012811 KPOP Idols broadcasted on Brazilian TV (ENG SUBS)

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Korean pop music starts to emerge in places like USA and Brazil
like Drunken Tiger and T, Hip-Hop asian stars, give a special message to their fans and to 'Leitura Dinâmica'
Hi, beautiful friends from Brazil. This is Tiger JK
This was Tiger JK
Thank you
Yoon Mirae
(...) Online games. If you thought about USA or Japan, you're wrong.
South Korea
South Korea. Almost 1,5 million* (*wrong information) inhabitants. 13th in the ranking of world GDP.
Has hosted a World Cup, have the fastest internet connection ever known,
and has been the largest producer of online games of recent times.
Their domination was only missing in the pop music scene. Yes, it WAS!
K-Pop is a fact. At least 4 genres dominate asian music charts since the 90's
Hip Hop
And Rock
The success (of K-Pop) in countries like Japan, Singapore and even China has captured the attention of the world
but that was still reluctant to surrender to Korea
That was, until the internet worked as a boost for remote and create new baselines
Everytime a new (K-Pop) group debuts, their videos go straight to streaming websites.
Performances are broadcasted trough streaming websites, awards are accumulated
and the world begins to pay attention in the faraway Korea including us, Brazilians.
We will show you the K-pop impact in Brazil in a little while, watch out!
For now, an aperitive from the faraway South Korea
Stay still, I will be right back
South Korea is here.
K-Pop, which is taking Brazilian music charts like a storm,
blows up the mind of the youth and creates new idols.
All without having done any concert in our land
There are many reasons to the K-Pop fever in Brazil:
Fascination about the Asian musicality
Unusual lyrics and rhymes - at least for the ones who understand Korean language.
Loads of tongue twisters: For us, T-V-X-K (misspelled) and for koreans: Dong Bang Shin Ki
The musical styles are highlights too.
The Wonder Girls make their pop music inspired in retro styles from the 60's
And they make it big overseas with these affinities
Their musical references delight us, westerners.
BoA recorded this one (track) with Akon
But she does a different kind of music in 'Huricane Venus'
(In the other hand) 2NE1 even got an album produced by Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas
It's only going to be out in April, but it's already expected to be a big hit in Bilboard charts
But not only K-Pop girlbands are famous over here
Big Bang is the biggest boyband of the moment,
and one of the most awarded (boybands) in Asia
Amongst them are names like SeungRi and G-Dragon
And to close the topic, we give you So Nyeo Shi Dae
The pop dance that has mesmerized the music charts,
'Hoot' has many different versions, but this one, dance, is included in the set list from several famous DJs, including Brazilians (*shout out to MASA!!!*)
With SNSD as background music, today's 'Leitura Dinâmica' gives goodbye.
You can rewatch this and other news in our website, redetv.com.br/leituradinamica
Have a good night and a great weekend!
Thanks for watching! 2011 it is most definitely KPOP's year in Brazil!