Nike Dream Team Destroyer: Make a Statement

Uploaded by nikesportswear on 17.07.2012

What we wear makes a statement. It says who we are, where we've been, what made us that way.
It's a story that doesn't start with us. Some of it we pick up along the way, some we seek out, and some of it, well, we have no idea.
DAVID ROBINSON: Coming off the loss in '88, everyone certainly understood that the mission was to reclaim basketball for the United States.
CHARLES BARKLEY: When you're on a team, some of the guys you're passing to, you know they can't finish, half the time they can't catch it.
BARKLEY: We knew that no matter who you passed the ball to, they could do something with it.
SCOTTIE PIPPEN: It was the biggest thing that I've ever been a part of. It made being a part of the NBA something small to some degree.
PIPPEN: We had a goal to put together the best team to ever play basketball.
LEBRON JAMES: You're not just representing your respective city. You're not just representing your respective state or team that you're playing for.
JAMES: You represent everyone, you know, that has anything to do with the United States of America, so it's great to be a part of.
KEVIN DURANT: I was a little too young to watch the games at that time, but as I grew older, you start to know the history of the team and the players. Guys just came together as one to get to that goal.
KOBE BRYANT: They really set a standard for how we need to play and perform. It's just kind of the opportunity to just go out there and do what we do best.
BRYANT: and that's try to kick ass and take names.
Now you know. Now go make the story your own.