Revolusi Internet 1Malaysia [Liga Remaja Kreatif]

Uploaded by niduzzi on 10.07.2010

"League of Creative Teens 2010"
"Broadband for 1Malaysia"
"Title: 1Malaysia Internet Revolution Category: Advertisement/Public Service Message Duration: 5 minutes"
Across borders and time,
the new replacing the old.
We now communicate with networks without borders;
Facilitated by Internet.
Managing our works,
social life,
at our fingertips.
At times when we were establishing relations...
"Failed to send message, please check your Internet connection."
...but the internet connection was not always satisfactory.
At times when we crucially needed information,
we'd expect it fast and accurate...
"Homework! pages 201-312 submit tomorrow! *or face the punishment!"
"Loading takes too long. Internet problem?"
Even internet access is said to be more convenient,
occassionally, traditional methods help faster.
When others' hopes were our responsibility,
we just wouldn't want to disappoint...
"Hello pal,"
"I was going to your place,"
"but I'm lost."
"No worries, just video call me"
"show me where are you now."
"Okay, okay, a moment"
"Can you see where am I, pal?"
"What is this?"
Our own hope is;
optimum speed and quality of the internet.
It is time for a more meaningful life,
with better internet.
"Together with Broadband for 1Malaysia."
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"From: SMK King George V, Seremban"
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