AXE Chickipedia - Mood Swings - Girlfriends at their worst! - Ep 12

Uploaded by bindass on 01.07.2012

What happened baby?
Nothing, how was your day?
It was good, but why are you so depressed?
Is everything okay?
Yes, I am okay only
What happened to my baby?
When I called you earlier, you were not so loving!
I was busy, I was thinking I will finish all my work so I can spend all my time with you
Okay, then go finish tomorrows work also!
When I spoke to you earlier, you sounded so happy
Now what happened all of a sudden?
How do I tell you, nothing has happened to me. I am fine!
Just leave me alone
Fine, call me when your feeling better
Yes, Leave me alone here and go
It makes no difference to you whether I am dead or alive
You come here and always ask me four questions, How are you baby, is everything okay
And then you think your duty is done as a boyfriend
Look, you need to decide whether you want me to stay or go?
I am okay with anything
Yes, go, go away from here. Don't make me feel guilty
Go to your friends and have a good time with them
Your anyways always trying to get rid of me. So just go. GO!
Women's mood swings are exactly like roller coasters
You will never know when your going to get scared or when your going to have fun
Sometimes to them you will be the sweetest person
and sometimes..
Your so insensitive and selfish!
God, I just cannot stand you!
Dont touch me
Listen I am not in a bad mood
God, I do not want to see your face
So you wanted to break up with me, that was your only intention right?
I love strawberry ice cream
I hate strawberry ice cream ya
I want to break up with you right now
Please leave me alone ya
During your girlfriends mood swings, the answer to all her questions
should be "Yes baby, I understand"
OR "No baby, I understand"
Remember whatever happens, your answer should be I understand
Why have we come to this restaurant?
You only told me you felt like eating Chinese food
Yes, but I do not want to eat in this restaurant
So come on let's go somewhere else to eat
Yes, but I am so hungry
So lets eat then
What did I just tell you two seconds ago
That I DO NOT like this restaurant
Which language should I talk to you in!
Baby, I understand
What do you understand?
I understand
What do you understand?
Look do not scream like this, people are looking here
So then take their eyes out, you care more about them than me!
If the "I understand" approach does not work
There is only one thing, your girlfriend's mood swing has reached
such a level where you have only one option
Can you see this hand, join it with your other hand
and pray to God that before someone passes away, this sad time should pass by
I think the person up there has heard my prayer
Mood swings take place with every woman
But there are some women take advantages of their mood swings to
give the boyfriend the hardest time!
I am telling you if you want to save yourself from these mood swings
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Romit Sharma has told us earlier about his girlfriend's unpredictable mood
which has given him a hard time. And we have included this in our AXE Chickipedia Mood Swings episode.