They don't join into one team that easily
What do you mean now?
What can we do now
Now they'll have their parent always elected
Let's buy 3 dropouts
Buy them?
Offering one medal [= $1M]
We form an alliance just for a vote
They could also inform us on the other team
And of course for $1M they give their vote
I'm against that
He's right
Who's giving out his medal
I'm not paying one medal
Excuse me, I pass too
Are you in a position to be so choosy?
If we lose someone is dropped out
We have no choice but try everything now
I get it
We'll use my medals
Use this
To buy a dropout
In that case it's OK
For me too
I'm not exchanging medal with you anymore
With the medals you have left
Do as you please
Well ...
I will help you
Mrs. Emi
Please vote for us
Please help us, vote for us
This medal is worth $1M
This way
We can win back our advantage
You think we'll be okay?
This will make our team divided
The vote is over
The result for the 4th period
The parent this time ...
is Kei Kimura
11 votes?
How could you increase your votes?
Mrs. Kimura will call the chair number
By the power invested to me by the Life Force
Why is that?
No. 12
One of our chairs ...
The number of chairs is 11 now
12 persons will start the 5th period
What do you think happened?
It 's simple
They bought the dropouts
But in this vote
We should have had 9 votes instead of 8
What happened?
Someone double-crossed us
Definitely, there was no point buying dropouts
Didn't I tell you I was against it?
How do we do for the dropout?
One among us has to fall
Not me, I don't want to fall
'You guys ready to take a fall?
We'll have to random select someone
You're wasting your time quarreling
I guess we have no choice
What's this ... you're kidding?
Choosing one of us at random
Are you insane?
Originally you compelled me to keep going
You forcefully integrated me into your team
You should treat me as a special guess
So don't count me into the random selection
What are you quibbling about, idiot
I don't like your tone
If anything happened, I know where the chairs are
I can switch team anytime
It's decided then
From now on I'll take the leadership
You'll do as I say, I'll also elect the dropout
You sleazy bastard ...
Would you like to be the dropout?
Well ...
Who am I going to chose?
I've decided
The dropout will be
Yu Shinomiya
If I hear any complaint I switch team
Now the whole team goes buy a dropout
You said before you were opposed to it
Shut up
You have any other way?
Why are you standing there idle?
Hurry up and go
1 minute left before sitting
The golden scarab is a rich bug
He builds his own safe
The chair is gone?
Where is it?
You're wasting your time looking
The location we told you was erroneous
What do you mean?
Where is it?
There's no time left tell me quick
Sure I could tell you but ...
... Miss Yu is already seated on it
Yu? Why?
She's supposed to lose this time
No Miss Yu is not dropped this time
The dropout this time
Is you baldy
You act as the boss but you're not too smart
You don't care about the team
We don't need you, this is our verdict
Don't try to act tough with me
Now I'm switching team, are you happy?
Shut up, at least die with dignity
Time up
Any player not seated now is dropped out
The players dropped out this time are
Norihiro Yasukawa and Takahiro Shima
Why did Yasukawa fall instead of you?
I don't even know
Pr. Akiyama suddenly gave me a chair
I got rid of Yasukawa
What do you mean, Professor?
I gave you Yasukawa's chair
You could have told me before
There was no need for that
On the contrary
Had I known it was Yasukawa's chair
You'd have refused it?
Had you known it was Yasukawa's chair ..
You'd have refused it?
That is ...
In any case, it's time to vote
Let's go, Let's go vote
It's okay
I'm here
I have a winning strategy
Now we'll vote for the parent
But before that I have an announcement
We're all ears
5 players didn't come here
5 players? it's Akki
What do you mean .."Don't vote"?
Is that what you call a winning strategy
The vote will thus proceed with only 15 persons
Probably he knows he can't win the vote, he gave up
It doesn't make sense
What's your plan, Akiyama?
Now we announce the results for the 5th period
Akiyama, what do we do now?
We're finished
The parent this time is...
Kenji Sarukawa
They split their votes ...
What's your game, Kiryu?
Why didn't you vote for us?
Mr. Sarukawa
Will call for the chair to fall out
Number 2
What's that
Why one of our chairs?
Kiss my derriere
Who is left without a chair
What happened exactly?
Kiryu betrayed Harimoto
Earlier Kiryu gave 3 chair numbers to Harimoto
Those guys tried to join forces in order to crush us
But they couldn't afford to reveal each other's numbers
They had to come up with a method to give our numbers
Kiryu just passed any numbers that were not his chair's
But within these was one of Harimoto's numbers
And he had to call another number
Without informing about his own
And make sure he was targeting us
Obviously they haven't blended into one team
They only cooperate for votes
They constituted only a partial alliance
Why then did Kiryu commit his treachery
I caused him to do it
When we abstained from voting
The voting alliance was no longer needed
So his opposing attitude shifted from me to Harimoto
But not knowing Harimoto's numbers
He couldn't hit him
So I had previously communicated to him
One of Harimoto's chair numbers
Previously? when?
No way!
Through Yasukawa
I knew that if he shifted to Kiryu's team
He would tell him our numbers
And then knowing them
Kiryu would deduct Harimoto's numbers
So when we kicked out Yasukawa
And abstained from voting
Kiryu's betrayal was your winning strategy?
So Professor, you used him
For us to win?
What's wrong with that?
This is the Liar Game
What's wrong in using people
Damn .. that bastard Kiryu, I'll kill him
We'll find a way, buy a dropout
As Professor Akiyama planned Kiryu and Harimoto are against each other
It's a struggle to buy the dropouts
From one angle we ...
What are you doing with this chair?
It's a chair that no one had found yet
We're on our way to success
Akiyama, we buy them too, right?
We refrain from buying or voting
What do you mean?
We're sure to lose that way
to turn them against each other
is not enough to win
If we don't win at the vote we'll lose
Professor, what kind of plan is that?
Please explain yourself clearly
If you don't I'll go buy dropouts
In that case you're out
But we don't need to buy anyone
If you persist with that
you can quit this team
The person who dropped out this time
is Yukiko Abe
Assuming that we had lost
we refrained from buying dropouts
We were only by standers
Because of a tie, it's a pass
It's a tie
Gimme a break
A tie was the worst scenario
Both teams boosted their buying struggle
But the Professor remained listless
Why didn't we go buying
I was growing uneasy
This is the announcement for the 7th period
Then when the parent had to be chosen
Because of the tie, it is a pass for both
What? a tie again?
How is that possible?
I see
We promise you'll be elected
It's OK, no more buying
What do you mean?
2 ties in a row, ain't that funny?
Indeed ...
No doubt
The dropouts have teamed up
What? The dropouts made an alliance?
And their leader ...
Who is he?
It's Shima
That idiot with a cap?
How did that happen?
Shima met the dropouts one by one
And he told them
The medals they gave you are valueless
Murata from Kiryu's team
Gave you Inuzuka's medal as if he was going to win
But I was just told Sarukawa is going to win
It doesn't make sense
They can't win both at the same time, it's a lie
The fact is Kiryu is going to win
So you should ask only for Kiryu's medals
All the others are worthless
It means they scammed me
We should team up
And rise against them
They pretend to vote for one side
But they take many medals from both sides
They use their votes to set a tie
With each tie the rivals become more worried and offer more medals
Thus exhausting the useless medals
So that finally the top medals rain
This strategy is perfect
But Shima's strategy is all a lie
What do you mean?
Have a look
No way
It's Akiyama
It's Akiyama who ordered Shima to build this alliance
The brain behind this strategy
Is not the dropouts but it's Akiyama
Incredible Akiyama
I got it, the leader of the dropouts
Is Akiyama
I should have guessed
In that case, I will too...
join forces
I don't know
.. what I should do anymore
We can't win that way
What can I do ... if I had $1M in debt
I don't have ...
I don't ..
It's unbearable
This way, he's here
Hey wait a minute!
You bastard
What did we hear?
Kiryu or Harimoto won't give any more medals
It's probably a lie
You said the top medals had to fall
What do you say now?
Now we can't pay our debts back
I've got an idea
What's that good idea?
In short
If we want the top medal of those 2 teams
We need to have them cornered, right?
Of course but how?
It's easy
We just need to make them win
The Akiyama team
That's it?
They're playing right into Akiyama's hand
You mean exposing Akiyama as the mastermind
is also an instruction Akiyama gave to Shima?
Which means that now Akiyama team ...
Why do they come back here?
They're going to vote again
What does that mean?
Look there
The dropouts team
If they vote for Akiyama he'll gather 11 votes
Akiyama takes ParentHood
We know announce the result for the 8th period
We won
Sure victory
The parent this time is
Yu Shinomiya
Yu-chan has 8 votes
How did we split our votes?
What does that mean?
Answer now
Just before this vote ...
I gave my medals
To Mrs. Emi
To distribute
to all dropouts
But why?
in the first place
It didn't change anything if you gave them
It's not true
It will help us get the top medals
What do you mean?
Are you dull or what?
Yu-chan gave us top medals
What are you talking about!
How could you know?
if her medals are winners?
It's easy to know
Ms. Shinomiya
Please call the chair to fall
No. 6
One of our chairs
Why did you do that
I want to ...
be independent from the Akiyama team
I want to join the dropout alliance
I want to win
That's a lie ...
You simply betrayed us
I'm sorry
I was ...
I was scared...
... that I'd lose
Enough nonsense
There's nothing we could do anyway
Akiyama has betrayed us long ago already
Betrayed us?
I knew this by observing him
He thinks only about himself
He doesn't care about his team players
He's using us for his own profit
He betrays all of us
That's why ...
I too
before Pr. Akiyama betrays me
I betrayed him
Damn you
It was the first time of my life
I realize how painful it was to betray
The person who dropped out this time
is Mai Sakamaki
My choice is not wrong
From now
I keep going with that conviction
The poll will soon be closed
Please wait a moment
I can't stand
... the lie anymore
Yu-chan too, you stop deceiving
Ms. Emi ...
What are you talking about?
I can't win at such price
Yu-chan and I
Are playing for Harimoto
What does that mean?
This is the medal Harimoto gave us
We took advantage of you all
Working for Harimoto's final victory
Is that true?
Explain yourself
It's not like what ...
It is true!
Yu-chan is betraying the dropout team
What's your goal?
So please y'all
Abstain from voting this time
Ms. Emi, please don't make up stories
Voting time will end soon
Please vote quickly
Please guys vote quickly
Otherwise we lose
It's useless
Yu-chan has betrayed everybody
What should we do?
Who should we vote for?
Quick please, trust me
How can we decide now?
I'm begging you, you can trust me
The timing
Vote please, quickly
Voting time is up
Please wait a moment
We now announce the 9th vote result
The vote is not done yet
The parent elected this time ...
I'm begging you please stop
is Takashi Harimoto
Ms. Emi ...
What was it all about?
Why did you tell them that story?
Why do you have a Harimoto medal?
Answer to me
It is ...
Because of you
Of me?
You were...
betrayed by me
You were such a great help Ms. Emi
I'm so glad
I could serve your cause
Can't you just trust your eyes?
Ms. Emi ... surely
Exactly Ms. Emi is one of us now
It can't be
Ms. Emi can't ...
You've been cheated all along
This game is a struggle for influence
You knew each other before?
It was very easy to figure out your moves
I just had to call Ms. Emi
She was planted as a spy among you
help me
And you
As expected fell into our trap
Pr. Akiyama
When you saw Emi drop out And refrain from voting
She was only pretending not to be affiliated
You fell for such simple trick
You added her to your own team
Am I right?
Then when Akiyama took the lead of the dropout team
Let's join forces
Finally Emi had switched to our team
This situation ...
I can't stand it anymore
All the better reason for you to win
You withdraw from the team
You'd have the dropout team recognize the value of your medals
You mean betraying everyone?
Actually I saw it before
Akiyama was talking to a dropout
Pr. Akiyama?
He asked him to refuse to be bought
To make sure his plan was not exposed
You saw how he is?
He'd do anything for a victory
Of course he will betray us all
We should withdraw you and me from this game
In this case ...
Your were only being used
to defeat Akiyama's strategy
How can ...
But still you're such a mean person
Betraying Akiyama who worked so hard for his team
And then blame your betrayal on him
You know what the world
calls a person like you?
.. a hypocrite
Mr. Harimoto please
call the number of the chair to fall
No. 3
All this
caused by your ugly heart
Ms. Yu Shinomiya
Fall in hell
At this point we'll call it a day
The game will resume tomorrow at 9
Any person touching the chairs during the break
Will have a $1M penalty
You teamed up with Akiyama and cheated us
Please forgive me, I'm sorry
I have another inspiration
All the worthless medals you gave me
We sort them according to the players
We have nothing here?
You mean a top medal?
It's Kiryu's team obviously
We have almost all those of Inuzuka and Sarukawa
not a single one from Kiryu
Let's see about Harimoto team
A small 5 from Sakai
We got very little from him
This way we know who are the top medals
That's right
All right everyone
Tomorrow we squeeze them off their top medals
Please come back in our team
But ...
Don't misunderstand me
There's no sympathy in my offer
I just need my quota to win
Sincerely ...
Please forgive me
Indeed ...
I don't want to stay in the game
And what would you do?
You'd give up without a fight?
The Liar Game is not all about the win
But how you bring it to closure
What personal resource you tap into
Please wait a moment
It's not all about the win ... what?
What is there to it apart from the win?
No one else can answer for you
You solve it for yourself
Yu Shinomiya
The Liar Game is not all about the win
But how you bring it to closure
What personal resource you tap into
No one else can answer for you
You solve it for yourself
This is it
I have no other choice
I get it, in that case you can help
Thank you
Mrs. Mai ... Mr. Akagi
No, really
Thank you very much
What's next?
We have no choice but buy dropouts with top medals
Now, we come up with the last challenge
Now, we proceed to the vote of the parent
Please give me a while, I need to talk
At first I thought
The aim of the game
Was to bring down the opponent to win
But it was a serious misunderstanding
We don't need a traitor to patronize us
That's right
I betrayed my team
But ...
That's how I understood
One doesn't win on one's own
It's a game where cooperation comes first
That is
The musical chairs is a game of mutual help
We must stop quarreling and help each other
No one has to be the victim as a result
Isn't it the real goal
You say we don't need a victim
But we can't avoid it
No, on the contrary
Now I'm going to offer a medal
to each of you
So if I won the game
you are all rewarded
So please
I'm asking you
Please stop the fight now
What's that nonsense
Your medals are surely no winners
Please believe me
Mine are top medals
We can't trust you anymore
You're trying to deceive us
You all, have a good look
[17 medals: Shininchi Akiyama]
Only me and Shinomiya are left in our team
Of all the medals we own
I just discarded all 17 of mine
That means that ...
In our team only Shinomiya has top medals
So you believe her now?
Now we are in an extreme situation
Now we have no choice but to cooperate
Because of this predicament we have to get along
We could become one team
As for me
I trust you all
The time is up
Here's the result for the 10th vote
The parent this time is ...
Takashi Harimoto
Why is that ...
Why did you do that?
It is impractical
To bring such a crowd to cooperate
So we have chosen to fight
But if we keep this fight
We keep hurting each other
Please everybody ... once more
So what?
you pose as if you knew better
But you're just scared to lose
Bring everybody to cooperate
You're all sweet talk
It you hit him you're dropped out
Since we have your medals we have a chance
A chance?
You're serious?
You were so thought you were above us all
Look here
You're a common idiot
You too
And you too
Shinomiya's fellows are a gang of idiots
You can insult me as much as you please
But you have to respect my fellows
I can't let you insult them
A violent act was committed
Ms. Yu Shinomiya is thus dropped out
Can't be
We're done with
That was surprisingly easy
You lose
Didn't I tell you?
"he'll lose"
This is the end of Akiyama
So you're next
With that score you still want to fight?
You guys don't have 1/100th chance to win
What are you saying, let the fight start
You guys don't get it
I'm giving each 6 dropouts 2 of my medals
They offer me 12 votes in return
If they switched to Kiryu's team
You need at least 5 of them
If offer 2 medals they don't budge
You'd need to give 3 each
For a win
You'd have to produce 15 medals
however Mr. Kiryu
such large amount of medals
you can't cough them up, right?
What's so funny?
I'm in no disposition
to come up with so many medals
Finally you admit your defeat
I didn't say that
I'm not stupid enough to give them out
With 6 medals
Only 6 to buy 5 persons
Are you going mad?
They're not switching with so little
The dropouts will have to vote for me
What card do you have up your sleeve?
Please Mr. Harimoto
Call the chair to be removed
No. 1
You'll be next
We announce the result for the 11th period
How is that going for you Mr. Kiryu?
How do you feel?
Time to produce your trump card
The parent this time Kiryu Nobuteru
How can Kiryu?
Didn't I tell you?
The dropouts are joining me
Mr. Kiryu
Please call the chair to fall
No. 8
Now you have only 2 chairs left
The next one you lose, you're dead
Well, Harimoto
What will you do?
How is that?
The dropouts didn't vote for me?
What does that mean?
Why didn't you vote for me?
This is not what we agreed on
Shut up
Don't bother us, go away
Wait ... wait
Leave us be
How can such a guru lose his cool
It's just a matter of buying them back
I'll spend all our medals
And buy the dropouts back
You don't have any more medals to offer
Next time will be your end
Please wait
We haven't given our medals yet
If we do now we go into debt
Why should I care
You want to abandon us
Let me go
I don't care what happens to you
What's important is my win, that's all
The voting time is up
We announce the result of the 12th period
I win, this time I win
It's a win for me
The parent this time ...
Is Kiryu Nobuteru
Why is that ...
Why is that?
I gave the dropouts all our medals
I can't lose
How is that Kiryu, how many medals did you have?
You saw them earlier
You saw that medal I offered
Liar .. I should have won
Not at all
You can spit as many medals as you like
You couldn't win over my medal
The reason ..
Your medals were losers
What are you saying?
Mine were genuine top medals
You dropouts knew that well
We don't need your medals
You bought us with loser medals
You didn't fool us
Don't treat us like morons
We dropouts ...
Won't be defeated
This is my trump card
How did you do that?
When I noticed Akiyama was persuading the dropouts
And you became a parent taking Emi
At that moment
I was determined to use Shima one way or another
Last night as I bought Shima
I suddenly realize
that your medals as losers
How were top medals, losers?
Sakai had only 5
Because we took too many of his
Certainly not
Sakai's medals were not used
He had more than 5 left
This is a lie I asked Shima to tell ...
A lie?
Why make up such a lie?
You get it now?
You said so at that moment
We give 2 to each of the 6 dropouts
Thus we earn 12 votes
The moment you said that to the dropouts
Your medals turned into losers
That is strange
How can Harimoto have so much more than Sakai?
Simply because the winner is Sakai now
As a result, the dropouts
Turned to me for the top medals
So the number I gave didn't matter
You could spit as many medals as you wanted
They had lost faith in you
Too bad Harimoto
Once my trump card was at work
Mr. Kiryu please
call the number of the falling chair
No. 14
Time to say goodbye, Harimoto
Which means
The victory is ours now
We did it
Why is this loser making his appearance now?
There's something you need to hear
I have a winning strategy to throw you out
A winning strategy?
Now it's my turn
To buy the dropouts
What are you talking about?
Of all things .. you talking about buying them?
It's impossible
You don't have any more medals
That's truly silly
Let's see which of us is silly
Yesss ... thank you
The team who has secured the victory
The team who has lost its chance to recover
Mr. Takashi Harimoto drops out
The team who is sure to lose
The outcome of the fight
Left no room for doubt
By the way, Akiyama
you were able to buy them?
The 4 needed for my recovery are bought
Is that right
Look Akiyama
You're saddening me
Soon I won't hear your bluff anymore
So sad
Now the result for the 13th period
This time
Too bad Akiyama
The parent is ...
This is where you die
... Shinichi Akiyama
What is this?
I told you so
I bought 4 persons
Which gives me 8 votes
Who is it?
Who voted for Akiyama?
I didn't
Neither did I
So it's you guys
Why did you vote for Akiyama?
You didn't even receive one
of his medals to vote
There's an advantage
Akiyama gave them to us
The medals
He has much more than you do
This is impossible
He doesn't have even one left
But he gave me one too
To me too
Silence imbeciles
1 more person voted ... who is he?
An insider of course
I bought one of your fellows
Is it you?
No, it's you
don't make up fables
I'm not lying
I can prove it to you now
Kiryu you have 2 chairs in your team
That is, if I called your chair now
You would be sure to drop out
You didn't ...
A traitor told me your chair number
Mr. Akiyama please
Call the number of the chair to drop
No. 4
There are 4 chairs remaining
The 4 persons remaining enter period 14
Who's silly now? ... Think of it
What are we gonna do?
It's over ...
We still have a chair
There's still Sakai's chair from Harimoto's team
If we use it we won't lose
We have that resource
Wait a minute
First you have to give me all your medals
So we find the traitor
He received a medal from Akiyama
Show them all now
You hypocrite
We lost it all because of you
Please wait
You came to scorn us
I came to stop you
You've all been betrayed
I understand how hurt you are
You judge Mr. Harimoto responsible
and you are bitter
How would you know how we feel
I was in your position
Now only you can help him
He doesn't deserve our help
Please wait
Are you really okay with this?
I was so scared and helpless
Mr. Harimoto called me in
He did it to use you
It may well be
Yet ...
remains the fact that he helped me
Didn't he do the same for you?
Defeat was pronounced
So we don't need anymore
To hate
to compete
It's meaningless
You all ...
It was so wrong
So Yasukawa it's you
Darn you, Yasukawa
Not at all
I was in Akiyama's team at the start
It's completely normal
Why do you have 4 of my medals?
These are left from when we started by exchanging our medals
Which team are you playing for? it's you
Obviously it's you
It's you
Forget it
You all go look for Sakai
One medal
Not enough
I want 3
Come down, you know I can't
Akiyama gave me
2 medals
So I give you 3
Let's buy the dropouts
You'll vote for us next
This time we count on you
All right, all right
With these guys bought, you have to win
It's a waste of energy
What do you want guys?
We have decided to help the Akiyama team
How many medals did he give you?
He didn't give us even one medal
But we
We only want to help Yu Shinomiya
Now it's Yu Shinomiya
What do they want?
Kiryu what can we do?
We need the chairs
Hey where's the chair?
I gave it to him
I gave it to Akiyama
For 6 medals
Time up
Those who are not seated are dropped out
In addition
This is the end of the musical chairs
We announce the name of the winner
Please return to the voting place
I bought
One of your fellows
Let's go to our chairs
I get it
It's him
Why aren't you on your chair?
I sat on it
So how did Akiyama win?
You're the traitor
It's not me
How, Akiyama?
You don't even have one medal
How could you buy them
Tell me how you bought them?
This is it
loser medals
Why do you have so many?
Actually these
Shima gathered them for me
So that I could have all the loser medals
What for?
So that I could buy with them
Such thing is impossible
These aren't worth a cent
Certainly these have no value
In the same way that you showed top medals to be losers
I, on the contrary
Could show how loser medals turn into winners
What's that?
First we have to announce the dropouts
They are ...
Kiryu Nobuteru
Makoto Sakai
And ...
Shinichi Akiyama
Akiyama why you?
I dropped out on purpose
As a result ...
Why did you?
Mr. Kenji Sarukawa takes the victory
Beautiful win Sarukawa
Something's wrong
I don't even own a medal
This win is meaningless
you did it
You finally get it
The medals I used to buy them
Were Sarukawa's
I distributed these
I told them I was going to make Sarukawa win
That's how I bought them
So all the dropouts and your fellows too
They all switched to my team
So the traitor among us was
And these 4 I received from Akiyama
I feared you'd notice for a moment
This is the way it has to be
He was offering more medals than Kiryu
You betrayed us you scoundrel
Why did you and the dropouts
put value into Sarukawa's
You didn't know if Akiyama ...
could make Sarukawa win or not
As we had lost all our medals
Our only hope was in making Sarukawa win
That's why they all trusted my word
Don't tell me you guys ...
In order to use Sarukawa's medals
I had to crush all other players chances
to make this only option very clear
So first I had to discard all my medals
Then Yu Shinomiya dropped out
Because I instructed her to do so
You instructed her?
After the results she called for cooperation
I knew you would oppose her move
I pretended to be affected
And then she hit you
No way
If you hit him you're dropped out
Dumb as you are
You provoked Yu Shinomiya as we expected
And according to our plans
Shinomiya was dropped out for violence
So when Yu Shinomiya did that ...
I do ...
believe in you all
It was all a lie
No, she was not lying
Yu Shinomiya at that moment
Sincerely had a plan to help everyone
But naturally she failed
So then I came up with plan B
I designed a winning strategy with the loser medals
The parent this (10th) time
Takashi Harimoto
at that moment we switched to plan B
We launched the big strategy
Why is that?
Why is that?
You were properly fooled by her act
Isn't that ironic
You belied the truth But you trusted the lie
That is, Yu Shinomiya's plan
The only way to rescue you
You rejected it mercilessly
Seriously ...
Great move
Listen, I'll say it only once
Congratulations for the win
Still ...
... you lost
And now
We offer the prize for the winning medals
Hey Shinomiya
I'm glad you won
How much did you win
A zero
I used it all on buying
I gave 2 each to the dropout team
To Sakai in Harimoto team, 6 medals
To Inuzuka in Kiryu team, 4 medals
Then each of us has one
It's a total of 20 medals
The exact number to distribute among us
I leave it to you for the rest
You'll be naive till the end
No one is ready to lose to help someone
Is that so?
We're the dropouts
If we don't help each other and share
We don't survive
Thank you very much
Thank you
We did it
Damn it
Just when I thought I had made a killer game
Is that OK
Take it as it comes
We're in the same team
Thank you
Friggin idiots
Damn it
I really don't like you guys
We fought all the way side by side
We're fellow players
Inuzuka ...
You betrayed me, I'm not taking it
Whatever situation you ended in
You fought for your team till the end
Despite that ...
I failed you
That's why
withe must play this game till the end
All right
It ended as you said it would
All becoming one team
All closely united
Which shows that fellows
must help each other
This game is our victory
Thus the curtain fell on the stage of the Liar Game
We did it
We did it
Prepare the next game immediately
We should end it there
Have it your way
But for me the end of a game is the beginning of the next
As long as there is greed
The Liar Game will keep going
I wanted to thank you properly
Thank you so much
You came to my rescue
I told you
I just came because I received an invitation
I thought you'd be a better liar, Professor
I found the last musical chair
Eric Paroissien English Subtitles,
[Psychological changes under extreme stress conditions] [Shunichi Akiyama]
Choosing the middle chair, the pink one is the collaborative mind
With a strong spirit of cooperation ...
that person is easy to cheat
If someone doesn't protect her ...
She may easily lose herself
Eric Paroissien English Subtitles,