Elizabeth (7/11) Movie CLIP - Duc d'Anjou in a Dress (1998) HD

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[hysterical laughter persists]
[laughter stops]
Huh? What?
What do--what?
You stare, madam.
What is it? Do you see something strange, perhaps?
You are wearing a dress, your grace.
Aah! Yes, I am wearing a dress.
Yes, yes, I am wearing a dress.
I wear a dress like this, my mother, and you.
But I only dress like this when I'm alone,
In private with my friends.
Your grace.
Although my affection for you is undiminished,
I have, after an agonizing struggle,
Determined to sacrifice my own happiness
For the welfare of my people.
Oh! My god.
De foix: Madam, I will explain.
[anjou speaking french]