Framed Joe Montana & Jerry Rice Autographed Photo - 8 x 10

Uploaded by mrsportsmem on 19.04.2011

bjbjT~T~ Welcome to the framing center. My name is Jason and today
we are framing a Joe Montana and Jerry Rice 8 x 10 autographed photograph. We are framing
that with the gold inner mat and the red outer mat. Let me go ahead and cut our gold inner mat, and while that s being
cut I m going to go ahead and apply our hinging tape. This is our acid free tape that s going
to hold the photo in place. Here is our gold mat and here is our red mat. I m going to
apply ATG tape which is an archival double sided tape, framer s grade, and this is what
s going to adhere our red matting to our gold matting so everything stays nice and lined
up. Since we ve already applied our hinging tape on our 8 x 10, I m going to go ahead
and square that off nicely. This is a burnishing bone and this is what I m using to press down
the tape to make sure the adhesion of the hinging tape. ATG once again, the double sided
tape, this is what we re going to use to get our mat. We re going to form a sandwich between
our mat board and the foam board so your photo is well protected in between the outer matting
and the foam board backing. The foam board is acid free, as we use nothing but acid free
materials around your photo to ensure the life of your memorabilia. The next step is
your certificate of authenticity. I m going to place that in a plastic envelope or sleeve.
I m going to ATG this to the back of your photo and there you go. This is ready for
glass and a frame. Once again, this is a Joe Montana and Jerry Rice dual autographed photograph,
San Francisco 49ers. It is an 8 x 10 photo, they are both signed and autographed. It is
framed with a red outer mat and a gold inner mat. Thank you for watching. :p,]^ [Content_Types].xml
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