Agel TV Episode 29

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Hello and welcome back, i'm Sam, that's Zach and this is Agel TV.
On tonights show we will have an update on the Agel Olympics.
We'll also hear from Russian leader Tatiana Chirobokova,
We'll have a special product piece on GRN.
But first lets go to Agel field leader from Detroit Anthony Vitale.
Hello everyone this is Anthony Vitale coming to you from the Hilton Hotel right on Michigan Avenue.
In Chicago, it's absolutely incredible.
We're doing life, we're doing Agel and we're doing it big.
Everyone, there are two things i've got to let you know.
Number one, you've got to be at the next event, AgelWorld taking place in Utah
in September. It's absolutely going to knock the doors off
were this company is going one year from now.
There are two things your going to learn.
Number one, why you've got to be there is your going to know what you've got your hands on.
That's really the big thing that we've got here.
We're able to spend time with the top money makers.
We're able to spend time with Sam, with Jeff Higginson
and really understand who we're in business with.
What an opportunity we're got coming to us.
With the product, with the compensation plan, with the opportunity.
And really with the timing of what they're doing with this industry.
The second thing is, you've got to be at that event.
We've got to realize that events build events.
If you want to rank advance, if you want to take you business from a few people to thousands of people,
then you not only have to be there but you've got to get your team there.
You've got to understand, you've got to book your hotel room
you've got to book your flights.
I understand because I was in that position years ago.
If lack of money or lack of time, whatever it is that is your excuse
I was taught that it can either be an excuse or a motivation.
You've got to use whatever it is that's holding you back
If money is the reason why you can't go, that's the reason why you need to go.
If it's lack of time than that's the reason why you need to go.
That's where your going to learn how to get those things back.
On top of all that AgelWorld is going to be the catalyst
that's going to drive North America not only one year from now but five years, ten years from now.
As we build the biggest most dominate brand with Agel
on our quest to have over one million consumers within the next decade.
It's absolutely going to happen with or without us.
We've just got to decide, do we want to be on that train?
Because it's leaving the station.
Thank you everyone, thank you very much. We're doing it big, I am Agel.
Thanks Anthony. There is no question it is your enthusiasm and leadership that is driving the Detroit market.
Now lets go to the mad scientist himself DR. "J" Joel Rockwood
to talk about the Agel GRN product.
Out of all of the products i've made at Agel and really of all the products i've ever made
one of my favorite ones is GRN.
There are a couple of reasons behind that. There are so many interesting ingredients in GRN.
Between the broccoli and the spinach powders and the sulfate benefits from there.
The two that are my favorite ingredients would have to be the chlorella and the spiralina.
These are individually considered super foods.
They contain just about every nutrient you would ever need.
You could live all alone on anyone of those.
There is some research I read recently of the government testing spiralina
as a long term space food because they could grow it there and it would give you all the nutrients you needed.
It is very nutrient dense. One of the differences between spiralina and chlorella,
is chlorella has a very high fiber content
it's a very bioavailable fiber content as you can imagine.
Spiralina has a very high complete protein profile.
So when you combine those with all the other micro nutrients
that they have with conjunction with the peppermint and the spearmint and the broccoli and the spinach
and all those other things, the barley grass, the wheat grass.
You have got a powerhouse product here.
Put that in the gel form and you body can absorb it and use it effectively.
Youve got one killer product it's great for detoxification it's great for cleansing and digestive issues.
It covers so many different areas, if you haven't tried it, which I hope you have
you need to try it and everyone around you needs to try it.
Hey thanks Joel, we want to give you a taste of what you can expect when you decide to be a part of the biggest event in Agel history,
at AgelWorld this year at Salt Lake City Utah.
Utah is filled with so many different things to see.
With Park City Utah with world class ski resorts that hosted the 2002 winter olympics.
The Salt Lake City skyline with the Wasatch Mountains as it's back drop.
Downtown Salt Lake with Temple Square and the newly opened City Creek high end shopping center.
Just steps away from the Energy Solutions Arena.
And who can forget the breathtaking views of Utah's famous national parks.
Join us in September and come see Utah.
You know what Sam, Utah is an amazing place and somebody who has decided to come to AgelWorld
with here entire team Tatiana Chirobokova is somebody that we had Randy Gage
go and interview to find out how she's doing it, she's so successful at everything she does.
One of the most successful things she's done is recruit people to Agel.
So we're going to go to this interview with Randy and Tatiana it's a great interview, we'll take it to you guys.
Hey guys, i'm actually in Moscow with Tatiana Leyon as most of guys know as
she's know around Agel as Tatiana with the big numbers because we have a lot of Tatiana's
especially in Russia and Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.
And when they meet her they say "Oh you're that Tatiana"
She's the one who won the Big Apple Promotion there in the States.
Tatiana is the one who won it.
She's actually from here but now lives in Minneapolis and comes back and forth.
So you're here working with your team. Is that why your back here?
Yes I actually came here to Saint Petersburg because my organization is in Saint Petersburg.
Also some other Russian cities.
So I come here maybe twice a year otherwise we work from Skype
You did the Presidents club. How important is that to new team members?
It's very important especially for the sake of duplication.
It's a must for a leader to make President Club.
You hit Premier club like every month. (almost every month)
maybe I missed a couple of months but almost every month.
So you obviously know the importance of solid steady recruiting.
Yes, even though this is my first MLM experience with Agel, my first love.
But recruiting comes easy.
So whats the one thing you would tell the guys on the show about recruiting?
I was asked this question many times, what is the secret to your success.
I don't have any secret, my secret is sincere love for the product.
First of all, I have my personal results. I lost 16 pounds and when people who used to know me
when they meet me, they don't recognize me.
They are curious, what is it? How did you do it?
I share my experience with Agel's products. I just love these products.
It' not just about fitness but about feeling better and feeling more energetic.
I just love Agel's products and I just radiate this love when i'm talking to anyone.
I make sure that I always share my love.
So what's you're number one favorite product and why?
You know I love all of them actually the Vitality pack is my autoship.
I get it every month but EXO and UMI, all of them are my favorite.
I brought a lot of GRN with me here, maybe a couple of boxes.
You know when I was coming here I had two suit cases, one with closes and the other with Agel products.
So i'm totally packed.
Alright so we're having a little dinner tonight for all of the directors and above
then we have a big event opening tomorrow, going all weekend.
Hopefully we'll film a segment there and get it over to you guys.
So thank you Tatiana, Sam and Zach we'll turn it back to you. thanks.
Hey thanks guys. As you know Agel is currently having it's own Agel Olympics
during July and August.
Go to Agel's Facebook page to find out what region that's currently in the lead for the Agel Cares Project.
Thanks Zach and Sam. The Olympics, they start this week in London.
I wish I could be there but we're doing the Agel Olympics and we're seeing excitement
we're seeing energy and we're seeing passion all around the world.
We have four different regions competing against each other
and I love competition. The winner of the Agel Olympics whatever region it may be
we're going to do something special for that region.
We've decided to do an AgelCares special project.
We're not sure what it's going to be yet because we don't know where it will be yet.
Maybe we find a school that needs to be painted. We might find an orphanage that might need some beds.
It doesn't matter what it is, but we're going to find some kind of project in the region who wins.
Everyone in that region is going to be invited to go spend a day or two.
We could build a library like we did in Peru.
But we are going to do something special to help the children in your region.
You're going to be invited to be a part of that.
You'll get a tee shirt and we'll spend a day or two together, it's going to be incredible.
If you want to know more about the Agel Olympics just go to
and go to the news room and find out all of the information, it's really fun.
There is a lot of energy right now with Agel and if you're not being apart of the Agel Olympics
well than shame on you, the Olympics is starting this week in London.
It's going to go one for a few weeks, be apart of it.
I care about the children, I care about the Olympics, I care about you.
I am Craig Bradley and I am Agel.
Keep working hard so that your region can make a difference in the lives of those in need.
Now tune in to next weeks show as we catch up with Niti Sawangsap
we'll also take a sneak peak on the second of the two products we'll be launching at Agel World.
I'm pretty sure that there is about 3 billion people around the world that will be excited
about this product. That's all the time we have for tonight.
That's Sam, i'm Zach and this was Agel TV.
it's not just television.
It's Gelevision