BMW HomeLink Garage Door Opener

Uploaded by UnboundLegend on 16.09.2011

BMW is continuously improving the functionality of the car to make your everyday life easier.
The integrated universal remote control is one good example.
It can replace up to three different handheld transmitters or equipment such as a remote garage door opener or a remote light switch.
Let me walk you through the simple steps to program it. You'll find it rather easy.
First, what you need is your garage door opener to program.
The ignition must be on. Before you start programming, it might be a good idea to erase any existing programming on the buttons.
To do so, press button 1 and 3 simultaneously until the light starts flashing rapidly. It will take about 20 seconds.
Done. Now none of the buttons have any programming. Now press each of the buttons.
If the indicator light blinks slowly, it means that this button is clear of any programming.
To program the memory buttons, all you have to do is hold your remote control about 2 to 8 inches away from the button.
Then push the button on the remote control and the button on the mirror simultaneously.
This can take up to a minute. You'll know when it's finsihed when the light starts blinking rapidly.
Done. If you have a simple remote control or garage door opener, that's all there is to it.
If you have a more modern garage door opener that uses an alternating code instead, you'll need two more steps.
If you don't have somebody to help, it would be a good idea to move your garage door so that the next time you hit the remote control, it'll open.
Because you'll have to walk in and push a button at the motor to make sure that the door is opened.
The parter comes in handy at this point. Locate the "program" or "learn" button on the garage door motor.
Another tip, check the motor for an antenna and fully extend it for better reception.
Press the "program" or "learn" button you now have about 30 seconds to finish the programming.
So even if you don't have somebody to help you, there should be no problem to complete this step.
All you have to do to finalize the programming is push the memory button three times.
One. Two. Three.
Now your integrated universal remote control is ready to be used. Let's give it a try.
If your light does not start blinking rapidly after about a minute, you can try to vary the distance between your remote control and the mirror.
Also make sure that the batteries in your remote are not weak. That could also be a potential reason for this not to work.
That's all there is to it! And hey, you won't need this anymore! Enjoy your BMW integrated universal remote control.