fiery brimstone Fail Salvage Diablo 3 Inferno items gold return

Uploaded by redranterrevolver on 29.06.2012

Hey everyone right here we are looking at the current price
of fiery brimstone and this is on the gold auction house
right now it is at 138,000 gold and you know as you can see as you refresh
it goes up and down a little bit the point here is that this used to be at
well under 50,000 gold for one fiery brimstone so the price now makes
it worth the price to salvage some items that you can
get for much cheaper than this
so we're gonna go over to equipment set the level range
from 59 to 60 and setting it to follower special inferno level items actually have a chance
to drop a fiery brimstone you can get them pretty cheap there's only a chance it will drop
there are a couple of things you can look for
you can get rings or amulets [pause]
alright so we're gonna send all these things we bought
or I bought cause I'm fronting the money for this
that's gonna send all those items to our stash I'm gonna use my level one because I think
it's funny my level one suqer
the whole point of this is we're trying to spend hardly any gold
salvage the items and try to get a fiery brimstone [pause]
i really don't feel like salvaging a low level legendary by accident
because it's not gonna give me a fiery brimstone okay wish me luck
nope nope
nope aren't you glad I'm doin this and not you
there we go we had no luck it has a chance of doing it
I mean we can try it again I'm going to show you what to do when you
get no fiery brimstones
you're going to go into the auction house look up crafting and dyes
set difficulty to inferno and know all those exquisite essences you got
i got nineteen of them look at that those are worth almost as much
as we were paying for each item
so you buy those items and you can sell the exquisite essence
i'll just go in here, price per item i'll just leave it
there you go, you make back most your money sold it already
go over here, your money is back so there you go
may not get a fiery brimstone but you'll make most your money back