How to Manually Install a Driver (mp4)

Uploaded by PhoenixTechTV on 16.12.2009

Weclome to Phoenix Technologies DriverAgent(tm).
In the next several minutes, this video will show you how to manually install a driver
that does not contain a set-up utility.
If this video is too fast for you, you can pause it anytime by clikcing the "Pause" button.
You can also watch the video as many times as you need to.
Let's begin...
If you haven't run DriverAgent yet today, you will need to run it by clicking on the
"Find drivers with DriverAgent" icon on your desktop.
This will start a DriverAgent scan of your system and will display a scan progress on
your splash screen.
When the scan is completed you will be presented with the scan results in your web browser.
Next, you will want to make sure you are logged into DriverAgent. As you can see, we are logged
in as test account.
On the left you can see we have 4 of 49 drivers out of date.
We are presented with a list of drivers, good and bad.
In this case, we are going to update the plug and play monitor.
So we click on the CD icon next to the red X.
This will take us to the download page, where we can download the driver from DriverAgent.
When down loading drivers, you will always want to save them to your hard drive.
We click on the download link and then click "Ok" to save the driver.
We click "Save" again to confirm the download location.
We have chosen to download the driver, directly to the desktop.
We can then minimize the web browser and locate the download.
This driver comes in the form of a zip file, also known as compressed folder.
We will need to extract its contents before we can install the driver.
To do so, we right click on the file and extract all. This starts the compressed folder extraction
We then click "Next" to start the extraction process.
The Extraction Wizard asks us where to extract the files to.
We click "Next" to accept the default location.
When we click "Finished", the Extraction Wizard will automatically open the compressed folder.
Now, that we have extracted all files from the compressed folder, we need to install
the driver using "Device Manager."
To open "Device Manager," we right-click on "My Computer" and then chose "Properties."
We now need to click on the "Hardware" tab, and then the "Device Manager" button.
Device Manager opens with a list of device categories.
We click on the "Plus" sign next to "Monitors" to expand the "Monitor" category.
Next we right-click on the "Plug and Play" monitor and choose "Update Driver."
This starts the "Hardware Updated Wizard."
The wizard asks us if it can connect to "Windows Update" for software. We choose "No, not this
time" and click "Next."
We select "Install from a list or specific location." And click "Next."
Now we choose "Don't search, I will choose a driver to install." And click "Next" again.
We choose "Have Disk." It defaults to the A drive.
We want to choose "Browse" and then navigate to the folder where we have extracted the
We select the INF file, which looks like a notepad with a gear on top.
Then we choose "Open" and click "Ok."
Device Manager automatically selects the driver for us. So we choose "Next."
Device Manager then automatically copies the driver files to their appropriate locations.
At the end we click "Finish" to complete the update process and then close Device Manager.
We can now close any open browser windows and run another DriverAgent scan.
We click on the DriverAgent icon in the system tray to do so.
When we are presented with the scan results, we see that there are onl 3 of 49 drivers
out of date.
And scroll down the list we see that name of the driver has changed to reflect the monitor
We also noticed that the red X has changed to a green checkmark, indicating that the
driver is now up-to-date.
We have updated the driver successfully, so we can move on to the next device.
Remember, if you need to you can always replay this video at any time.
Additionally, detailed instructions for installing a driver manually can be found on the "Frequently
Asked Questions" page under FAQ G5.
Thank you again for choosing DriverAgent.