Glass Fleet Abridged Episode 6

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frankie stand in the chill with the commerce yeah
the I don't have answers are in that group America
I have no interest in without incident
you're a little right just scientists car and these from the more us
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many your getting on that field coordination
the attacked our chief strategist in charge in fact having and lots of a deceptively not
a traitor and the is triple that representative the military spending all sharp not sure
I shan't I got paid
yeah it's come on so what you call that that anyway cycles or the surprise the movement
of what about the royal what you he asked Roger majali any day actually called the heart
of gold
with the assets over he does look at all their compensation already taken
well I was just asking out that were done
of on it and he joked I refuse to be a set of the same time
are you it's all collected over the of stuff he doesn't know what he said
yes yeah
and you can see it now and get it over with a week for a better chance has given up on
its own honestly common find it when you have something intelligent act
I don't understand he said he liked penis jokes well I guess that that to about on plans
by up
I don't know that that's not doing that
month of them have been department said
don't help you and the slightest bit
and now into the male actually with the ships and boats are things that the pig under the
the bike ride the budget back in the way that the political and military expertise and how
could that possibly make up our mind and just a target like to read
it's not funny when you do it
panel here
all right
excuse me that's laying in a play a physical features is a the education
take care
what is be educated of that apple from him
but the
outback Iraq
all I'm saying is keep it open setting these just don't ---
take it from the at least three see
President Clinton actually immediately in an important force in that you can still see
you've got something
listening again like that but Fox is the citadel of their delegates after the he said sure
want to put some real money fifty bucks and only million think that that
but like it around on all time slanted got it
the the in this thing
so it's during a bathroom know that then as well as property damage
in fact that
would you believe this is caused by be created finish not sit well with the don't know
this time my preference financially motivated hopeful the other one well yes
he really is
so I'm sure you have no doubt concluded by now they're not to be in this job will belong
might be a minute
ago on it
you guessed it
the age
he double and he
your brother is michel
it may get a bit confusing
no actually well let's
that's amazing the way you handle your and I think that's another party and and all of
this of an inability nation what's right
but this father just like you instructed me to it wasn't talking to you
I was talking to mister or or you know commission and deprived of the winds have dealt with
you've got to take the two weeks ahead of its candidates for that day he had happened
but he didn't have it and they got the disease that you were always said that the thing with
this in the most detailed yeah
welcome to the share a study in contrast to what happens if the and and and that both
the and that
that it is hoped that he would pick any candidate
that would have extended around all see a little bit confusing well when Maoists get
it responses anyway in the past
that the only way to get anything done and it's happening the tropics the
and cool which happened to be ethanol often as a control in geneva
you know what you want to do me she was very simple mostly to settle in until this point
and I can control things from the inside
the that and
the have the momentum even if you printed on recycled paper with a rifle
I want you here
if it
but not enough that question
the that the August that that anyway and you've got your brother fighting
the draft yeah
well he thought that
but security enough one thing
I have or amendment that
and why aren't you just gotta hindenburg spray looked a little like to have that these outstanding
gambling debts and a disqualifying they're going to take my films
we have them
and that's right
I must carry on
of American community in south Lebanon
but said
then they have been taken from the and instance and them
now that the take the rap in Iraq pitted thought
that's right
it was at the end of it
shifting this city on the bright lights sequins band discontent hi
thanks had a good teacher
actually it was missus do it
Charles after called at right
I just first see it is
it's minutes
and things
after that the war
my father and brother went off to fight the people's liberation army had about the all
and although all not of the Clinton that he was going to win because of his superior military
tactics and strategy the
it's a happens in the senate by and show minutes and standpoint it then it
that he didn't want it and mission your father he's been wounded to the that I think seeking
help for that measure
the that that
you would think that she had doing that pay
he us
I'm of his death private of it
%uh the
prove it
Israel's out
thank you Paul
often that said office
I don't
thank you
how many
actually now L is a long of week
the in here with the dow was down she sell I know
acceptance from had why are you dressed like a man now well
forgiven value man obviously well that the have to come up with the only officials are
about Iran's you see Michelle by pretending to be Michelle you can virtually admit you're
attracted to men and under the new regime it will actually strengthened illegitimacy
is the rightful after the house of lords well
and I mean miles the people that separates
on the sentence roles but one
the it
you know that whole story actually
does explain quite a lot